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Examination Time Stress Management

Exam time it is usual for students, parents and even teachers to get stressed. Stress needs to be managed well alongside some lifestyle changes for better performance, avoiding physical damage and to preserve energy to deliver optimum effort. Disturbed mind and tired body due to stress can make us

  1. Less attentive
  2. Erroneous
  3. Forgetful
  4. Decrease efficiency
  5. Not at our best
  6. Irritated
  7. Fatigued

We all do last hours revision, fresh study and do get worried; it is natural and regular with most people. But it is important to manage stress and also perform well.

Exam Time Stress Managment
Exam Time Stress Managment

Some quick points

  1. Stress hormones will be there, it is better to accept that we will get stressed and we need to manage it well and keep stress to the minimum
  2. Daily exercising can help us to be active. Exercising helps relaxes tensed muscles and also it is a good time when we are completely not thinking of studies. Mind training, yoga, meditation also helps.
  3. It is important to plan the day and the study time so that we can get enough sleep that is required to keep us energetic.
  4. Relaxing is also important, do not stop pursuing your hobby or things you like doing completely, you may cut short the time but do not stop.
  5. Get help of your support group, like friends, parents, siblings, teachers and other people with whom you can share your thoughts and feel good.
  6. Build a routine for your study schedule, the perfect mix that keeps your comfortable and interested.
  7. Time management, you can take help of your seniors and teachers.
  8. Eating freshly cooked health food is important. Avoid junk foods.

For the Day of the Exam

  1. Keep your required things ready or get it inside the bag you are carrying well ahead of the time you are going to start for the exam destination
  2. Eat healthy food, enough water, do take any prescribed medicine you are advised
  3. Start early with some time in hand

During the exam

1.Start relaxed

2.Read the instruction well

3.Set your time goals

After the exam

1.Do not discuss much with people

2.Eat some healthy food

3.Relax or do things you like for sometime

4.Take rest or small nap

Health Awareness Tips For Examination Time by Desun Hospital and Heart Institute

Health Care

Health Benefits of Fasting

Fasting is a practice in many parts of the world. People fast for various reasons and apart from scarcity of food the most common reasons are health and religious beliefs.  Healthy people or people not suffering from diabetes, anemia or some other health related problem can fast for a day or half a day if not advised otherwise by medical practitioners.

Health Benefits of Fasting
Health Benefits of Fasting

The most common benefits of fasting includes

Loss of excess fat: Fasting at times for half a day or a day creates a caloric deficit and this combined with a reduction in the levels of fasting blood sugar helps in reducing fat in the body.

Healthy Hormone Condition: Short fasting can help in boosting the human growth hormone or the fitness hormones. It also improves the homeostasis balance.  The production of digestive hormones may get better. Controls tendency of overeating and also helps reducing chances getting diabetes.

Heart benefits: At times fasting for some hours also helps in keeping lower triglyceride and blood sugar levels that benefit the heart health.  Fasting contributes positively in body weight management that also helps in maintaining a healthy cardiac condition.

More health benefits: Well managed fasting also helps in increasing immunity, quicker tissue repair and few other lifestyle related problems.

Health Awareness Article by Desun Hospital and Heart Institute

Information Thanks to LiveStrong | WebMd | Google Search Engine

Health Care

Impact of Emotion on Health and Heart

Emotion is a strong feelings that a person experiences due to the impact of  situations , mood and relationship with others.

Emotions are closely related to our physical health and mental health. Emotional disturbance or feelings of being emotionally disturbed can have certain negative impact on our health.

Chronic stress can have an adverse effect on the hormone balance and can result in depleting of certain chemicals in brain that are required for feeling happy. Chronic stress and badly managed emotions and feelings can also impact our lifespan in a negative way.

Some usual negative impact on health

  1. Headaches
  2. Insomnia or sleep disturbances
  3. Lightheadedness
  4. Frequent tiredness
  5. High Blood Pressure
  6. Change in eating habits , sudden excess intake or no intake
  7. Palpitation (feel like the heart is too quick)
  8. General weakness
  9. Lack of concentration , accuracy
  10. Shortness of breath
  11. Stiffness in neck and body
  12. Stomach upsets

Not well management of emotion, especially anger can result in heart related problems, high blood pressure, hypertension, weak immunity, infections and slow healing.

Impact of Stress on Health and Heart
Impact of Stress on Health and Heart

How can we help?

Unable to forgive, dissatisfaction and being too rigid at times can make us susceptible chronic stress and emotional disturbance.

So simply by practicing an attitude of forgiveness, having gratitude and developing a flexible thought process people can help them to reduce the impact of negative emotion.

Medical help?

Yes medical intervention under appropriate guidance of doctors and psychiatrists can be beneficial.

If one has suffered or suffering from chronic stress may undergo some medical tests of heart, general health or as per prescription , may also require monitoring of blood pressure, blood sugar levels (for diabetics or hypoglycemic) etc .

Proper intake of prescription medicines is also required.

Psychological counseling, general health and taking help of specialist doctors as per problems of heart, gastro etc is also advisable.

Alternate helps?

Mind training, good diet, yoga, meditation and diverting mind into things we like to do that are relaxing and fun like sports, pursuing a hobby or working for a good cause can also help.

Anger, love etc are common feelings and part of our life  that do come with their own share of happiness and sorrow that erupts out of fulfillment of desire and expectation or rejection and not fulfillment of desire etc. this results in development of  certain emotional state of mind that impacts our mental and physical health. It is better to be aware and try to get things under control as early as possible to avoid any major future damage of health.

Health Awareness Post, wish to see everyone happy and healthy. Share the information and help others.

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Dark Chocolates is Good for Heart and Health

Consumption of permitted quantity of chocolates can be very beneficial for health and heart. Dark chocolates in particular are very beneficial. Chocolates impact our health, heart, blood flow and mind. 

So we can Eat Chocolates, Gift Chocolates and also Spread the Awareness 

Health Benefits of Chocolates
Health Benefits of Chocolates

STROKE: Chocolate helps reduce chances of stroke; permitted quantity of chocolates around 40 grams a week may reduce chances of a stroke by 20% 

FILLING: Dark chocolates are richer in fiber and keeps us full 

DEPRESSION: Chocolates are mood booster, helps fight depression

HEART and CHOLESTEROL: Chocolates are great for cardiac health as it helps in lowering blood pressure and bad cholesterol (LDL) 

Health Benefits of Dark Chocolates
Health Benefits of Dark Chocolates

DIABETES: Chocolates may increase insulin sensitivity and helps to avoid diabetes in some cases 

BLOOD THINNER: Cocoa in chocolate contains blood thinning properties and may help in smooth flow of blood and help in better blood circulation

EYESIGHT: Chocolate may increase blood flow in the retina and help our vision 

ALERT and AGILE: Chocolate in many cases makes us alert so more efficient at work 

Health Benefits of Chocolates on Chocolate Day by Desun Hospital and Heart Institute
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