Kids Too Can Get Arthritis Other Than Young People and Adults – World Arthritis day 12 October 2014

Arthritis & its precautions
Once a person is over the age of 50 years, more often the word ‘Arthritis’ becomes part of his or her vocabulary. For those of us who are younger, we too associate the word with ageing. But, this may not be the case always. Kids as young as five years old are at risk too- says experts.


What is Arthritis?
Answer: Arthritis is inflammation of bone joints.
Types of Arthritis?
Answer: Though there are more than 100 kinds of Arthritis but the most common ones are
(OA) Osteoarthritis: It results from wearing out of protective cartilage layer of joint surfaces. But most common factor is aging. Osteoarthritis is a usual phenomenon in joints like the knees, feet, hips, thumb and spine.
(RA) Rheumatoid Arthritis: Rheumatoid arthritis commonly affects the hands, wrists, knees, and feet. In some cases it can also affect spine, hips, shoulder lungs, eyes, skin, eyes, lungs, and nerves.
(AS) Ankylosing Spondylitis: It is another type of Arthritis affects spine and sometimes hips in young adults.
Gout: Gout occurs when the body cannot eliminate its natural uric acid. Excess uric acid, if deposited in joints intensifies inflammation. Gout usually affects the big toe, knee, and wrist joints.

Does age play a role in Arthritis?
Answer: Basically, arthritis strikes an elderly person who is above the age of 50 years. But a type of arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, has no such age limit. Kids might also be attacked. It is sometimes known as “Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis”, but still, it is arthritis. Ankylosing Spondylitis mainly affects young adults.

Is arthritis genetic? If not, what is the reason behind a person getting arthritis?
Answer: Though it is very common, osteoarthritis is not genetic. It is generally a part of getting old. It happens because of the cartilages getting damaged. This is due to degenerating process in or body and attacks mostly the weight –bearing joints of our body.
Other reasons are overweight and hormonal changes. Those who do hard physical work or even sit by folding legs over long stretches get affected. Even spondylitis is a kind of osteoarthritis. But rheumatoid arthritis, the second most common type of arthritis is genetic. It is an auto-immune disorder sickness and there is no specific reason for it.

Are women more prone to Arthritis?
Answer: Yes, it has been noted that more women get affected by arthritis, as they tend to put on more weight than a man over the years- says experts. Apart from this, hysterectomy at an early age causes deficiency of estrogen & progesterone, which are female hormones and important to control calcium balance in a woman’s body. This deficiency may predispose a lady for OA.

How does osteoarthritis differ from rheumatoid arthritis?
Answer: Osteoarthritis is basically a result of human body deteriorating and it mainly affects the body’s weight-bearing joints like the knee, hip joints and/or ankles. Base of thumbs are also affected though they are not weight bearing. Rheumatoid arthritis is an auto-immune disorder of our body and affects bilaterally symmetrical multiple joints.

Diagnosis of Arthritis – tests
Answer: The tests required for the diagnosis depends on the type of arthritis suspected.
•In case of OA, no specific blood test is available, x-rays are the main in this case
•Inflammation is tested by ESR and CRP.
•In case of RA, RA factor and Anti CCP are often prescribed.
•In AS, HLA B27 tests are helpful.
•Uric Acid
•RA Factor
•ASO Titre
•Blood Sugar (Fasting)
•Digital X-Ray Chest (PA)

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How can we treat Arthritis?
Answer: Treatment of arthritis focusses on suppressing the pain and its reoccurrences. Some exercises are prescribed to lessen the pain. For most of the people recovery is possible though it takes a year or two. A recurrence is also possible.

Can diet result in Arthritis? (prevention of arthritis)
Answer: Basically, gouty arthritis is a result of too much uric acid in the blood. Consuming loads of animal’s protein might result in gouty arthritis as it increases uric acid. Apart from this, putting on weight is another major reason; if we consume loads of calories, junk foods, soft drinks, as well as alcohol, we will definitely get arthritis, it’s quite natural, says experts.

Is arthritis curable?
Answer: No, arthritis is not curable but it can be controlled.

Does arthritis increases chances of cardiac arrest (heart attack)?
Answer: The risk factor for cardiac arrest is very nominal for Osteoarthritis and gouty arthritis patients. But it is more for rheumatoid arthritis, an effect of rheumatoid fever, an inflammatory disease that may develop after Group A streptococcus bacterial infection that basically affects children between the ages of five to 15 and needs regular monitoring as it can cause cardiac problem.

Myths and Facts:
Myth 1: Arthritis is just like other minor aches and pains related to old age.
Fact: Arthritis is not just a disease of old age. Two-thirds of people with arthritis are under the age of 65, including 300,000 children.
Myth 2: Arthritis is not a serious health problem.
Fact: Arthritis may lead to disability.
Myth 3: People with arthritis should avoid exercising.
Fact: Exercise is a valuable tool in the fight against arthritis.

What are the general Symptoms of Arthritis?
Answer: Symptoms of arthritis vary according to the type but commonly the symptoms include fatigue, fever, a rash, and the signs of joint inflammation with pain, swelling, stiffness, tenderness, and redness.

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Protect Yourself from Lightning during Thunderstorms

Lightning during thunder storms, rain or other times can be very dangerous. Lightning is a major killer and chances of recovery after being struck by Lightning are not very high. Children, pets and even adults need to be careful from Lightning.

Most death occurs or people get stuck by lighting in the places and activities mentioned below (in chronological order of high to low)

  1. Open fields, Parks, play grounds (more than 50%)
  2. Under Trees (around 20%)
  3. Beaches and Boats (around 12%)
  4. While working with farm machines and equipments (around 8%)
  5. Standing near open windows, bicycles (around 3%)
  6. Other outdoor locations

    Protect from Lightning during thunderstorms
    Protect from Lightning during thunderstorms

The Do’s and Don’ts

  1. During Lightning it is better to get into a low height structure that is strong and well built
  2. Avoid phones, cell phones, computers, television, tablets and such electronic devices
  3. Shelter under trees is a very risky choice
  4. Stay away from windows, other metal objects
  5. If you are inside a car sit in the middle or away from the metal body (not in contact with the metal parts) then it is safe
  6. Do not swim or be very close to water
  7. If you are in a group maintain a distance of 50-100 feet between each other
  8. Keep a look at your group if anyone has got stuck by Lightning
  9. lightning crouch”. Squat down with your feet together, your head tucked to your chest or between your knees, and your hands covering your ears or flat against your knees. Do NOT lie flat on the ground, as this gives the lightning a larger target.

This is a difficult position to hold and it by no means guarantees your safety. However, by making it easier for a lightning strike to flow over your body rather than through vital organs, you may be able to sustain a smaller injury from it.

Cover your ears and close your eyes to protect against nearby thunder and bright lightning flashes. Content Credit :

10. Wear rubber boots, take a note of weather alerts before you plan you’re travelling or going out.

Medical Help

Immediately contact your doctor and act as per advice.

Rush to a hospital for emergency medical facility


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Atrial Myxoma About | Symptoms | Treatment | Surgery | Cost | Hospital | Surgeons Kolkata India

What is Atrial Myxoma?
It is a benign tumour of the heart, such tumours are commonly found within the left and right atria on the interatrial septum. Atrial Myxoma can be treated with surgical and medical procedures. Know More About Atrial Myxoma , Symptoms, Treatments, Surgery, Cost, Hospital

What are the available treatments for Myxoma?
The tumour must be removed surgically. Some patients will also need their mitral valve replaced. This can be done during the same surgery. Myxomas may come back if surgery did not remove all of the tumour cells. This surgery is well done in India and at Desun Hospital Kolkata there are expert surgeons who have experience of managing such surgeries.

What can be the approximate cost of treatment?
The surgery package for Atrial Myxoma starts at Rupees 1,30,000 at our hospital in Kolkata , India. Depending on the various other health condition of the patients and requirement the cost of surgery package may escalate. The usual package includes
• 3 days Hospital Stay
• Medicines, Consumables, Disposables & Investigations Related to the Procedure/ Package
• Doctor Team Fees
• Operation Theatre Charges
This cost of package for Artrial Myxoma is estimated for patients availing general bed category stay.

This starting price of surgery is well thought to provide quality medical care with other required facilities that are important for the surgery. Although depending on particular requirements the cost of surgery may vary.
What are the symptoms of Myxomas?
Symptoms may occur at any time, but most often they accompany a change of body position. Symptoms may be:
o Shortness of breath with and during activity
o Difficulty breathing in the upright position with relief in the supine position (a position of the body , lying with face up) known as Platypnoea
o Breathing difficulty when asleep known as Paroxysmal nocturnal dyspnea
o Dizziness
o Fainting
o Sensation of feeling your heart beat known as Palpitation
o Chest pain or tightness
Other Symptoms are:
• Cough
• Fever
• Involuntary weight loss known as Cachexia
• General discomfort known as malaise
• Joint pain
• Blueness of skin, especially the fingers known as Raynaud’s phenomenon

How myxomas are diagnosed?
A few tests will be prescribed by the doctor to diagnose the myxomas, which may include:
• Echocardiogram and Doppler Study
• Chest X-Ray
• CT scan of chest
• Heart MRI
• Angiogram

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Pay Rupees 2500 Monthly Installment for Heart Bypass to Angioplasty with Stent
Pay Rupees 2500 Monthly Installment for Heart Bypass to Angioplasty with Stent

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Installment Payment Facility for Heart and Other Surgeries – Desun Hospital Kolkata India

Desun Hospital located in Kolkata, India is among the very few superspeciality hospitals in India to offer Installment Payment Facility for Cardiac Surgeries. Now cardiac Surgeries and in future may include many more surgeries that can be done in EMI (Equal Monthly Installment) at DESUN Hospital. EMI PAGE LINK  | ✆ 90070 55111 , 96740 83683


The Hospital EMI payment scheme do not have any clauses where the hospital takes jewelry, house or any movable or immovable property or such things as security for the purpose of the Installment Payment Scheme approval. The equal monthly payment scheme is very transparent and easy. It is devised in a patient friendly manner.


The various expensive operations / surgeries that may require EMI payment facility system. For Now DESUN Hospital is offering Equal Monthly Installment facility for cardiac related surgeries. 

  1. Heart or Cardiac Surgeries
  2. Nuero Surgery
  3. Kidney Surgery
  4. Joint Surgery
  5. Abdominal Surgery
  6. Gastro Surgery
  7. Uro Surgery
  8. Gynecological Surgery
  9. Many other surgeries

The Installment scheme allows paying in EMI and the tenure stretch from 6 months to 3 years. The patient or patient family needs to do an initial down payment and the remaining amount can be paid in Installments.

Many families who can afford to pay one time payment have also opted for this easy equal monthly installment scheme.


Desun Hospital & Heart Institute is an affordable hospital offering high-end health care infrastructure. The Hospital is NABH accredited. NABH accreditation is being given by the Government of India to Hospitals who adhere to quality parameters of excellence.

Desun Hospital also has many more advantages that makes the hospital the best choice of patients

  1. 24 Hours Emergency Medical Admission
  2. 24 Hours Ambulance Assistance In Kolkata and All Districts of West Bengal for Patients to get Admitted in DESUN Hospital
  3. Individual Ventilator for each ICU bed
  4. Specialist Doctors available 24 Hours
  5. Steel OTs (Ensures High Safety) , In-House Pharmacy and Medical Tests in NABL Accredited Lab
  6. Dedicated 24 Hours Emergency Helpline 9051715171

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Vitamins and Minerals for a Happy Healthy Body – Easy Regular Food Source

Vitamins and Minerals for a Happy Healthy Body – Easy Regular Food Source.


Vitamins and Minerals for a Happy Healthy Body – Easy Regular Food Source

Vitamins and Minerals are essential for the body and they help in vital functioning of the human body. These are some simple easy sources of vitamins and minerals for a good healthy diet and happy health.

Food Non-Meat Egg source Meat and Egg Source
Calcium Milk, Spinach, Fortified Cereals  
Choline (Vit B Complex) Milk, Peanuts Liver, Eggs
Chromium Some Cereals Meat, Poultry, Fish
Copper Nuts, Seeds, Cereals Seafood
Fiber Cereal, peas, lentils, fruits, vegetables  
Fluoride  fluoridated water or mouth rinses Some sea fish
Folic Acid Dark leafy vegetables, Whole grain bread, fortified cereals  
Iodine Iodized salt  
Iron Fortified cereals, Lentils Meat, Eggs
Magnesium Green leafy vegetables, Almonds  
Manganese Nuts, Tea, Whole grains  
Phosphorous Milk, Dairy Products, Bread Meat, Eggs
Potassium Banana, Potatoes, Yogurt Tuna Fish
Selenium Brazil Nuts Organ Meat, Seafood
Sodium Salted Butter Salted Meat
Vitamin A Carrots, Spinach, Fortified cereal  
Vitamin  B1 Whole grain, bread, cereal  
Vitamin B2 Milk, Bread  
Vitamin B3 Whole grain, bread, cereal Meat. Fish, poultry
Vitamin B5 Oats, Potatoes, Cereal, Potatoes Chicken, Meat
Vitamin B6 Fortified cereals Organ meat
Vitamin B7 Many fruits Liver, meat
Vitamin B12 Fortified cereals Meat, Poultry, Fish
Vitamin C Oranges, Lime, Broccoli  
Vitamin D fortified milk products, fortified cereals Fish liver oils, fatty fish
Vitamin E almonds, peanut butter  
Vitamin K Green vegetables like spinach, sprouts; cabbage  
Zinc Fortified cereals Red meats, some seafood


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Few Good Tips for a Good Sound Sleep

A good sleep is very important for good mind and good health. People who sleep sound are more energetic, agile and good performers at work.

  1. Avoid over-eating, long phone calls, emotional disturbing communication before sleep. Avoid very high protein diet, prefer easy to digest diet, milk etc. Milk induces sleep
  2. Set lights, air-conditioner , Fan/s in proper mode that is comfortable to you
  3. Avoid watching TV working in computer, tablet etc before sleeping time, try complete it 2 hours before the sleeping time
  4. Do not drink much fluids 2 hours before you go to sleep as this may cause you to wake up few times during sleep
  5. Regulate your sleeping time, try maintain it , avoid naps in odd hours
  6. Avoid smoking as it contains nicotine, avoid coffee before sleep as both nicotine and coffee have stimulation impact
  7. Avoid vigorous or much exercise, ashanas, yogas before sleep as some of it may increase your level of alertness, response and energy
  8. Try avoid sleeping with pets as they may awake you often , some people may have allergies from pets
  9. Avoid using strong perfumes , sprays before you sleep, some good light perfume or freshner at times may be soothing

Consult your Doctor if you have continued sleeping disorders, Avoid self-medication. Get your Health Test Done as per Doctor’s Prescription.

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Good Gym Health Club Hygiene

Most of us work-out either at home, in group or at any health club or gym. We love our health body and mind. There are few instances where we require being more alert.  Some easy good hygiene tips for a good health.

  1. Wash hand before and after work-out
  2. Use different shoes, sneakers, running shoes for work-out and other activities
  3. It is good if we carry a hand-sanitizer liquid that does not require water soap wash every time
  4. Wipe and clean gym equipment that you hold before you use those.
  5. Use gloves while you work-out in gym, health club etc
  6. Take shower as soon as you are prescribed to do so after work-out , do not delay the shower, use soap and water thoroughly
  7. Take good care of your feet, palms, nails
  8. Blemishes or bruises on skin need to be healed as soon as possible. If required take doctor’s advice and prescription medicines
  9. Try most not to share personal items with others

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Desun Hospital & Heart Institute is a premium health care infrastructure in Kolkata-india. Desun hospital provides high-end medical facility at affordable cost. People and patients in need of medical treatment visit Desun Hospital and Heart Institute from all over Kolkata, West Bengal and parts of India. Desun Hospital also receives medical tourism people. People review Desun Hospital well and also recommend Desun Hospital and Heart Institute to others.  Desun Hospital has also been reviewed well by many online and offline entities. Desun Hospital has excellent 24 Hours medical emergency care facility.

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Desun Hospital & Heart Institute Heart Test

Desun Hospital & Heart Institute is an affordable hospital with low cost high-end heart test facilities. The Heart Test packages at Desun Hospital help patients to know condition of their heart well in advance and help prevents heart attack if patients take care of their heart through doctor prescribed medical ways.

Desun Total Heart Check-Up offers a great combination of tests that can give a good reading of the person’s heart condition and help the person to prevent a heart attack. The Desun Hospital popular heart check includes : ECHO or TMT, Lipid Profile, Blood Sugar (fasting), ECG, HbA1C, Liver Function Test (LFT), Blood Haemogram, Creatinine, TSH and Superspeciality Tests APOA1 & APOB to know chances of Heart Attack. Free Cardiologist Consultation at a very affordable rate.

Many a times there a promotional offers for people benefit and then the tests are done at Desun Hospital and Heart Institute at more reasonable rates.

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