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Heart Related Disease – A Major Killer in India – World Heart Day – September 29, 2014

Heat related disease is a major killer in India. Around 165 people per 100,000 population die from heart related disease in India.  On World Heart day on Monday, September 29 , 2014 we share some information on few health conditions and heart related diseases.

Defining Heart Failure

Heart failure is when the ability of your heart to pump is less than normal condition, it can happen gradually. Heart failure is not total stop of heart function. The pressure in the heart increases with the heart loosing elasticity and pumping chambers getting weaker. This creates lack of oxygen and nutrients in the body.

Some Common Symptoms of Heart failure

Shortness of breath and feeling breathless

Swelling in certain areas of feet, ankles, abdomen

Difficulty sleeping flat in bed and feeling restless

Regular bloating

Irregular pulse rates

Feeling nausea

Quick fatigue

Frequent urinating specially at night


Preventing Heart Attacks in Future

Preventing heart attack in future is important and we need to take few steps for a better heart health. The simple few steps are regular intake of medicines as per prescription, changing life style as required and periodic visit to doctor.

Some Health and Heart Conditions Connected

  1. High Blood Pressure
  2. Regular Stress
  3. Obesity
  4. Smoking
  5. Diabetes


World Heart Day Sep 29 , 2014
World Heart Day Sep 29 , 2014

Few Health and Lifestyle Conditions that Needs to be Taken Care

 1. Heart Disease and High BP – Blood Pressure

High blood pressure (BP) is bad for heart, if it under control with help of medicines then it is much safer than uncontrolled high blood pressure. It slowly damages the heart and health.  People suffering from high BP should be under the treatment of a specialist doctor and try keep BP under control. Some condition arising out of high BP.

Ischemic Heart Disease

It is a condition where the heart muscles are not getting enough blood.  Medical advice from specialist doctors includes proper diet, keeping a healthy body weight , avoiding tobacco products, alcohol, high calorie food, food with lot of fats, salt etc. periodic health and heart checkups with regular consumption of prescriptions medicines.

In some cases heart surgery is required.


2.    Heart Health and Regular Stress

Stress may directly not impact heart condition, but regular stress may worse health conditions. Stress may be a reason for greater damage of health due to cholesterol, high blood pressure and blood sugar. Again regular stress increases unhealthy hormones like adrenaline and cortisol. Stress may create blood clots and result in malfunctioning of heart.


3.    Obesity is a major reason for heart failures

Obesity is a major reason for heart related dieses. Obesity has strong connection with nor proper functioning of heart. Being obese may narrow the blood paths to the heart and lack of supply or irregular supply of blood to heart can be a major reason for heart failure.  Obese people have a higher chance of heart attack.


4.    Smoking increases chances of heart attack

Smoking is very bad for health and heart. Smoking increases chances of heart attack. Each cigarette smoked increases the risk of cardio vascular disease. People smoking 1-2 usual quantity packs of cigarettes per day increases their chances of heart attack almost double than a non smoker.

Women smokers, who are also taking birth control pills are at more risk, as they have an increased chance of stroke, heart attack and clotting of blood.

Passive smoking if very regular also increases chances of heart disease. Children get highly affected by passive smoking. Being exposed to an environment where many smokers are there regularly can badly effect health and heart.


The deadly nicotine in cigarettes is major cause for

  1. Decreasing oxygen supply to the heart
  2. Increase in blood pressure and heart rate
  3. Chances of blood clotting


5.     Heart disease risk is greater for diabetics

People with diabetes have much higher chances of heart failure or heart disease.. Diabetics have almost 2 times more risk of heart attack than non-diabetics. People with Type 2 diabetes have more chances of heart related diseases.

The increased blood sugar levels builds up higher cholesterol levels. The coronary arteries get hard due to the cholesterol build up. This results in lower supply of blood and nutrition to heart.


Heart Test Packages


Heart Surgery Packages

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Desun Burn Unit Impact Story ; 12 Weeks and Living Again

It was a challenge for Desun Burn Unit experts to save Ananya from the critical situation in which she was brought at Desun. Mrs. Ananya Jaiswal a 42 year old resident of Barasat suffered 60% burns in waist, shoulder, left hand, portion of abdomen and face. She was burned accidentally by crackers while attending a marriage ceremony in her neighborhood.


According to the burn unit specialist of Desun, Ananya’s condition was extremely critical as the initial 48 hours was already lost when she was brought at Desun. When asked her family about the loss of time, her husband said, “We took Ananya to a nearby nursing home. They initially treated her giving first aid. After a day the doctors said that the case has turned critical and it’s better to shift her to a hospital where critical cases are handled.”

Ananya’s condition was deteriorating fast with irregular heartbeats and low blood pressure. Desun’s specialist said “It is difficult to survive in 45% burn injury. But it was a challenge for Desun to save her. Her case was more difficult as she was suffering from obesity. The pulse rate and irregular heartbeats were severe obligations.”  After the initial assessments and taking into account the adversities her treatment was initiated and Ananya started to respond.

Desun’s chief plastic surgeon said, “Gradually there was improvement in her condition through healing. Now the second level of treatment was to be done for which it was necessary to control the blood loss.  Slowly her skin grafting (a procedure where skin substitute is placed over a burned skin to permanently replace it.) treatment was started.”

The total outcome was relieving. Ananya’s wounds started healing. After 12 weeks she walked back home on her feet getting healed by timely support and effort of Desun’s specialist doctors. Ananya was saved from the clutches of obvious death by Desun.

Burn Unit at private hospitals are not common in kolkata , West Bengal and not much among hospitals in India. Desun’s Burn Unit is very well equipped to manage , Desun Burn Unit Infrastructure

DESUN Hospital Burns Unit : Kolkata – | 9051715171 , Siliguri – | 9051640000

Various Types of Burns 

1. First Degree Burns

2. Second Degree (Superficial) Burns

3. Second Degree (Deep) Burns

4. Third Degree Burns

The Burn Team at Desun Hospital includes 

1. Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon

2. Physiotherapist to prevent/minimise post burn contractures

3. Emergency Medicine Physicians and Staff

4. Psychiatrist

5. Nutritionist

6. Nursing Staff

The 24 Hours Active Infrastructure for Burns that includes treatment facility, dressing facility in sterile rooms and isolation units helps the chances of recovery for burn patients.

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Liver Problem Major Killer in India – Cause | Symptoms | Tests | Treatment

The Cause – Try Control

In today’s fast life many a times it becomes difficult to maintain a very healthy food habit. Some people for many days go through irregular diet and also consume non home cooked food and at times hygiene is also compromised to certain levels.  Around 23 people per 100,000 die due to liver related disease every year in India and it is high compared to many other countries.

Some Common Symptoms

This can be a major cause of liver gastro related problems that are mostly ignored in the initial stage. In most cases it starts with regular indigestion and gradually moves to abdominal pain, difficulty in swallowing and loss of appetite with many other symptoms.

Liver Gastro Check Up
Liver Gastro Check Up

We Ignore – Be Alert

Pill popping and consumption of OTC medicines for acidity and indigestion is common. The indiscriminate consumption of various medicines and self treatment without proper medical advice leads to suppression of problem for some time and then things aggravate till we become alert and rush to specialist doctor.

The Precaution – Protect , Prevent , Heal

It is best to maintain hygiene and a healthy food habit with timely consumption of food. Pill popping is best to be avoided and in early stage of frequent problems it is best to see a specialist doctor and get required medical tests done, orlese nowadays many Liver-Gastro Check Up Packages are available in reputed hospitals and we can undergo the test package. In case of any problem we are advised to see a specialist doctor for appropriate treatment.

The Medical Test Packages – Know it All

The medical tests usually come in 2-3 packages like regular, advanced, masters as per number of tests (parameters) , type of tests (example: superspeciality tests) and the cost of packages also differ as per these specifications

A regular comprehensive liver-gastro check up package of a good hospital includes tests like

  1. Liver Function Test (9 Parameters)

(Total Protein, Albumin, Globulin, SGPT, SGOT, Alkaline Phosphatase, Bilirubin, Bilirubin (D),A/G Ratio)

  1. GGT
  2. HBsAg
  3. Lipase
  4. Amylase
  5. Blood Haemogram (13 Parameters)


  1. Superspeciality Test

Hepatitis A Virus Igm

Hepatitis E Virus Igm

Hepatitis B Core IgM

Doctor Consultation

A comprehensive Advanced or Master Liver-gastro Check Up Package in a good hospital usually Includes

  1. Ultra Sonography (Whole Abdomen)
  2. Liver Function Test (9 Parameters)

(Total Protein, Albumin, Globulin, SGPT, SGOT, Alkaline Phosphatase, Bilirubin, Bilirubin (D),A/G Ratio)

  1. GGT
  2. HBsAg
  3. Lipase
  4. Amylase
  5. Blood Haemogram (13 Parameters)


  1. Superspeciality Tests

Hepatitis A Virus IgM

Hepatitis E Virus IgM

Hepatitis B Core IgM

Hepatitis C Antibody


Doctor Consultation

Useful Information


Avail Comprehensive Liver-Gastro Check Up Packages. Regular @ Rs. 3700/- and Advanced @ Rs. 5500/- Call to Know More and Book 86977 21124 | 83340 31345 | WhatsApp: 86977 21124 |

  1. DESUN REGULAR LIVER-GASTRO CHECK Rs. 3,700/- (29 Parameters)
  2. DESUN ADVANCED LIVER-GASTRO CHECK Rs. 5500/- (32 Parametres)

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Health Benefits of Pillows

Whole day goes for a toss if the siesta is not right. Especially if it’s a weekday. Isn’t it?In sleep the body recovers itself from daily stress and rejuvenates. A wrong pillow may not be the cause of any problem but it exaggerates the problems like neck pain, stress. We spent 8 hrs a night on a pillow so it’s worth knowing about them.

Broadly pillows are of two types

  1. Sleeping pillows
  2. Special needs pillows.


Body Pillow
Body Pillow

Body pillows: A type of sleeping pillow,whether on bed or on couch, body pillows are perfect for snuggling. The most relaxing one, body pillows can work anywhere if you want to relax. They are designed to reduce the pains and stress of the day. Body pillows impart support to the body it requires during sleep. 




Neck Pillows/Travel Pillows:The use of neck pillow with a strong support and good shape helps in reducing chronic neck pain than a regular pillow. In fact it’s far more effective than exercise alone.A neck pillow’s design provides natural relaxing posture for head that maintains the lordotic curve (normal inward curvature of the lumbar and cervical regions) of the spine.

Neck and Travel pillow
Neck and Travel pillow

It’s also used during tours that require long hours of sitting like in cars or aeroplanes. That’s why it is also called Travel pillow






Lower Back Support Pillows: A lower back support pillow provides a support for the inward curve in the lumbar spine. Long hours of sitting lacking any lower back support creates muscle tension with discomfort in legs and also the lower back .When used while sitting, this pillow occupies the natural gap between the lower spine and the seat. Lower back pillows are indispensable for cars  

lower back support
lower back support



Knee Pillow
Knee Pillow

  Knee Pillows:  When these pillows are placed between the knees while sleeping aside, it saves the knees from coming together keeping the spine in the neutral position. If there is no support between the legs, the upper leg rotates downward, pulling the pelvis, and distorting the natural line of the spine. Knee pillows help to heal the knees properly while sleeping.


Water Pillows: Water pillows self adjusts themselves to changes in neck and head positions giving beneficial comfort while sleeping. So, feeling uncomfortable one will not wake up in sleep.   

water pillow
water pillow







Oxygen promoting Pillows:  These pillows help promoting circulation in diabetes patients. Oxygen promoting pillows increase the content of oxygen in tiny blood vessels by up to 29% maintaining proper spinal support. It opens the airway expanding the lung capacity which enhances breathing.   

Oxygen Promoting Pillow
Oxygen Promoting Pillow







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