Bariatric & Metabolic Surgery


Bariatric & Metabolic Surgery Package Starting at Rs. 3,40,000 for General Bed Category


  • 5 days Hospital Stay
  • Medicines, Consumables, Disposables & Investigations Related to the Procedure/ Package
  • Doctor Team Fees
  • Operation Theatre Charges

Does not include

  • Bed Charges Beyond 5Days
  • Treatment of illness / Health Condition Not Directly Related to the Procedure / Package


Accommodation for “Out Station” Patient Party

For patient coming from far away districts, other states & outside India we can help you in finding accommodation of accompanying patient parties at Guest House/ Hotels near the hospital.

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What are the types of weight loss or Bariatric surgeries?

Who are the candidates for the bariatric surgery?

How you prepare for the surgery?

What can be the results of the surgery?


What is a bariatric surgery?

There are many types of weight-loss surgeries, collectively known as Bariatric Surgery.


What are the types of weight loss or Bariatric surgeries?

Each type of bariatric surgery has its own pros and cons. Be sure to take your doctor’s advice before going for one. Here’s a look at common types of bariatric surgery:

    • Roux-en-Y
    • Biliopancreatic diversion with duodenal switch
    • Laparoscopic adjustable gastric banding (LAGB)
    • Vertical banded gastroplasty
    • Sleeve Gastrectomy

Which type of weight loss or bariatric surgery is best for you depend on your situation. Your surgeon will guide you considering a few factors.


Why Bariatric Surgeries are done?

Bariatric surgeries are done to help you lose excess weight and reduce your risk of potentially life – threatening weight-related health problems, which includes:

  • Gastroesophageal reflux disease
  • Heart Disease
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Severe Sleep Apnea
  • Type 2 Diabetes
  • Stroke

Weight loss surgeries like Gastric Bypass surgeries are done only after you have tried to lose weight by improving your diet and exercise habits.


Who are the candidates for the bariatric surgery?

In general, gastric bypass and other weight loss surgeries are for those who:

  • Have body mass index (BMI) 40 or higher (i.e. extreme obesity).
  • Have BMI 35 to 39.9 (Obesity), and have a serious weight-related health problems, like type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure or severe sleep apnea.

But gastric bypass and weight loss surgeries are not for everyone who are severely overweight. One may need to meet certain medical guidelines to qualify weight-loss surgeries.


What are the medical guidelines that are to be qualified?

  • You will likely have an extensive screening process to see if you qualify.
  • You must also be willing to make permanent changes to lead a healthier lifestyle.
  • You may be required to participate in long-term-follow-up plans which will include monitoring your nutrition, your lifestyle and behaviour, and your medical conditions.

How you prepare for the surgery?

If you qualify the above mentioned guidelines, the medical team will give you instructions on how to prepare for your specific surgery. You may need to undergo various lab tests and exams before the surgery. You may have restrictions on eating and drinking and which medications you intake. You may be required to start a physical activity programme and to stop any kind of tobacco use.


Why do you need to have a psychologist’s evaluation?

Bariatric surgery will affect you for the rest of your life, so this is a decision that requires a lot of serious thoughts. For many people, the results are positive, but successful treatment takes dedication and commitment to a lifelong lifestyle change. Most psychiatrists will look at your understanding of the risks and complications of bariatric surgery and your desire to follow the basic recovery plans to see if bariatric surgery is right for you.


What can be the results of the surgery?

Gastric Bypass and other weight loss surgeries can provide long-term weight loss. The amount of weight you lose depends on your type of surgery and your change in lifestyle habits. In addition to weight loss, the surgery may improve or resolve conditions like:

  • Gastroesophageal reflux disease
  • Heart Disease
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Severe Sleep Apnea
  • Type 2 Diabetes
  • Stroke

The weight loss surgeries can also improve your ability to perform routine activities, which may help you improve your quality of life. Patients will see the best long term results if they continue to:

  • Eat healthy, balanced diets
  • Exercise on a regular basis
  • Take the required supplements
  • Commit to the mental and emotional changes required to sustain the weight loss

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Why Patients like DESUN?

Rated as one of India’s best hospitals

  • a) For excellence in quality of medical treatment and hospital services DESUN is the youngest hospital in India to get the prestigious National Accreditation Board for Hospitals (NABH) accreditation from Government of India. World over NABH is considered equivalent to JCAHO (Joint Commission for American Healthcare Organizations) or JCI (Joint Commission International) - the standards followed in US for hospital accreditation. Of more than 1000 hospitals in India who have applied for NABH even after 6 years not even 100 hospitals have been able to achieve the high quality standard required to get NABH accreditation.
    In the lead story of November 2011 issue of National News Magazine THE WEEK “India’s Best Hospitals” were covered based on an All India Survey. DESUN Hospital was included in this prestigious list of “India’s Best Hospitals”.
  • For excellence in quality of routine and Superspecialty pathology testing DESUN Pathology lab has also received the prestigious accreditation from the National Accreditation Board for Laboratories (NABL). In Eastern India only DESUN pathology lab has in-house facilities to perform superspecialty pathology tests like PCR, Flow Cytometry, etc. This benefits DESUN’s patients tremendously and there is practically no waiting time for getting test results when compared to other hospitals in Kolkata who have to send these tests to Mumbai or Delhi and wait for 3 / 4 days for get test results. Thus there is no delay in diagnosis and therefore, prompt and accurate treatment for DESUN’s patients.

Ranked on Top by both West Bengal and Central Government

  • There are only 7 hospitals in West Bengal considered by West Bengal Government as “Class 1 Hospital Service Providers” under the West Bengal Health Scheme – WBHS. DESUN is the first name in this list.
  • There are more than 100 hospitals in Eastern India empanelled by Central Government under Central Government Health Scheme – CGHS. Of these 100 only 2 hospitals have been able to qualify the high standards and have, therefore, been able to achieve the status of “Superspecialty Hospital” by CGHS. DESUN is one of the 2 Superspecialty hospitals categorized by CGHS.

Safest Hospital For Any Operation

  • 2 of the major fears any surgeon has before any operation is that of OT infection and cardiac, heart complications during or after the operation. If OT infections occur or the patient develops cardiac problems even the best surgeon cannot help you. DESUN is the only hospital in Kolkata having STEEL OPERATION THEATERS (Steel OTs) which drastically reduces chances of OT infection. After the surgery the patient is under the best care of doctors and nurses in the post operative phase at DESUN. Also DESUN has the largest Heart Institute in Kolkata to handle any cardiac emergencies during or after the operation.

Specialist Doctors’ Round The Clock

  • With 28 medical departments having in-house specialist doctors any problem during your stay at DESUN can be handled by this specialist doctors’ team 24 hours. You may be admitted for a particular surgery but in the event there are some problems which a specialist needs doctor of another department it is available immediately in-house at DESUN. This facility is often not available at other renowned hospitals.

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