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Watching Sports on Television can be both Good and Bad for Health and Heart

Watching sports, athletes perform and someone else exercising affects the blood flow to heart, heart rate and the nervous system.  At times the effect is beneficial and at times it can be alarming.


People watching sports or other people exercising can get a raise in heart rate, breathing rate and there be more blood flow below the skin. This may benefit the person as similar happens during workouts and participating in sports and games.

Again the cases of heart attack increases during sports sessions like Olympic, World Cups, soccer leagues, cricket tournaments etc. People watching highly competitive  sport events , matches , competitions is television may get highly excited and involved and there may be  increase in blood pressure, heart rate decreased and variations, the building blocks from blood clot increases and all these factors increases the risk oh heart attack.


People with history of heart attack in past or having some kind of cardiac problem should be careful while watching sporting events in television or live at stadium. Again watching sports with exercising some control over mind and involvement with the event can be beneficial for health.


It is not a good idea to watch television for long hours each days , ideally we should combine various activities at mental and physical level as per out available time and situation to keep our body and mind engaged in multifarious activities that will help us to be happy and healthy.

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Kidney Care and Cure About | Symptoms | Treatment | Surgery | Cost | Hospital | Surgeons Kolkata India

  • Kidney disease is third in the list as a killer ailment after cancer and cardiac disease
  • More than 200,000 people suffer from kidney related ailments every year in India
  • Most patients with Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD ) have blood pressure or blood sugar or both
  • Malfunctioning kidney or with CKD the kidneys are not efficient to filter waste in the body from the blood.

March is the Kidney Month and on around 12 -13 March kidney care awareness is spread through observation of World Kidney Day , know the condition of your kidney and get alert and take care before it is late.

Kidney Food, Medicines, Tests, Doctors, Surgeries
Kidney Food, Medicines, Tests, Doctors, Surgeries

People at Risk of having Kidney Disease?

  • Those with high blood pressure?
  • Those suffer from diabetes?
  • People with family history of kidney disease?
  • Those who are overweight?
  • Those who smoke?
  • People who are above 50 years?
  • People who intake excess of protein?
  • People who intake too much Alcohol?
  • Are you of African, Hispanic, Aboriginal, Asian origin?

How your Doctor Can help you?

  • Monitoring kidney condition (1-2 times yearly or as per advice of Doctor)
  • Taking prescribed medicine
  • Following doctor’s advice

 Good Diet and Lifestyle for healthy kidney

  • Low salt diet
  • Control the sugar intake
  • Drink adequate water / fluids
  • Avoid aerated drinks, cold drinks, junk food
  • Control on protein intake, especially animal protein. Get your limits set with help of competent dietitian
  • Maintain a healthy body weight
  • Work out, exercise
  • Control stress
  • Quit smoking

Medical Help

  • People with High Blood Pressure and blood sugar level should get various medical tests as suggested by doctor/s to monitor the condition of the kidney/s and blood pressure and blood glucose level (diabetics – people having diabetes)
  • Diagnosed with any Kidney aliment consult your doctor and also a nephrologist for regular medical care
  • Have prescribed medicines only and avoid random pill popping habit

The various Types of Kidney / Renal / Nephrology disease / Ailment

  • Chronic kidney disease
  • Critical care nephrology
  • Diabetic nephropathy
  • Glomerular disease (glomerulonephritis)
  • Hyperoxaluria
  • Kidney failure
  • Kidney stone diseases
  • Pediatric kidney disorders
  • Polycystic and inherited kidney diseases
  • Renal parenchymal/glomerular disease

Quick Contacts and Useful Links Doctor Appointment: (+91) 86977 21124, (+91) 83340 31345 (cell phone) , Email: Hospital Location: DESUN Hospital and Heart Institute, Desun More, Kasba Golpark, EM Bypass Kolkata- 700 107, India Health and Kidney Check Up Packages : ( You are Welcome to Consult over phone to know the exact Test Package Call : (+91) 86977 21124 ) We also have a lot of other kidney packages   Kidney Surgery

At Desun Hospital and Heart Institute you can get very affordable kidney care facility. Low cost kidney surgery by expert surgeons. Low cost Dialysis facility in Day care Clinic of the hospital makes regular dialysis possible to the patients with renal or kidney problem. Desun is one the best hospitals in India, Kolkata for renal or nephrology treatment and operations. Desun is open 24 Hours and admits Emergency patients and have facility to conduct surgery even at midnight as per medical requirement.  Desun hospital is a NABH and NABL accredited hospital and a superspeciality hospital in Eastern India, Kolkata, India. It is PPN hospital so a good choice for patients with medical insurance. The billing process is very transparent and very competent to help people get easy reimbursement who are empanelled under various health schemes and facilities. The low cost of surgeries makes it comfortable for pay in cash patients too.

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Coronary Angioplasty About | Symptoms | Treatment | Surgery |Procedure| Cost | Hospital | Surgeons Kolkata India

How much does coronary angioplasty (PTCA) surgery / procedure cost in Desun Hospital Kolkata, India?

Starts at an affordable cost in India for only Rupees 42000/- and the approximate cost with one medicated stent is Rupees 90,000/- only. To know the exact price of procedure for your case Call 86977 21124, 83340 31345 or E-mail:  Get the latest 2013-14 and exact price of procedure for your case. Coronary Angioplasty (PTCA) Package

Where is the hospital located?

Desun Hospital located in the eastern part of India in West Bengal, Kolkata has state of art heart care infrastructure and provide low cost heart surgeries.  The hospital is conveniently located on kasba Golpark,EM Bypass,  Near Gariahat. It is well connected by public transport, local trains, and metro train network. Good roads for private cars and ample of parking space.

When it is required?

In simple words, the heart arteries can get blockages or get narrow due to cholesterol deposit, cells or other substances like plaque. This creates hindrance in easy flow of blood to heart and result in chest discomfort. This situation if ignored can get more aggravated suddenly and can lead to heart attack.

Coronary Angioplasty, PTCA (Percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty)

Affordable Coronary Angioplasty
Affordable Coronary Angioplasty

The procedure is required when there are blockages in heart arteries and there is discomfort related to this state of health.

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Balloon or Stent is required?

Stent is required in the procedure; balloon may be required depending on the condition of the patient. Stents can medicated stent or drug eluting stent and bare metal stents etc.

It is painful?

No it is not a painful surgery. The patient will stay awake during the procedure and medicines are given to help the patient relax. There may be little bruising, swelling or sore feelings, but that is common and subsides with medical intervention.

In case of any post surgery emergency?

For any emergency condition immediate medical attention is given and the hospital has all such infrastructure ready with medical equipments, doctors and other medical staff to act quickly and help the patient to heal soon.

How long the patient needs to stay in hospital?

In most cases it does not require a long hospital stay. 3 days of hospital stay is usual. In cases if the patient has other physical complications or ailments then say can increase depending on the health condition of the patient.

Desun hospital Kolkata, India is well equipped to manage patients coming through medical tourism from Bangladesh, parts of South -East Asia, Asia, Africa and other locations in the world. The affordable cost helps people from all over India to get quality surgery done in this hospital.

For Other Heart and Non Heart Surgeries


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Vellore or Desun Hospital Kolkata for Operations – Travel Cost | Follow Up | Surgery Cost | Medical Facilities

Traveling to Vellore has been a popular opinion to go to for Affordable, Quality Medical Treatment. Today Desun Hospital and Heart Institute in Kolkata is offering High Quality Affordable Surgery facilities for heart and other operations in Kolkata. To Know About Surgery Packages and Costs Call : 99039 96804 | 90070 77755 |  The Infrastructure of Desun Hospital Kolkata is updated and the cost of operations is very affordable as Vellore. People in many parts of Bengal, Eastern India, North-Eastern India and Kolkata will find Desun Hospital & Heart Institute a very good option to Vellore on Cost of Treatment, Experience of Desun Hospital in completing complicated heart and other surgeries, Infrastructure and Quality of Medical Treatment.

Taking as Example Heart Bypass, few Points to Consider

1.       Desun Hospital has 99% Success Rate

2.       Average Expense is around Rupees 1,20,000 (One Lakh Twenty Thousand)

3.       Post Surgery Follow Up Cost will be much lower than travelling to Vellore

4.       Lodging, Food and Travelling expense for people of Kolkata, Eastern India and Parts of West Bengal will be lower compared to the distance of Vellore.

These factors and difference of expense is for all heart operations, like

1.       Heart Stent with Angioplasty

2.       ASD (Hole in Heart)

3.       Valve Replacement (DVR,AVR,MVR)

Some More Facts about Desun Hospital & Heart Institute

Desun Hospital and Heart Institute is a well equipped 300 bed hospital with state of art heart care infrastructure that is available within affordable cost.
1. Desun Hospital & Heart Institute is a NABH Accredited Hospital by Government of India
2. Desun Hospital is the Number “1” hospital in the list of Class 1 hospitals under West Bengal Health Scheme
3. Desun Hospital and Heart Institute is among the only 2 Super Specialty Hospitals in Eastern India as per the Central Government Health Scheme

Desun Hospital includes many other important Departments

1.       Cardiology

2.       Cardiac Surgery

3.       Kidney Transplant

4.       Nuero Surgery

5.       Orthopedics (with Hip and Knee Replacement facility)

6.       Urology

In all these Super Specialty Departments Desun Hospital kolkata’s expense for surgery is much lower than the cost of operation in Vellore. Today many patients and families are selecting Desun Hospital and Heart Institute.

Vellore or Kolkata.png

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Sudden Heart Attack Emergency Help 24 Hours Desun Hospital Kolkata – India

Sudden Heart Attack Help at Desun Hopsital and Heart Institute, Call : 99039 96804 | 90070 77755 | |24 Hours Emergency Admission |24 Hours Specialist Doctors | Deposit Free Admission | 24 Hours Ambulance Assistance |Installment Payment Facility for All Heart Operations |Heart Angiogram Rupees 7000/- only (Includes all costs)

Heart Attack can happen suddenly without Intimation but a well equipped heart hospital can help to save the life of a heart attack patient.

How will you estimate a good hospital?

Desun Hospital and Heart Institute is a well equipped 300 bed hospital with state of art heart care infrastructure that is available within affordable cost.

  1. Desun Hospital & Heart Institute is a NABH Accredited Hospital  by Government of India
  2. Desun Hospital is the Number  “1” hospital in the list of Class 1 hospitals under West Bengal Health Scheme
  3. Desun Hospital and Heart Institute is among the only  2 Super Specialty Hospitals in Kolkata as per the Central  Government Health Scheme

Some Other facilities includes

  1. 24 Hours Deposit Free Admission
  2. Medical Emergency Admission 24 Hours
  3. Specialist Doctors even at Mid-Night
  4. Ambulance Assistance 24 Hours
  5. Each ICU bed has individual ventilator machines

Desun Hospital and Heart Institute offers Angiogram at Rupees 7000/- only (includes all charges) and All heart Surgeries are covered under the Desun Installment payment Scheme.

For Emergency Contact 99039 96804 | 90070 77755

Desun Hospital & Heart Institute, Desun More, EM Bypass, Kolkata- West Bengal-India

Desun Hospital and Heart Institute is one of the most affordable heart hospitals in Kolkata – India with great health care infrastructure to manage sudden heart attack emergency patients. Desun Hospital and Heart Institute is very experienced to manage sudden cardiac attack cases and many heart attack, brain stroke ,accident, burn and coma patients have recovered quick at Desun Hospital.

24 Hours Sudden Heart Attack help
24 Hours Sudden Heart Attack help
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Installment Payment Facility for Heart and Other Surgeries – Desun Hospital Kolkata India

Desun Hospital located in Kolkata, India is among the very few superspeciality hospitals in India to offer Installment Payment Facility for Cardiac Surgeries. Now cardiac Surgeries and in future may include many more surgeries that can be done in EMI (Equal Monthly Installment) at DESUN Hospital. EMI PAGE LINK  | ✆ 90070 55111 , 96740 83683


The Hospital EMI payment scheme do not have any clauses where the hospital takes jewelry, house or any movable or immovable property or such things as security for the purpose of the Installment Payment Scheme approval. The equal monthly payment scheme is very transparent and easy. It is devised in a patient friendly manner.


The various expensive operations / surgeries that may require EMI payment facility system. For Now DESUN Hospital is offering Equal Monthly Installment facility for cardiac related surgeries. 

  1. Heart or Cardiac Surgeries
  2. Nuero Surgery
  3. Kidney Surgery
  4. Joint Surgery
  5. Abdominal Surgery
  6. Gastro Surgery
  7. Uro Surgery
  8. Gynecological Surgery
  9. Many other surgeries

The Installment scheme allows paying in EMI and the tenure stretch from 6 months to 3 years. The patient or patient family needs to do an initial down payment and the remaining amount can be paid in Installments.

Many families who can afford to pay one time payment have also opted for this easy equal monthly installment scheme.


Desun Hospital & Heart Institute is an affordable hospital offering high-end health care infrastructure. The Hospital is NABH accredited. NABH accreditation is being given by the Government of India to Hospitals who adhere to quality parameters of excellence.

Desun Hospital also has many more advantages that makes the hospital the best choice of patients

  1. 24 Hours Emergency Medical Admission
  2. 24 Hours Ambulance Assistance In Kolkata and All Districts of West Bengal for Patients to get Admitted in DESUN Hospital
  3. Individual Ventilator for each ICU bed
  4. Specialist Doctors available 24 Hours
  5. Steel OTs (Ensures High Safety) , In-House Pharmacy and Medical Tests in NABL Accredited Lab
  6. Dedicated 24 Hours Emergency Helpline 9051715171

Desun Hospital  | | CALL : 90070 55111 , 96740 83683 | Facebook 




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Foods, Fruits, Spices that Help Reduce and Control Blood Pressure

Blood pressure can be a great impediment in leading a normal easy active life. Controlling blood pressure though intervention of food along with doctor prescribed medicines and appropriate expert advised lifestyle.


Vegetables and other food


Banana Ginger , Onion , Garlic Cinnamon
Blueberries, Raspberries, Strawberries Spinach Cardamom
Water melon Baked Potatoes Bay Leaf
Oranges Soya bean
Dates Dark Chocolate
Grape Fruit Oats and Skim Milk
Lemons Beet or Beet Juice


These simple food, fruits, spices will help you to reduce and control blood pressure and live happy healthy.

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