Ambulance (Even at midnight)

Anywhere, Anytime

If there is a medical emergency like Heart attack, Brain Stroke, Burns, Accident... do you have the ambulance phone number? Most likely not! Even if you have the number, the ambulance may not be available. Then you are totally helpless.

The 24 hour Ambulance Cell of DESUN is constantly in touch with major Ambulance Service operating all over Kolkata and Districts even at midnight. Just call up the 24 hour Emergency Helpline Number below.

Also you may need the ambulance at Ballygunge or Shyambazar in Kolkata or even at Bolpur in Birbhum. A lot of time will be lost if the Ambulance travels all the way from DESUN to such distant places. So the nearest Ambulance available in your locality will be rushed to your place, wherever you are to bring your patient directly to DESUN in the shortest possible time. And while the patient is on the way the Emergency Team at DESUN will make ready the ICU Bed, OT,etc. so that little time is lost when the patient reaches DESUN.

Quick Steps

Call DESUN Ambulance

Give your address

Ambulance rushed to your address

Patient brought to DESUN

Treatment starts

Contact Us

24 hrs. Emergency Helpline: 90517 15171, 83340 31345 | For Dr. Appt. & Other Queries: (033) 71 222 000