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Bentall Procedure- Only at DESUN The latest in Aorta Surgery

Like many others Mr.Rajinder Singh (55), a Dhanbad resident is a regular night-walker and lovesto take a stroll after dinner on his terrace. “That day was also the same, but after climbing few steps I felt a shooting pain in my chest along with problem in breathing.” “I thoughtit’s because of indigestion, I took a pill for the same and went to sleep,”...
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DESUN Burns Unit saves woman with 65% burns!

Normally patients with over 50% burns rarely survive even with best medical care. In this case Mrs. Jaiswal whose sari accidently caught fire in a wedding ceremony sustained 65% burns. She was brought into DESUN after 2 days when she had already gone into severe shock and her blood pressure and heart beat was slowing down dangerously...
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Heart Bypass in a critical condition accomplished by DESUN

When 67 years old Mrs.Juthika Ganguly arrived at Desun in a cardiac ambulance at 1 AM in midnight she had already suffered a heart attack as informed by her family physician. After conducting few tests and going through her previous reports Desun’s cardiologists found that the heart attack was a major one and Mrs. Ganguly’s angioplasty was already done a few months ago...
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Heart Attack at 34. Desun’s prompt service saved a young life

As it was a year ending, the working pressure was more than usual. He used to stay at his Rajarhat office for long hours. On the fateful day of 29th March too,Akhil Sarkar (34) was working there with his team. Few minutes after having his lunch Ashish started feeling uneasy, chest heaviness, abdominal fullness, however ignored and concentrated in his work
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