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Anti Obesity Day


Obesity is growing today into a major health and social problem. It is just not affecting health of individuals but it has many folds impact that affect life, social relations, mind and even personality. It can also spread over to career and educational pursuits. Obesity in general negatively impacts many things about or health and life.


There are few easy to follow steps to control obesity and not getting obese from over-weight.

  • Sleep in time and try sleep once a day only for around 8 hours
  • Do not encourage sudden sloth; if it is recurring do consult your doctor
  • Eat well; eat as per prescribed quantity of doctor and dietician. Especially if you are suffering from diabetes, high blood sugar, thyroid, high bad cholesterol levels or other diseases. In case you are overweight you need to have control over diet
  • Do check sudden weight gain situations and try to take control over it and also consult doctors and dietician if required
  • Work-out daily. Exercise and walk daily. Try to take stairs upto 3 floors and avoid elevators. Try to walk upto 10,000 steps daily that includes even walking inside the home.
  • Try mind training and breathing exercises as it decreases stress and sudden hunger pangs. This help us avoid eating junk food, untimely eating and over eating.
  • If you are over-weight plan a weight management program with help of fitness experts, mind training experts, doctor and dietician.
  • Avoid sugary sweets and prefer natural sweet food like fruits and dry fruits in moderate quantity. Do balance your protein intake and vitamins. Well balanced diet helps in weight management.
  • Avoid excess of alcohol, aerated drinks. Do not have energy drinks.
  • Prefer home cooked food for most of the days. Eat freshly cooked food. Try avoiding outside food, packaged food and ready to eat food items.

Obesity can also impact of heart, liver, kidneys, legs, movement, and mind. It can result in many diseases. The most common is heart related diseases, hyper tension, diabetes, problem with movement.

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