Walking or Running to LOOSE WEIGHT and Get Fit – KNOW the FACTS

Today weight loss and staying fit is a major topic of discussion and people keep on trying various types of work outs to loose weight and stay healthy. It is a big topic of discussion which is better Running, Jogging or Brisk Walking.

Some facts about Walking and Running

  1. Our heart rate may go more than double in case of running on a normal average pace of 10-12 km/hr than walking fast at a good pace
  2. Food intake gives us energy and activity spends the energy and so what we eat and what we spend regulates how much we add to our weight or reduce. Running helps burns more than double energy in the same time as walking, so we can be clear on this that Running burns more energy.
  3. Walking on a track with a combination of inclined (like a bridge) and then again plain and so at a good pace will help burn more energy and so reduce weight loss better.
  4. Around 20 mins run is equal to a little above 40 mins walking at good pace

Some facts that YOU need to be Cautious

  1. Injury, slow regular stress and injury is a major concern for all people taking up fitness regimes.
  2. No one wishes to have an injury and get limited movement for few days or get into some kind of long term treatment, so we should take care of facts related to injuries.
  3. Low impact exercises are exercises that deliver lower stress and impact to our joints, muscles and body, people who are little high on age, starting exercise recently, cardio patients or over weight should avoid Running or Jogging, walking is much better option for them.
  4. Do not start walking quick as you start, gradually let the body get used to it in few mins and then slowly and uniformly increase pace and reach a point that is little above your comfort ability, stick to it for a few days and then again try to go above it and so on. Take a long term resolution.
  5. The impact of running on the joints is around 3 times more than walking, so this is a very important point to avoid injuries, get to pace slow, stick to it, get habit and then increase. Give time to your body.
  6. A good mix of walking and running can help a lot, start walking, increase your speed, cover 75% of your distance run around 20% of the distance and then walk the rest, change the ratios over time but try keep it at around 50 % on both sides to the maximum in usual case if not you have transformed into a great fitness person.

DO CONSULT YOUR Doctor before you START exercising and check your body through medical tests to know condition of your body, limitations, heart, lungs and joints. This will help you avoid unnecessary health troubles and keep you fit through selection of right levels of exercises



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Six Common Fruits for Weight Loss and Weight Management


Fruits are great source of nutrients, vitamins and anti-oxidant. A fruit diet once a day will help you to LOOSE WEIGHT, stay FRESH and HEALTHY. Fruits are ideal for weight management programme.

Here are some Fruits that are good for weight management and weight loss



Pineapple: Pineapples are rich with numerous essential nutrients, vitamins, fiber, enzymes, antioxidant, calcium, manganese, potassium and minerals. The fruit is Free of Fat and Cholesterol. It is a good weight loss and weight management fruit. Pineapple fruit contain more than 85% water and is high in fiber. So pineapple will keep the stomach full for a long time and reduce the urge to eat.




Watermelon: Watermelons are completely Free of Fat. Watermelons are rich in A and C, not to mention, B1 and B6, potassium.  It helps reduce Blood Pressure and also pumps the body with energy. Watermelons keep your stomach full to some extent so decrease the intake of food and frequent hunger.


Lemon: Lemons are mostly consumed as juice or you can squeeze half a lemon on your fruit salad or any salad for more taste and great health benefits. Lemons are rich in vitamin C, riboflavin, vitamin B, minerals like phosphorous, calcium, magnesium. Lemon juice with Honey is a good recipe for weight loss. Lemon is a good weight loss and weight management fruit.


Banana: Little greenish bananas are rich in soluble starches that speed up the fat-burning process. Raw and green have more starch in them in natural and much active state. Bananas create fullness in the stomach and when we sip little water at regular interval this fullness stays more so helps us to control our intake and again there is burst of energy that helps us to be active.



Apples: Apples have fiber and watery portion that will help to keep the stomach full, so it will also control the food intake. Apples are sweet and chewing an apple after meal will help us to curtail the craving for sweets. Apples are rich in nutrition. Apple is a good weight loss and weight management fruit.



Oranges: A large size orange is less than 100 calories, whereas the daily intake limit for women is many times higher. So Oranges are low on calorie, rich in water substance. Oranges are great source of vitamins and helps in fat bursting. Oranges are a good chew for people who like to munch too often. Orange is a good weight loss and weight management fruit.


Have a combination of FRUIT-SALAD every day to stay Happy and Healthy, Slim and Beautiful. It will manage your weight efficiently keeping you full of energy.


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Healthy and Happy Heart Food

Healthy and Happy heart foods will keep our Heart young, healthy and we will be happy in good health. Just few simple things to FOLLOW and EAT that will keep our Heart healthy and will reduce the chances of heart dieses.  

Use Low Fat Oil for cooking

Avoid not good FATS and CHOLESTEROL

Use low fat and cholesterol control edible oils for cooking, replace butter with margarine and AVOID cream, chips, deep friend food and oily spicy gravy. LIMIT consumption of Ice creams, alcohol and food that contains lot of fat.

Include low in FAT Protein food   

Skin-Less Chicken Meat

Skim milk, legumes, cold water fish, skinless chicken meat, soyabeans and egg whites are easily available low fat protein food.  LIMIT consumption of red meat, sausages, bacon, eggs yolks and rich in fat dairy products.

Fruits and Vegetables are good for heart

Apple is good for heart

Most fresh fruits and freshly prepared vegetables are good for heart. LIMIT consumption of rich in fat fruits like Coconut. AVOID canned fruits, fruits and vegetables preserved in sugar syrup, high sodium packed vegetables, friend fruits and vegetables.

High in Fiber and Whole Grain Food helps Heart

Consume Brown Rice

High fiber foods like oatmeal help the cause of good heart. Whole grain breads, whole grain flour (atta), brown rice are good for heart food. LIMIT consumption of pies, cakes, biscuits, fried noodles, sweets and pastries, puri, paratha etc.


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Heart attacks can happen anywhere, anytime... It pays to stay prepared!

Last week an apparently healthy young man of around 24 years died of heart attack in office. A heart attack can happen suddenly, and during such critical moments, it is very important to act soon to save a life. Heart attack victims can be saved if proper help and medical assistance is made available to them quickly.

It is not just important to know about it, but we should also practice certain drills in our workplace, community or clubs so that we can help our friends, loved ones or people nearby when they actually start experiencing such cardiac conditions. We all should take proper training for checking pulse, checking breathing, giving mouth-to-mouth respiration, etc.

Desun Hospital and Heart Institute is one of the most renowned names in Cardiac Care and we share a precise and effective “Do’s” and “Don’ts” during a heart attack so that you can help a heart attack victim and save a life.

Common symptoms of HEART ATTACK

  1. Feeling of uneasiness, fullness or squeezing pain in the center of the chest
  2. Experiencing prolonged pain in the upper portion of the abdomen
  3. Pain spreading beyond the chest area to the shoulders, neck, jaw, teeth, or one or both arms.
  4. Shortness of breath
  5. Light-headedness, dizziness, fainting
  6. Sweating
  7. Nausea & vomiting

Common Definition of a HEART ATTACK

When the artery supplying blood and oxygen to your heart gets partially or completely blocked, a heart attack can occur. The reduced or no flow of blood injures or destroys part of your heart muscle. A heart attack, in most cases, is associated with a chest pain for more than 15 minutes, but in some cases such symptoms may be absent.

Early Symptoms of HEART ATTACK

Most heart attack patients get warning symptoms from days or weeks before the actual attack. However, sudden attacks may also happen in some cases. Early symptoms of a heart attack usually include a chest pain when we are working or in activity that subsides while we take rest, regular heartburn, discomfort in the chest area, pain in left, right or both hands and shortness of breath.

  1. Chest pain during activity
  2. Difficulty in breathing at times
  3. Occasional discomfort in chest
  4. Regular heartburn

Some Precautions & CARE to Avoid Heart Attack

  1. Regular (at least once a year) General Health and Heart Check-Ups
  2. Avoid stress, be calm and culture happiness
  3. Quit smoking, limit alcohol consumption and also avoid self-medication
  4. Do Not Ignore Health Problems. Consult your doctor as he understands your health best.
  5. Follow a healthy diet
  6. Monitor blood pressure and diabetes
  7. Exercise regularly, control body weight -Brisk walking, Light jogging, Yoga
  8. Do not get into unnecessary conflicts
  9. Keep a Medical Emergency Number handy in your cell phone

How Do YOU know someone is having a HEART ATTACK?

  1. The person may be unconscious or immobile –he is unable to move
  2. Check if the person is breathing. Check if his chest is rising up and down
  3. Check the pulse
  4. Other symptoms are chest pain, pain spreading in arm/s, shoulder, nausea and breathlessness

Immediate HELP in Case of HEART ATTACK before Medical Assistance Arrives

  1. Do not panic or get tensed. Try to relax (if it is you who is experiencing the attack or if you are helping somebody else)
  2. Do not leave the victim alone; get around the person
  3. Loosen all clothes
  4. If the person has any prescribed medicine, give it if you know about it. (Give Aspirin if not allergic to it)
  5. Call the Medical Emergency Number
  6. Give Artificial Respiration (Do take training of such methods and practice at times)
  7. Start CPR – Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (Do try this method if you are trained from qualified professionals or institutes  and practice at times)
  8. Continue till the Ambulance/Medical Assistance arrives.
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Common Food that Kills Fat and Help you Stay Healthy

Fat is a major killer; both physical and mental. Being overweight and fat can make you

Eat Right Food to Reduce Fat, Stay Happy and Healthy

depressed of your looks and also is not good for your health. But, there are some very common food items that kill fat and control our weight.

We share our long experience in the filed of medical and health along with a study on these food items in a very simple format for you.

Eggs Help Reduce Fat


Eggs:Start your day with eggs. Eggs are great to control your appetite and as it keeps lower levels of ghrelin – it is a hormone that increases hunger. Those who have eggs at breakfast feel less hungry throughout the day in compared to those who avoid eggs. Eggs are also a good source of protein and help to build a healthy you.

Oats Helps Reduce Fat & Controls Sugar Levels

Oats:Oats is a great source of nutrition. Oats take time to get digested and keep your stomach full. This reduces your intake. Oats indirectly controls your sugar levels and keeps you calm as it helps in good sleep.

Cinammon Helps Reduce Fat and Controls Blood Sugar



Cinnamon: A common spice, cinnamon helps to burn fat and does not add up calories. Some recent studies suggest that cinnamon helps in metabolizing sugar in body, so it is good for diabetics. Cinnamon in little quantity of upto 1 tea spoon a day will help reducing blood sugar and reduce cholesterol.

Black Beans Helps Reduce Fat


Black Beans: Black beans a common legume is a great source of protein. Black beans contain dietary fibers that help in reducing fat. High fiber intake although sometimes forgotten, legumes can be a good source of protein. High fiber food in many cases has been found an effective in reducing belly fat and thinning waistlines.

Apples Helps Reduce Fat, Controls BP and Cholesterol


Apples: Apples are high in fiber that will make you feel full, so you feel less hungry. High in pectin it combines with water to reduce the amount of fat your cells can absorb. Apples have more goodness, like, it help reduces high cholesterol and high blood pressure. It is rich in antioxidants.  1-2 apples a day is good.



Try it and share more of your experiences with us and helps us do better in benefiting all with more health knowledge.

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Beat the Monday Morning Blues – Read and Stay Healthy-Happy

Wake-Up easy on Monday Morning, Have a Great day at Work. Beat the Monday Morning Blues. Just Follow this for a happy mind and good health. No Stress – All FuN


  1. Not feeling to leave the bed… Just ThiNk of all the Good things you have in your life, think few… YoU will feel charged. Drink water.
  2. Now you are ready to leave the bed, reach the music player and put on a nice Instrumental or a devotional song you Like. You will be more relaxed.
  3. Take a NiCe shower. Be little slow.
  4. Avoid a oily breakfast, have a light and high energy breakfast of your choice. It can include Milk/tea/coffee – oats/cornflakes/biscuits/breads – always some fruits of YoUr chOice.
  5. Now dress NiCely and waer a good perfume.
  6. Now as YoU go out say a NiCe HeLLo to all with a SmiLe
  7. Now do a GOOD work, think of doing something good for someone you meet today
  8. Enter Your work Calmly, start your work sloWly and then get a stock of things and Start to Move QuIck
  9. Feel Good thiNking of YouR week-end. Talk to people about their week-end and Just feel good.

Mental Stress and denials are a great source of mental illness and bad health. So we ShaRe our experience of years to HeLp yOU be Happy-Healthy-Live Long-Live Strong 

Know How to Beat the Monday Morning Blues


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Awards & Recognitions

New Cath-Lab Inaugurated at Desun Hospital & Heart Institute

The Brand New Cath-Lab at DESUN (Inset: Adjoining Cath-Lab Monitoring Room)

DESUN Hospital & Heart Institute, Eastern India’s leading address in quality healthcare and medical services, opens a new digital Cath-Lab.

This is the 2nd Cath-Lab at DESUN and houses the same state-of-the-art equipment and cutting edge facilities as its predecessor.

Speaking of the new Cath-Lab, Mr. Sajal Dutta, Chairman and Managing Director, said, “This is just a small step in DESUN’s continuing pursuit of excellence and in its relentless endeavor to provide everybody with better quality medical services, at prices that everybody can afford.

DESUN boasts of some of the best medical facilities in Eastern India and a massive infrastructure that is truly unparalleled in the region. With a fully equipped and dedicated Heart Institute and 28 other Multispecialty Departments, DESUN Hospital & Heart Institute is India’s youngest hospital to achieve the prestigious NABH (National Accreditation Board for Hospitals & Healthcare Providers) accreditation awarded by the Govt. of India. NABH accreditation is a rare and difficult accomplishment that has been achieved by only a handful of other hospitals till date, such as Escorts (Delhi), Lilavati and Hinduja (Mumbai).

As another mark of its excellence, DESUN Hospital & Heart Institute has been recognized as one of India’s Best Hospitals in a recent nationwide survey conducted by leading national newsmagazine The WEEK in association with reputed market research agency HANSA. DESUN was named among India’s Best Superspeciality Hospitals and again, among the best hospitals of India for Emergency Care.

Opening of the new Digital Cath-Lab is a small step in DESUN’s rapid progress in improving infrastructure and expanding its service portfolio. However, it will make a big difference in the quality and availability of cutting-edge surgical services for millions of those living in Kolkata and its adjoining areas.


Working Woman’s Office Desk Work-Out for a Good Heart and Healthy You

Reaching office in time, sticking to your computer and leaving work late hardly leaves time for exercising to keep you fit and healthy. Exercising, stretching is very important for a good health, a healthy heart and younger you.

Our study has devised some simple work-outs that you can perform at your work station J

Shoulder: Just rotate your shoulder clock-wise and anti clock-wise 5 times. Then move it up and down 5 times.

Neck: Turn your head Right-Left-Up-Down 5 times

Neck Exercises

Chest: Just push both your arms back and stretch your chest 3 times.

Wrist & Fingers: Extend your hand in front, then hold your fingers with the fingers of the other hand and pull it gently 3 times. Repeat in reverse hands. Stretch your arms and rotate your wrists 5 times, close your fingers tightly and open gently 3 times.

Lower back stretch: Just turn Left and stretch both your arms towards your left. Repeat this with turning Right and arms stretched right. Do it 2 times each side. 

Shoulder Rotation

Waist and back: Just twist from your waist gently left hold it for 15 secs and Twist Right holding it for 15 secs. 6 repetitions on each side.

Legs & Thighs: Sit tall on your chair. Now stretch your leg straight and resting the other leg in normal sitting position. Hold it for 10 secs. Then repeat it in another leg. This is to be done 3 times each leg.

Arms shaping: Take your full water bottle. Hold it with both hands and stretch out your arms. Pull it up strait, then, pull it above your head and now pull it back for your triceps. Keep your body straight and sit tall. Do it 5 times.  

Leg & Thigh Stretch on Chair

Tummy: Hold your water bottle with both hands and arms stretched. Pull it back and stretch your tummy by sitting tall and straight. Then, come down towards your knee and hold yourself for 5 secs. Repeat 10 times.

Ankles: Rotate your ankles in clock-wise and anti-clock-wise direction 5 times each ankle.

Now take a deep breath, release it gently and just for for a 3 mins walk around your office, floor or station. 

Come back to your desk again take a deep breath then release it gently and resume your work

Healthy - Beautiful & In Shape at work

Do not do these exercises with full stomach, during any kind of medical condition that prohibits work-outs for any part or whole of the body.

Written for Benefit of People by Desun Hospital & Heart Institute

Healthy You – Happy You – Live Long – Live Strong


Cold usually does not persist beyond 14 days Allergies do – Read to KNOW

Cold & Allergies are very common in winter. There are differences between cold and allergy but many of the symptoms are similar. A very major difference is that cold in most cases do not prevail beyond 14 days.  Allergy symptoms can persist beyond 14 days. Both  cold and allergies need specialized treatment in allergy clinics of hospitals.

Allergy & ColdCold & Allergies need to be treated early through qualified doctors in allergy specialized clinics.

Prevention and Treatment of Colds and Allergies

Cold and allergy requires different treatments and it is best to visit suitable doctors, undergo required medical tests before appropriate medicine/s is prescribed. Stay away and avoid substances that you are allergic to. We can be allergic to certain fruits, vegetables, dust, insects and also chemicals used in many common medicines.

To prevent cold stay away and protect yourself from situations and objects from where you can get cold symptoms. Just follow some common and easy things like keep away from people with cold symptoms, wash your hand as required, use proper clothing etc.

Allergies if not treated well and in time can be very harmful, so do take expert opinion of doctors in specialty Allergy Clinics where you get all facilities of Medical Tests, Specialized Doctors and Medicines together.


Study & Knowledge Sharing



The Year That Was: Looking Back at 2011

DESUN wishes all a very happy and prosperous 2012

As 2011 comes to a close, we look forward to 2012 for a new and exciting year.

2011 has been an eventful year for all of us here at DESUN Hospital & Heart Institute.

This year in June, we became the youngest hospital in India to achieve the prestigious NABH accreditation from the Govt. of India, for excellence in quality of hospital treatment and services. NABH has been achieved by hospitals of the standards of Escorts (Delhi), Lilavati and Hinduja (Mumbai).

In October this year, when everyone was enjoying the Puja Holidays, DESUN came up with a unique initiative “Tomar Chhuti Aamar Noy”. By working 24 hours without holidays during this festive season, DESUN saved over 500 lives!

In the November issue of the leading national newsmagazine The WEEK, DESUN was placed on the pedestal of one of ‘India’s Best Hospitals’.

Our wish for the New Year is that you may never have the need to come to us. However, if you do need to come, always expect the best from us – as always!