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Brain Stroke – Definition | Symptoms | Causes | Precaution | Medical Help | Information

“Brain Stroke” is a physical situation when blood flow to particular part of the brain stops. Brain stroke or brain attack is common today, although over the years the rate of mortality or physical impact post stroke has decreased due to better medical facility, increase in proximity of superspeciality hospitals , availability of specialist doctors and health care infrastructure,  24 Hours emergency hospital admission facility.  Awareness among people has also increased.

Stroke can happen to anyone and a large number of people experience brain stroke during their usual working age.

Stroke is mainly of two types

Ischemic stroke: when a blood clot in the blood vessels to brain has blocked the supply of blood to brain.

Hemorrhagic stroke: Sometimes a sticky substance called plaque may block the blood supply to the brain.

Be Aware Be Alert - Brain Stroke
Be Aware Be Alert – Brain Stroke

Who are more likely to have brain stroke

People with and suffering from

  1. High blood pressure (Bp)
  2. Diabetes
  3. High Cholesterol
  4. Mostly aged above 55
  5. Having family history of stroke
  6. Already having heart related ailments
  7. Obese, people consuming high fat diet
  8. Smokers
  9. Women taking birth control pill and also smoker
  10. Lack of exercise, work out and active life

Symptoms of stroke are little wide and may vary. All brain stroke victims may not get the same symptoms or all symptoms.  We just need to be aware if we get some of the following symptoms. We need to report it to people around us, may call the specialist doctor or emergency hospital ambulance service. If we are unable to do so, we need to ask people around to do the needful.

The most common symptom of a brain stroke is headache; it may start with little sensation pain and soon may turn severe. Usually starts while lying down flat. It may soon get severe enough to make us restless and also wake us up from sleep. The pain increases with movement, strain or coughing.

Some of the other symptoms of brain stroke may be  

  1. Lack of alertness and brain body coordination
  2. Some changes in ability to hear
  3. Changes occur is taste of usual food
  4. Lack of response to pain, pressure etc
  5. Difficulty in remembering usual things
  6. Difficulty in speech
  7. Decrease in ability to read and write
  8. Lack of ability in organizing common things
  9. Weakness and problem in movement of hand, legs etc
  10. A feeling like vertigo and lack of balance
  11. Problem in vision, decrease in eyesight

Immediate help

  1. Do not panic
  2. Inform people around you in home, office or just call the emergency hospital admission number
  3. Try not to walk or move faster
  4. Get seated
  5. Make your clothes as much light as possible


  1. Keep a 24 Hours emergency hospital number saved in your mobile phone
  2. Be aware of the symptoms
  3. Read and let other people know, share it with them
  4. Regular general health checks, cardiac checks suggested (atleast one a year)
  5. Monitor your blood sugar (diabetes), blood pressure (BP), Thyroid, Cholesterol levels etc
  6. Do not do pill popping , only have prescription medicines
  7. Sleep 8 hours at night
  8. Be calm and keep cool
  9. Mind training through meditation, yoga, asana
  10. Work out to keep body weight under control
  11. Eat healthy, it is better to share your diet with your family physician for good advice

Medical Help

  1. Call your doctor immediately
  2. Get in touch with superspeciality hospital
  3. Keep a 24 Hours Emergency Hospital Admission number handy
  4. Send SOS / Emergency Message to the list of your near and dear ones

Some facts on Brain Stroke Impact

  1. Brain stroke is a major cause of death in the world. It is responsible for more than 4 million deaths
  2. Around 10% stroke victims recover completely
  3. Close to 25% victims get almost okay with some minor physical problems
  4. Around 40% require long term care and live with some impairment
  5. Close to 10% get severe impact on health and movement
  6. Around 15% die shortly or within sometime of stroke

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Desun Parent Card – An Unique Health Care Assurance Facility Card for Your Parents

Here’s something you can do to show them that “I CARE”. Gift your parents in India a ‘DESUN Parent Card’.

It is a Card which will ensure a speedy, accurate and timely treatment for your parents in India.

Desun Parent Card
Desun Parent Card

Desun Parent Card is a unique facility that will enable you to take care of your parents health from a long distance. You may be staying in some other city or abroad you can still take care of your parents through this health service card. This health facility card is an assurance of health checks and hospital admission even in emergency at midnight. Just a phone call or information Desun patient care team will get into action. You will get information updates and soon your parent/s will be in Desun Hospital in case of any illness, emergency medical condition.

Desun Parent Card ABP Ananda Video
Desun Parent Card ABP Ananda Video

This is just not an emergency hospital admission card of mere health care card but a combined card that galvanizes health check up facility, 24 hours emergency hospital and surgery facility. The people who own this health care card will receive priority attention.

When you are far away from your parents and willing to take care of their health and wellness this parent card is the best facility that assures of maximum facility. It is very simple to get the card, quick formalities, transparent procedures and all can be online. The physical card will reach your parent/s at their address within reasonable time.

The card is pre activated covering a large number of unique features that will let you be in peace of mind. Health check up, ambulance, emergency hospital admission, ease of initial deposit money  and further payments all can be done easily.

Desun Parent Card Campaign Images
Desun Parent Card Campaign Images


How to Get The Card ? 

Enjoy hassle free registration without being physically present to fill the forms and complete the registration formalities. Just follow the few steps given below :

Step 1: Transfer Rs. 7,500 (INR) as registration fees through Western Union Money Transfer or through Paypal Payment Gateway through your credit card.

Step 2: Get the soft copy of the ‘DESUN Parent Card’ in your email with a unique registration code and the hard copy of the card will be delivered to your parent’s local address anywhere in India 7 to 10 days after the completion of the registration formalities.

Parent Card Features

1. Eligibility
This card is only for parents who are more than 60 years old.

2. Validity
Your ‘DESUN Parent Card’ is valid till 1 year from the date of registration.

3. Redemption or Refunds
‘DESUN Parent Card’ is irredeemable (redeemable only through the ‘DESUN Parent Health Check’ Package) and non-refundable. The cash paid against the registration is not refundable once paid.

4. Offers & Discounts
Offers and Discounts provided will not be clubbed with any other offers & discounts. Offers and Discounts are fixed & applicable only on the mentioned facilities.

5. Initial Deposit Money
The Initial Deposit Money must be paid within 12 to 24 hours of the emergency admission. “No Initial Deposit Money” is applicable only in Emergency Admission cases such as Heart Attack, Brain Stroke, Coma, Burn, Accident, etc.

All the facilities are applicable only for the ‘DESUN Parent Card’ holders.

Useful Information

Webpage :

Company Website :

Phones : Call : (+91) 86977 21124, (+91) 83340 31345 (Mon – Sat, 10am – 6pm)

WhatsApp : (+91) 86977 21124

E-mail: (Use Your Name and Parent Card in Subject Line)

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65% Burn Victim Saved by Desun – Burn Victim Hospital Impact Story

Recently in a very critical burn case at Desun Hospital Kolkata achieved success when a burn victim was saved with 65% burn. This is a burn victim impact story at Desun hospotal kolkata’s 24 Hours burn Unit. The hospital facility, doctor team and certainly the patient and patient relates contributed, worked hard and spent tensed moments before this major success was achieved. The story is also featured in a leading Bengali newspaper  eedition of 25th October 2014.

ABP 25th October 2014 Page 11
ABP 25th October 2014 Page 11

The the entire course of action started  when 42 years old resident of Bongaon, Mrs. Ananya Jaiswal was brought to DESUN, she was in an extremely critical condition with 65% burns. Ananya was burned accidentally by crackers while attending a wedding ceremony. There was 45% deep burns on her waist, shoulder, left hand, portion of abdomen along with the face and 20% light burns. Saving Ananya’s life was a real challenge for DESUN’s critical care team as the crucial 48 hours had already passed by; moreover she was obese with 5ft height and weighing 85 Kgs.

On initial screening DESUN’s critical care team found that Ananya had severe complication in infection (Sepsis and Septic shock), with low blood pressure and saturation level (amount of oxygen bound to haemoglobin in the blood expressed as a percentage of the maximal binding capacity). 

Creative Image Rework size 3

Her haemodynamic (related with the flow of blood within the organs and tissues of the body)condition was found to be very critical. She was kept on multiple lifesaving support system like medical ventilation.

Ananya’scondition started deteriorating. Her organs started to dysfunction, in medical terms Systemic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (SIRS). She was put on high end antibiotics and toughest infection control in the burn unit as only DESUN has state-of-art burn unit in Kolkata.

Further, her skin grafting was again a difficult task for the plastic and reconstructive surgeon of DESUN because of her obesity as in case of obese patients skin grafting is very difficult due to layers of fat deposited.This is one of the rarest cases of survival for a burn-victim. It was only possible because of the promptness of DESUN’s round the clock team of specialists comprising of critical care doctors, plastic and reconstructive surgeons and general physician.

It’s rare for anyone to survive with 65% burns that too for an overweight patient of 85 kgs, but Kolkata’s DESUN Hospital made it possible.

The state-of-art burn infrastructure of a burn unit at DESUN helped in Ananya’s speedy recovery. She was back on her feet after 16 weeks to go home. Though the recovery was a long procedure but it was a success. After a few follow ups she was found to be back in her normal routine.




  1. In case of deep burns go to hospital immediately.
  2. Do not take of the clothing which is stuck to the burn victim.
  3. Till medical help is received cover the burns with wet sterile bandage.
  4. Do not put ice or ice water.
  5. If blisters are formed do not prick them.
  6. Do not put butter or any ointments on the burns.
  7. Treatment of burns caused by chemicals and electric should be strictly treated in hospital.

Desun Hospital Kolkata 24 Hours Burn Unit

Care for Burns of all Types / Degrees at DESUN

  1. First Degree Burns –Involves epidermis (outermost layer of the cells). These types of burns heal without scarring, as for example extreme Sunburn.
  2. Second Degree (Superficial) Burns –This involves epidermis and superficial part of dermis (The sensitive connective tissue layer of the skin located below the epidermis).These types of burns usually heal with intensive care and frequent aseptic dressings in Burns Unit within 3 weeks with some scarring.
  3. Second Degree (Deep) Burns –this involves epidermis and deep dermis. These types of burns take long time to heal with appreciable scarring. These types of burns generally require Skin Grafting in specialised Burns Unit.
  4. Third Degree Burns –– in this case full thickness of the skin including the muscles is burnt. These types of burns require excision and skin grafting in an advanced Burns Unit.

DESUN’s Burns Unit & ICU is well equipped to handle all the above mentioned degrees of burn cases.

Desun’s Burn Team comprises of

  1. Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon
  2. Physiotherapist to prevent/minimise post burn contractures
  3. Emergency Medicine Physicians and Staff
  4. Psychiatrist
  5. Nutritionist
  6. Nursing Staff

DESUN Hospital : Kolkata – | 9051715171 , Siliguri – | 9051640000

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Blood Pressure BP – Causes | Ranges | Prevention | Health Check

What is blood pressure (BP)?

BP is the measure of the pressure of blood thrusting against the walls of the blood vessels. The heart pumps the blood in the blood vessels (arteries) that circulates it throughout the body.

Blood Pressure
Blood Pressure

Types of Blood Pressure:

Other than within Normal Range BP can be High or Low.

High Blood Pressure is dangerous as the heart works harder to pump the blood in this case. High Blood Pressure if ignored over long time may lead to heart failure.

Low Blood Pressure causes due to not proper consumption eating, standing for a long period, nervous system damage, extreme tiredness or due to effect of prolonged illness or some medicines.

Blood Pressure Readings:

In a blood pressure reading the top numerical figure represents the systolic pressure and the bottom number represents the diastolic pressure. The ranges are as follows:

Normal BP:Less than 120 over 80 represented as 120/80

Prehypertension: The systolic pressure ranging from 120-139 and the diastolic pressure ranging from 80-89.

Stage 1 high blood pressure: The systolic pressure ranging from 140-159 and the diastolic pressure ranging from 90-99.

Stage 2 high blood pressure: The systolic pressure 160 and above; the diastolic pressure 100 and above.

Factors leading to High BP

  1. Smoking
  2. Overweight or Obesity
  3. Not doing any physical activity
  4. Taking excess of salt in food
  5. Excessive alcohol consumption
  6. Stress
  7. Old Age
  8. Hereditary
  9. Chronic Kidney Disease
  10. Adrenal or ThyroidDisorders

People more likely to develop High BP

  1. People with family members who have high blood pressure
  2. Smokers
  3. During Pregnancy
  4. Women consumingcontraceptive pills
  5. People over the age of 35
  6. People who over-eat
  7. People who consume fatty foods
  8. People who have sleep disorder like Sleep Apnea

To Prevent Low BP

  1. Physical Exercise under the guidance of a physical instructor
  2. Keep yourself hydrated
  3. Increase Vitamin B12intake like yogurt, milk, fishes
  4. Increase folate intake like asparagus, green peas, and broccoli
  5. Take little amount of extra salt in food
  6. Avoid hot temperatures
  7. Take meals in small amounts frequently
  8. Take medicines as prescribed by physician

To prevent High BP

  1. Exercise regularly under the guidance of a physical instructor
  2. Eat healthy diet having right amount of required nutrients
  3. Reduce the intake of salt
  4. Include seasonal and fresh fruits to your diet
  5. Take medicines regularly as and when suggested by physician.

Desun Health Check:

Desun Heart Surgery:

Health Awareness Article by Desun Hospital and Heart Institute


Kids Too Can Get Arthritis Other Than Young People and Adults – World Arthritis day 12 October 2014

Arthritis & its precautions
Once a person is over the age of 50 years, more often the word ‘Arthritis’ becomes part of his or her vocabulary. For those of us who are younger, we too associate the word with ageing. But, this may not be the case always. Kids as young as five years old are at risk too- says experts.


What is Arthritis?
Answer: Arthritis is inflammation of bone joints.
Types of Arthritis?
Answer: Though there are more than 100 kinds of Arthritis but the most common ones are
(OA) Osteoarthritis: It results from wearing out of protective cartilage layer of joint surfaces. But most common factor is aging. Osteoarthritis is a usual phenomenon in joints like the knees, feet, hips, thumb and spine.
(RA) Rheumatoid Arthritis: Rheumatoid arthritis commonly affects the hands, wrists, knees, and feet. In some cases it can also affect spine, hips, shoulder lungs, eyes, skin, eyes, lungs, and nerves.
(AS) Ankylosing Spondylitis: It is another type of Arthritis affects spine and sometimes hips in young adults.
Gout: Gout occurs when the body cannot eliminate its natural uric acid. Excess uric acid, if deposited in joints intensifies inflammation. Gout usually affects the big toe, knee, and wrist joints.

Does age play a role in Arthritis?
Answer: Basically, arthritis strikes an elderly person who is above the age of 50 years. But a type of arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, has no such age limit. Kids might also be attacked. It is sometimes known as “Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis”, but still, it is arthritis. Ankylosing Spondylitis mainly affects young adults.

Is arthritis genetic? If not, what is the reason behind a person getting arthritis?
Answer: Though it is very common, osteoarthritis is not genetic. It is generally a part of getting old. It happens because of the cartilages getting damaged. This is due to degenerating process in or body and attacks mostly the weight –bearing joints of our body.
Other reasons are overweight and hormonal changes. Those who do hard physical work or even sit by folding legs over long stretches get affected. Even spondylitis is a kind of osteoarthritis. But rheumatoid arthritis, the second most common type of arthritis is genetic. It is an auto-immune disorder sickness and there is no specific reason for it.

Are women more prone to Arthritis?
Answer: Yes, it has been noted that more women get affected by arthritis, as they tend to put on more weight than a man over the years- says experts. Apart from this, hysterectomy at an early age causes deficiency of estrogen & progesterone, which are female hormones and important to control calcium balance in a woman’s body. This deficiency may predispose a lady for OA.

How does osteoarthritis differ from rheumatoid arthritis?
Answer: Osteoarthritis is basically a result of human body deteriorating and it mainly affects the body’s weight-bearing joints like the knee, hip joints and/or ankles. Base of thumbs are also affected though they are not weight bearing. Rheumatoid arthritis is an auto-immune disorder of our body and affects bilaterally symmetrical multiple joints.

Diagnosis of Arthritis – tests
Answer: The tests required for the diagnosis depends on the type of arthritis suspected.
•In case of OA, no specific blood test is available, x-rays are the main in this case
•Inflammation is tested by ESR and CRP.
•In case of RA, RA factor and Anti CCP are often prescribed.
•In AS, HLA B27 tests are helpful.
•Uric Acid
•RA Factor
•ASO Titre
•Blood Sugar (Fasting)
•Digital X-Ray Chest (PA)

Know More

How can we treat Arthritis?
Answer: Treatment of arthritis focusses on suppressing the pain and its reoccurrences. Some exercises are prescribed to lessen the pain. For most of the people recovery is possible though it takes a year or two. A recurrence is also possible.

Can diet result in Arthritis? (prevention of arthritis)
Answer: Basically, gouty arthritis is a result of too much uric acid in the blood. Consuming loads of animal’s protein might result in gouty arthritis as it increases uric acid. Apart from this, putting on weight is another major reason; if we consume loads of calories, junk foods, soft drinks, as well as alcohol, we will definitely get arthritis, it’s quite natural, says experts.

Is arthritis curable?
Answer: No, arthritis is not curable but it can be controlled.

Does arthritis increases chances of cardiac arrest (heart attack)?
Answer: The risk factor for cardiac arrest is very nominal for Osteoarthritis and gouty arthritis patients. But it is more for rheumatoid arthritis, an effect of rheumatoid fever, an inflammatory disease that may develop after Group A streptococcus bacterial infection that basically affects children between the ages of five to 15 and needs regular monitoring as it can cause cardiac problem.

Myths and Facts:
Myth 1: Arthritis is just like other minor aches and pains related to old age.
Fact: Arthritis is not just a disease of old age. Two-thirds of people with arthritis are under the age of 65, including 300,000 children.
Myth 2: Arthritis is not a serious health problem.
Fact: Arthritis may lead to disability.
Myth 3: People with arthritis should avoid exercising.
Fact: Exercise is a valuable tool in the fight against arthritis.

What are the general Symptoms of Arthritis?
Answer: Symptoms of arthritis vary according to the type but commonly the symptoms include fatigue, fever, a rash, and the signs of joint inflammation with pain, swelling, stiffness, tenderness, and redness.

People Awareness Post by Desun Hospital and Heart Institute

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Safe and Happy Diwali | Deepavali | Kali Puja

Diwali or deepavali and Kali Puja (Puja of Mother Goddess Kali)  is a festival of lights and colours in India. This festival witnesses a lot of revelry by people. People usually light mud baked diyas with oil or ghee in houses or decorate houses, offices with electrical lighting. Burning fire crackers is a part of this festival and the skies get lighted with colourful firework. There are a lot of scrumptious foods and sweets prepared or purchased that people eat at home, invite guests and also send as gifts to others.

Safe and Happy Diwali 2014
Safe and Happy Diwali 2014  

1. Be careful of open fire in diyas and candles and managing electrical lighting

Open fire from diyas and candles can be very dangerous if we are not careful and can cause major burns. Electrical lightings needs special care like not touching with wet hands, not trying to tamper the wiring and keeping them away from fire. It is better to take service of a licensed electrician for large lighting areas.

  1. Wash hand well before having food and sweets. Also buy food and sweets from regular shops

Hands may contain dirt and also powders of fireworks etc that if consumed can be fatal. It is very important to wash hand well before we eat. It is also important to buy sweets and food from regular shops where we are sure of quality.

  1. Practice prescribed caution while lighting fireworks

Trying to light fireworks in not prescribed way can cause serious damage to people and property.

  1. Keep big water buckets, burn lotions, emergency medical numbers and fire brigade numbers handy

It is important to keep water buckets filled with water handy, along with burn lotions, icebox and pads in case of any burn. Also for medical emergency it is best to have a medical emergency hospital admission number in phone book so to call as soon as possible in case of any unforeseen event.

  1. Wear cotton clothes

Cotton clothes are safe than synthetic, chiffon etc clothing when we are near fire.

  1. Keep a watch on children

Children are usually restless and have habit of running and playing here and there. It is important to keep them away from open fire and fireworks.

  1. Keep pets away from lighted fire and firework area

Pets may get scared of fire, lights and sound. Their sudden movement can cause any accident, so it is better to keep them in any safe comfortable place.

  1. If there are elders and infants in your neighborhood, practice caution and avoid sound emitting crackers

Sound emitting crackers can cause a lot of problems to elderly people, heart patients, elders, infants and newborns. We need to take special care to keep them comfortable and make others aware too.

  1. Spread the message and help others

Make people in your communality aware of the safety measures that we should follow in diwali, do that we all have fun, enjoy a happy and healthy diwali.

People Awareness Post on Diwali  by