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Blood Pressure and Hyper Tension Can be a Silent Killer

High Blood Pressure is very common nowadays and in today’s fast life with much stress and consumption of junk food blood pressure is becoming a menace. High Blood Pressure can be very dangerous if not controlled, regularly monitored and not following health and medical advice. It mostly effects aged people but today middle aged people and even younger people are suffering from blood pressure. 

Some Dangers

  1. High blood pressure can be a reason for heart attack
  2. It can also be a cause for kidney disease
  3. It negatively impacts your health

Life Style Solution 

High Blood Pressure
High Blood Pressure
  1. Regular work-out, asana and exercise can be helpful
  2. Diet control, including food like garlic, fish oil, folic acid, calcium, potassium, magnesium rich diet, fresh fruits and vegetables, skimmed milk and such milk items.

Eat: Berries, Potatoes, Beets, Skim Milk, Oats, Banana etc ** if there is any physical problem like obesity, Diabetes, Kidney Disease etc then do consult your doctor for diet guidance.

  1. Reduce consumption of alcohol, sweets , fat rich food, aerated drinks and other junk food
  2. Maintain healthy body weight
  3. Reduce salt intake
  4. Try yoga, meditation and mind training

Medical Solution

  1. Consult specialist doctor for medical advice
  2. Monitor your blood pressure regularly
  3. Take all your prescribed medicines
  4. Get other required medical tests done in time
  5. Follow diet chart strictly


  1. Avoid anger and stress
  2. Do keep your specialist doctor’s contact number, WhatsApp, e-mail handy
  3. Do save an 24 hours emergency hospital number, WhatsApp, e-mail contact

 *Health Awareness Article in People Interest by Desun Hospital and Heart Institute 


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Hepatitis – A Major Killer – Hepatitis A infects more than 1.4 Million People Worldwide

Hepatitis A infects a large number of people in the developing world. It can be a major killer if not treated in time.  Hepatitis vaccination is very important to be safe.  Hepatitis A also appears as epidemic in certain parts of world and takes heavy toll if specific treatment is not rendered in time.

Hepatitis A affects the liver and early diagnosis is required to start specific treatment.

Mortality rate is higher among aged.

Severe condition without appropriate treatment can result in emergency hospital admission for survival. Immediate treatment from specialist doctors, certain superspeciality tests without wasting any further time and start of medication and other medical support may be needed.

Hepatitis A
Hepatitis A

How Hepatitis A Infects?

  1. It spreads through consumption of contaminated food; contaminated food in this case is food that is infected through excretion (feces) of an infected person carried by insects, flies, water or some other source.
  2. People in places with bad or low sanitation are more prone to Hepatitis.
  3. It also spreads through contaminated water.
  4. Personal oral hygiene is also integral in prevention of this infection.

 Identify and Diagnosis of Hepatitis A?

Symptoms of Hepatitis A vary as per age (Adults and Children) and severity. But right diagnosis will help to identify the impact of the infection on the human body.  The symptoms can be severe or not very significant. But in any case ignoring it can be fatal. Common symptoms are

  1. Fever
  2. Depression
  3. Loss of appetite
  4. Mild to Severe diarrhea
  5. Nausea
  6. Abdominal pain or discomfort
  7. Dark-colored urine
  8. Jaundice (paleness or yellowish skin and eyes)

In many cases children do not display many symptoms, adults and older children can have much more severe identifiable symptoms.

Treatment and Cure

There is no specific treatment for hepatitis. Symptom based treatment, replacement of fluids through fluid intake, proper balanced diet. The treatment in most cases lasts for 2-4 weeks, but a long term care of diet and health is needed as per doctor’s advice. Periodic tests or reviews may be required in some cases.

It is very important to follow specialist doctor’s advice and avoid pill popping. Pill popping and self treatment can be fatal and can even cause death. The medical test reports needs to be accurate and interpreted by experienced doctors to correctly ascertain the severity of the infection.

Post treatment do be conscious of

  1. what you eat based on the type of cooking (low spice and oil)
  2. oral and personal hygiene (washing hands, plates, dishes, glasses , cups, spoons well)
  3. consume clean drinking water (boiled, stored in hygienic storage, water filters – replace and clean candles periodically)
  4. Cover food items properly to avoid flies and insects, wash fruits and vegetables well before consumption

Who are at more risk?

  1. People in developing countries
  2. Areas with poor sanitation
  3. Lack of access to safe drinking water
  4. Using injections (non sterile and non disposable), people taking drugs and sharing needles
  5. In contact with an infected person (mostly sexual – intercourse and oral, even sharing food and water in same dish and water bottle may contaminate)
  6. Non Immunized people travelling in areas where there is such an epidemic

Prevention and Immunization

General health care, hygiene along with immunization can help prevent Hepatitis A.

The immunization is available in hospitals. This immunization is for all people above 1 year of age.

  1. The spread of infection can be controlled by some simple steps
  2. Supply and access to clean drinking water
  3. Proper hygienic storage of food items
  4. Washing hands and other items of consumption of food and utensils
  5. Proper disposal and cleaning of garbage was waste etc
  6. Immunization

Immunization is available in hospitals; immunization can be done anytime after 1 year age. Immunization of Hepatitis is a must today. It is better to get in touch with hospitals for such vaccines. The vaccine needs to be authentic and proper vaccination procedure needs to be followed. Special care is required for children.

People with chronic liver disease and weakness of liver is more at risk, so they need to contact specialist doctors, get required liver check up done as per doctor advice to know condition of liver and take decision for vaccination as per doctor’s advice.

Help and make People Aware

Make people aware about Hepatitis and Hepatitis A.

Do spread the information about prevention though proper hygiene, cleaning of garbage etc

Tell others about vaccination

If you come across someone with similar symptoms do communicate the need for specialist doctors for such treatment.

*Health Awareness Article in People Interest by Desun Hospital and Heart Institute  on 28 July 2014, World Hepatitis Day.

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Know the Condition of your Liver

  1. Regular Liver Gastro Check:
  2. Advanced Liver gastro Check:
  1. Superspeciality Test Hepatitis A Virus IgM : It is useful for diagnosis of acute Hepatitis A virus (HAV) Infection. If positive hepatitis A in blood is detected alongwith positive hepatitis E, it can be life threatening.


For Hepatitis Immunization Information

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How Desun’s Fever check-up helped Shraboni’s parents save her from danger Fever Checkup packages- Only at Desun

Advanced fever checkup:

Regular fever checkup:

A fortnight holiday of Shraboni (7) with her family in North-East India could have turned to a nightmare, but fortunately the crunch happened after they returned to Kolkata. In the flight while returning she complained of having headache and weakness. Her parents thought it might be travel fatigue. Next day she felt a bit better so went for the routine morning walk with her dad. Merely after 10 minutes of walk Shraboni was sweating as if back from a marathon. She was feeling nausea and extremely weak followed by high fever with shiver. fever image

 The 7-year-old girl was then rushed to their family physician. Their family physician prescribed some pills. But after 2 days there was non-remission of fever.Subsequently the doctor advised to go for some speciality checks. “I quickly brought my daughter to Desun after being referred by my family physician”, her father said. “Here they took prompt care of Shraboni and their advanced fever checkup revealed that she was suffering from malaria and needed an immediate hospitalisation”, exclaimed her nervous father. “After seeing the reports I was in  a dilemma  where to go , what to do,  but Desun proved to be a one stop solution for my dilemma” , He concluded. 

Shraboni was discharged within a week with light medication post discharge. After few days when her father was at Desun to consult a doctor for his mother’s treatment, Shraboni personally met her attending doctor to thank him for her speedy recovery.

 Desun Hospital’s Regular and Advanced Fever checkup packages starting at Rs.2800/- for 23 parameters.

 Desun Hospital and Heart Institute 24 Hours Contact 

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Prevent Sudden Heart Attack

Sudden Heart Attack is an Emergency Situation where every minute is important. The Survival may require immediate medical intervention, hospitalization and surgery.

Why wait for a Sudden Heart Attack when you can prevent it. Today Preventive Cardiac Care can help you to know the condition of your heart, chances of heat attack and remedies to improve the condition of your heart.

Sudden Heart Attack
Sudden Heart Attack

Some Smoke Signals – Alarming Symptoms

  1. Chest Pain
  2. Shortness of Breath
  3. Excessive Sweating, Cold Sweating
  4. Heaviness in Chest
  5. Dizziness
  6. Fainting
  7. Getting tired too soon

Preventive Cardiac Care – What To Do

  1. Consult a Cardiac Specialist
  2. Heart Check Up Packages tells about the condition of your heart
  3. Certain Superspeciality Test can helps predict chances of heart attack
  4. APOA 1 & APOB | hs-CRP | Lip-a | Homocystein
  5. Coronary Angiogram ( to know if the heart arteries are narrowed or blocked) * Your Doctor will recommend you for the procedure

Some Precautions – Steps to Save your Life  

  1. Do keep your contact details in your pocket as when you travel

    Emergency Hospital
    Emergency Hospital
  2. Do include the number of your heart specialist in the document along with a family in member’s name and contact in the same document
  3. Write your blood group
  4. In your Car and office keep an Emergency Hospital contact number
  5. Do save the same number in your cell phone

Useful Links

1. Desun Regular Heart Check Rs. 2800 /-

2. Desun Advanced Heart Check Rs. 4300 /-

Why Desun Heart Check Packages

1. Comprehensive
2. Intelligent and Intuitive Tests

Both Packages includes some Superspeciality Tests that Helps Predict Heart Attack, Stroke, Coronary Artery Disease *package specific

1. Superspeciality Test APOA 1 & APOB (2 Parameters)
The ratio of APOA 1 & APOB indicates the chances of heart
attack in the future

2. Superspeciality Test hs-CRP
This test is used to predict the risk of developing heart disease
and allied complications, like strokes and sudden cardiac
death. Higher hs-CRP levels indicate higher risks.

3. Superspeciality Test Lip-a
This test is used to determine chances of development of
Coronary Artery disease.

4. Superspeciality Test Homocystein
An increase level of homocystein in the blood suggests high
risk of heart attacks, strokes, blood clots, and Alzeimer’s

5. Angiogram (CAG) 

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Arranging Your Wardrobe can be an Inspiration for Weight Loss

Arranging your wardrobe can be an inspiration to loose excess body weight. Thinking How? My inspiration to write this article is my old friend Jogita . Few days back I met Jogita at a party and it was amazing to see her looking much fit and beautiful, I noticed she had lost weight.

It was a talking topic of the party and she revealed her side of story, what inspired her to act so determined.Female_Vector_Character_Wearing_Fashionable_Clothes_Small

Two years back around this time, she just decided to arrange her wardrobe and get rid of the old clothes that she has not been wearing for long.  To her surprise she found that most of her clothes not used for long are in excellent condition and almost not used; they simply do not fit her as she has put on too much of weight over the last few years.

Life has been very demanding for her, corporate job, getting to office at time, long working hours, home management, devoting time for kid and husband other social duties  had left no time for work-outs and fitness regimes. Also regular consumption of junk food, sleeping at odd hours clubbed with all these.

She decided to get into a weight loss regime that suits her life style.  The first thing she met her doctor and got a few simple tests done and got sure that there is not much significant problem other than diabetes range (Blood Sugar – Type II) that is getting higher. The trend showed an increase over time.

Then she joined a morning walk circle in her locality. Planning the strict routine was never easy. Bed time became early by cutting off the television viewing time to wake up early morning. By 6.30 am she joined her local walking circle contacting over whatsapp.  By 7.30 back home checking the daily work with the maids and off to office dropping her daughter Sarika to school.

The regular cafeteria lunch got replaced by home cooked food.  On the way back home alternate days going to gym or yoga class, within one month that became difficult to continue anymore due to time constraints. 

Returning back home helping in daughter’s homework, dinner, time with husband and family all to be completed by 10 pm.

Amazingly she got into her designer evening dress after 5 years and the weight machine says she is 72 kgs that is 5 kg less in 5 months.  She realized that another 8 more kgs lost will make things good for many other dress lying in the wardrobe almost unused and in new condition. 

The secret of how she reached 56 kgs and looking super fit. So she revealed that around 9 months back she has undergone bariatric surgery at local super speciality hospital and soon after things changed, she has lost a lot of weight and her diabetes range is almost normal and she is feeling great. She has also saved a lot of money as all the old clothes in her wardrobe is fitting her, almost no new shopping for last 9 months.  Jogita mentioned that she is now only continuing her morning walk 2-3 days week and she is not gaining weight. Yes she at times meet her doctor at the hospital and lives on healthy home cooked food. 

First were Mrs. Kapoor , Mr and Mrs Sen to take the contact of the hospital. I am hoping to see more people in our group slim and smart soon.



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Coronary Angioplasty Procedure | Stents | Balloons | Cost | Billing | Hospitals India Kolkata

Angioplasty is a well known term today and we find a lot of people in our social circles discussing about angioplasty or as the doctors call PTCA procedure undergone by their friends and relative.

Cathlab Desun Hospital
Cathlab Desun Hospital

The competitive life, nuclear families and a growing aspiring India clubbed with junk food, late nights, not much of physical activity has increased the number of cases for heart related ailments. In many cases heart bypass surgery – CABG and Angioplasty – PTCA is an “either, or” for certain heart related disease. The angiogram report showing blocked arteries may be the reason for suggestion of angioplasty by your cardiologist. At times it is immediate depending on the percentage of blockage done in the Cath Lab following the angiogram report.

Angiogram Video
Coronary Angiogram Video

Planned angioplasty or emergency angioplasty surgical procedure may require stent/s or balloon or both.  Stents are usually drug eluting stents and non drug eluting stents.  Drug eluting or medicated stents are used in many cases.  Stent/s , balloons are commonly used in Coronary Angioplasty. All these stents have different cost as per the specification. At times patients requires more than 2 stents. The Stents and balloon are implants that are not available in open medical stores for consumers they are available with the hospitals and the hospitals procure them as per requirements. The billing for such implanted stents and other implants are included in the surgical procedure bill for patients who have undergone such cardiac related surgery where the stent/s was required.

Angioplasty Stent Video
Angioplasty Stent Video

Desun Hospital only uses high quality American Company Manufactured Stents. The stents are FDA and Government of India approved and the stents cost as per Government of India regulated price. 

Desun Hospital and Heart Institute strictly charges the cost of stent/s, balloons as per actual cost. The cost of the angioplasty – PTCA surgical procedure and the actual cost of stent along with other hospital charges are the components of the surgery bill. In Desun Hospital and Heart Institute, Kolkata, India the Coronary Angioplasty (PTCA) package includes the hospital stay, cost of medicines and consumables, related investigation charges, doctor team fees and Cathlab charges.  The cost of stent/s , balloons is extra as per requirement and cost of stent used in angioplasty procedure will be charged as per the actual cost of the stent/s.

Angioplasty Stent
Angioplasty Stent

For the latest Coronary Angioplasty Procedure Package Cost at Desun Hospital and Heart Institute , India, Kolkata Click Patient with angiogram reports done in other hospitals also undergo Angioplasty procedure in Desun Hospital Kolkata. Patients visit the hospital from entire India especially from Eastern India for PTCA and other heart and non- heart related surgeries.

Patient parties or patients can send prescriptions and other surgery related document over

E-mail :

Send Your Prescription Application

WhatsApp : +91 86977 21124

The website  and the Send Your Prescription App is available in desktops, laptopsMobile and tablets.

Our patient care Team will get into communication with the patient / patient party and facilitate smooth flow of all required information.

The heart care facility, high success rate, experienced doctors and surgeons, affordable cost of surgery, Steel OTs, accurate billing as per various codes and process, 24 Hours Emergency admission and Surgery even at midnight makes Desun a popular choice among patients and patient parties.

Some More Reasons for Choosing Desun Hospital and Heart Institute 

  • 300 Beds
  • 94 Bed ICU
  • 28 Medical Departments
  • A Superspeciality Hospital in Eastern India (CGHS Empanelled)
  • NABH and NABL Accredited
  • Ranked as No.1 in WBHS enlisted Class-1 hospitals

People Awareness Article By Desun Hospital and Heart Institute

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Shopping is Good for Heart and Health

Weekends are great time for shopping.  We all love to shop and spend time in great looking shopping malls looking at and trying things.

Window shopping ca also be fun and also allows us to keep updated about recent trends in fashion. 

Weekends are popular shopping time for family and working individuals alongside the busy afternoons at shopping malls where we see kids and moms and younger girls and boys.

Shopping is good for heart and health. Shopping allows us to move, turn, stretch and bent while walking across the shop windows, displays, trying the displayed articles etc It is always better to have some walk than to sitting whole day. Shopping also makes us feel happy as we look and imagine trying and buying things around. It also allows our mind to think diverse things that are mostly not stressful. It is break from the daily grind.  

The colourful shopping malls, shops, well decorated and with a lot of happy people around pumps happy energy in us and we feel good. dc6apLkdi

If we are regular in shopping areas, malls we need to be careful of the mouth watering junk foods as frequent consumption can increase body weight and it is bad for health.  It is better to carry clean drinking water from home to avoid aerated drinks and have some healthy home cooked food before starting our shopping so that some healthy little munch suffice the hunger we get while moving here there.

We need to be careful about our child / children and keep a watch on them also bags and other articles so that we do not misplace any.

It is always not important to buy, that we can also do online, but it is important to walk around, see many beautiful things and be among happy people for some time, it will refresh our mind and body.

People Health Awareness Article by Desun Hospital and Heart Institute

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Drive and Commute Safely During Monsoon

Driving or commuting during monsoon we need to take special care to keep us protected and avoid any kind of accidents. During monsoons the heavy rain and the thunderstorms pose threat to life and property. Health hazards along with occurrence of accidents due to negligence are more rampant.

Driving Safety during Torrential Rain, Thunder Storms and Lightning

  1. Drive at reasonable speed , do not over speed
  2. Do not intent or jump signals , follow traffic rules strictly
  3. Be very vigilant in road
  4. Maintain your car well, get it checked and be assured your car is in good condition
  5. Special check for the car tiers and breaks

    Drive Safely in Monsoon
    Drive Safely in Monsoon
  6. If you use specs make sure your vision is clear , get your eye tested
  7. Avoid any kind of alcoholic drinks before and while driving, It is also not legal to drink and drive
  8. Avoid playing radio, using mobile phones especially during thunderstorms , these devices can be dangerous
  9. During torrential rain the outer mirrors are also not very clear , the rear glass view is also not very clear in usual case , so concentrate more  on the road , also avoid loud music as it will make you unable to hear sound outside the car
  10. Try travel through the usual road, so that you have more idea of the road condition and can be intuitive.

Safe Commuting during Heavy Rainfall , Thundershowers and Lightning

  1. Use rain gears that are travel friendly especially for walking and public transports. Example Gum Boots , Rain Coats , Caps , Water Proof Bags , Umbrella etc
  2. Do not rush , run in bus terminus, train stations, ferry ghats or public transport stands
  3. Do get down from vehicles carefully

    Safe Commuting during Monsoon
    Safe Commuting during Monsoon
  4.  Walk carefully and try use high roads and known roads
  5. Avoid standing, walking from near transformers, lamp posts and other such electrical structures
  6. Do take shelter from torrential rain, thunderstorms, lighting in low lying strong shelters. Avoid standing under  trees , small roadside structures etc
  7. Avoid using mobile phones, headsets etc during travelling
  8. Read whether reports, set alerts in mobile phones if compatible or desktop and laptops.
  9. Avoid using cycles during lightning
  10. Try avoid going near water bodies during thunderstorms , rain etc

Article in People Interest by Desun Hospital and Heart Institute

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