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Cashless Mediclaim Hospital Admission at Desun Hospital Kolkata (PPN) – Planned or Emergency Surgery

When Mrs. Samanta was diagnosed with gallbladder problem and she required surgery in next few days things got much simpler for the Samanta family as they contacted Desun Hospital Kolkata after some search in the internet. Desun hospital is a PPN hospital and have applicable facilities for medical insurance holders. Mrs. Samanta completed the few simple steps like submitting her insurance papers, diagnostic reports, doctor’s prescription and also the consultation report with the specialist doctor at the hospital and soon within few days she was admitted, underwent the surgery the next day and after 3 days completing the formalities and paperwork she was released from the hospital. Medical insurance can make things simple, especially if it is a PPN hospital.

Desun Hospital (PPN) cashless mediclaim hospital admission kolkata 24 hours
Desun Hospital (PPN) cashless mediclaim hospital admission kolkata 24 hours

The Samanta family made no initial deposit as they had a pre-approval from their TPA and only paid the remaining amount that was not covered by the Medical Insurance.

In the case of Mr. Chandan Roy Chowdhury he was admitted in an emergency with chest pain. The family just called up the 24 Hours emergency helpline number at Desun Hospital Kolkata and the ambulance was rushed to their residence and soon Mr. Roychowdhury was in the hospital where the specialist doctor visited him. The Trop-T test confirmed a heart attack. The patient was administered medical support in form of medicines and equipment to stabilize and soon after 2 days he underwent an Angioplasty.

The patient family on the day of admission was just carrying the TPA card of Mr. Roy Choudhury and he was admitted without any deposit money. The next day the insurance documents were sent to the TPA and all required steps were completed soon. The medical insurance approval amount covered a large part of the pre –procedure expenses, the procedure related expenses and only the remaining was paid by the patient family.

Desun Hospital (PPN) cashless mediclaim hospital admission kolkata 24 hours - Angioplasty Heart PTCA Bypass
Desun Hospital (PPN) cashless mediclaim hospital admission kolkata 24 hours – Angioplasty Heart Bypass PTCA

DESUN Hospital is a PPN hospital, PPN is Preferred Provider Network – it is a list of hospital networks who provide cashless mediclaim admission facility for patients who own a valid medical insurance policy.

PPN network hospital are preferred by Medical insurance companies in India as the insurance company do not need to worry about abrupt surgical procedure or hospitalization bills as raised by many hospitals in India. The Preferred provider network hospital like Desun Hospital has pre-fixed ceiling rates for various hospital and surgical facilities. It is an extensive list of procedures, surgery and hospital facility that all has a highest rate or regular rate fixed. The TPA and medical insurance companies are okay with such rates.

So pre-approvals and approvals during patient release is not a problem. Things move fast as per the terms and conditions of agreement between Insurance Company and insured person or family. Most of the rules of reputed medical insurance companies are uniform other than few rules may be particular to the medical insurance company.

TPA or the Third Party Administrator plays a vital role between the patient party, hospital and medical insurance company regarding renewals, pre-approval communication, hospital correspondence and patient communication. They coordinate the entire thing.

In many cases patient party can contact TPA and inform them about patient admission in email or face to face completing formalities, many hospitals have Mediclaim departments who do all the correspondence on behalf of the patient as the patient party provides all required documents. At Desun Hospital Kolkata the Mediclaim management department does take care of all such correspondence.

Desun Hospital (PPN) cashless mediclaim hospital admission kolkata 24 hours Emergency or planned surgery
Desun Hospital (PPN) cashless mediclaim hospital admission kolkata 24 hours Emergency or planned surgery

For Non Mediclaim patients they may need to pay initial deposit and also the entire cost of hospitalization, surgery and other associate cost in cash.

Desun hospital Kolkata being a TPA mediclaim hospital is one of the best hospitals in Kolkata to avail state of art health care facility with cashless mediclaim facility.

Desun hospital has more than 700 heart and non-heart surgery packages online with required details, patients can contact desun hospital Kolkata with required test reports, doctor’s prescription for exact package cost of procedure.

Useful Information


Cashless Mediclaim Page :

24 Hours Emergency Contact Numbers : 8697721124 , 83340 31345

Hospital Number : 033-71222 000


Address : Kasba Golpark, EM Bypass , Kolkata- 700 107, India

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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) – Causes | Diagnosis | Treatment | Lifestyle |Diet

Are you feeling lazy; mentally exhausted; worn out; stressed and sleepy every time, since long? This may not be due to simple tiredness. You might be suffering from ‘Chronic Fatigue Syndrome’.CFS is the term that signifies medical condition caused by constant fatigue.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS)
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS)

Causes: The exact causes of CFS are still unknown.It may be a mix of factors that affect people who are born with a susceptibility to various physical disorders.

Viral Infections: Some people had developed CFS after a viral infection. However it has not been proven that this condition is due to CFS alone.

Problems in Immune system: Some of the patients who suffered from CFS are sometimes found to be slightly impaired.However it has not been proven that this condition is due to CFS alone.

Hormonal Imbalances: People suffering from CFS sometimes experience abnormality in hormone levels. However it has not been proven that this condition is due to CFS alone.

Symptoms that indicate CFS

  1. Fatigue
  2. Amnesia
  3. Concentration loss
  4. Sore throat
  5. Enlarged lymph nodes in armpits or neck
  6. Inexplicable muscle pain
  7. Multiple joint pain without any visible  symptoms
  8. Headache varying in pattern and severity.
  9. Tiresome  sleep
  10. Extreme exhaustion after physical or mental workouts
  11. Increase in heartbeats.
  12. Vertigo

Medical Help – Tests | Diagnosis | Doctors 

Health checks and tests: Some health checks and tests

  1. Blood Sugar PP and fasting or Diabetes tests
  2. HbA1c – Average blood sugar level
  3. Thyroid (T3, T4, TSH)
  4. High Blood Pressure
  5. Lipid Profile and Cholesterol Levels
  6. Liver Function and Kidney Related Tests
  7. Bone density tests
  8. Vitamin and other related tests
  9. Other regular and advanced health checks ups
  10. Tests for infections and Immunity
  11. Nuero and brain related tests may also be required
  12. Cardiac checks , problems related to heart can also create fatigue

It is also important to consult specialist doctors and make necessary changes in life style as per advice. Do only consult appropriate dietitians in hospitals.

Risk factors

  1. Age : CFS mostly effects people in their 40s and 50s.
  2. Gender : Women are found to be diagnosed with CFS than men.
  3. Stress : Crisis in stress management may cause

Whether it’s CFS or not? No single test can confirm that it’s CFS, as the symptoms are little confusing and overlapping at times.


Presently there is no definite set of treatment for CFS. It is more of symptom based. Medical intervention clubbed with therapies like counseling, gentle exercises, yoga, acupuncture can bring some relief.

Can change in lifestyle restrict CFS? Self-care always help if it is done correct. Avoid pill popping and self medication. Do take advice of qualified doctors, dieticians and fitness experts only.

Reduce stress: Plan the daily schedule. Practice of holistic healings like yoga, meditation along with some physical exercises help. Do consume diet that helps balance nutrition, fights stress and fatigue.

Make it a habit: Avoid afternoon naps and go to sleep early at night; same time every day. Set a clock.

Healthy Diet: Cut of alcohol consumption. Include fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet chart. Consult a dietitian. It is important to have balanced diet of vitamins, proteins, minerals and other nutrition required. Also avoid refrigerated food, aerated drinks, smoking, ready to eat packaged food.

Health Awareness Tips by Desun Hospital and Heart Institute

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Desun Hospital Kolkata – One of the best hospital for planned and emergency surgery

Desun Hospital a superspeciality hospital in Kolkata is among the few superspeciality hospitals in eastern part of India is a premium health care facility with large health emergency management infrastructure and it is open 365 days 24 hours that includes all holidays, public holidays, weekends and festival.

Desun’s emergency facility is just not about patient admission but an active emergency management team that comprises of medical staff, patient care service people and specialist doctors who are available even at midnight. The team is quick to respond over the emergency phone number for hospital admission and manage the total flow of events from a phone call to arranging the ambulance as per availability from the nearest location of the patient , the ambulance network of Desun hospital is connected all over West Bengal and is even available at midnight. The medical teams and specialist doctors are there is the hospital to manage all situations as soon as a patient gets admitted to the hospital.  The OTs is open even at midnight and get ready in quick notice for any cardiac or non cardiac surgery.

Desun Hospital is the Best Choice
Desun Hospital is the Best Choice

The large infrastructure like 28 Medical Departments, 94 bed ICU with ventilator for each ICU bed, cardiac care units, 300 beds , steel OTs , the 4th  Generation latest Cath Lab , Burn Unit is also ready. There is a perfect man and machine coordination to deliver excellence in terms of patient care, diagnosis, surgery and post operative care. Desun hospital also has in-house diagnosis facilities that includes more than 1000 tests and many superspeciality tests; a facility not available everywhere.

Desun is NABH Accredited hospital also got the NABH renewed for the second consecutive term. NABH is obtained after strict quality audit and there are many parameters that needs to be achieved to get accredited under NABH . The hospital also has NABL accreditation for more than 1000 tests.

Desun hospital has more than 700 affordable and latest surgery packages that is comprehensive and includes things that a patient needs. The cardiac and non-cardiac surgery packages are mentioned in details in the hospital website.  The modern diagnosis facility, experienced doctors and surgeons along with latest surgery infrastructure makes surgery a painless and relaxed experience at Desun Hospital. The post operative care is well managed.

Desun hospital has high success rate in terms of successful surgeries, patient experience and implementing latest surgery facilities.

Desun hospital is a popular as reference from patients, medical practitioners and people. The hospital communication is active over leading newspapers, internet, radio, television etc. There is wide popular word of mouth message that Desun is the most reliable hospital for emergency hospital admission and open even at midnight. People recall desuns hospital quick as the best emergency hospital in Kolkata, India.

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Hospital Acquired Infections – Safety | Prevention | Quality | Health Care Infrastructure

Healthcare Management and infection control are integral part of Hospital administration, as patients with many ailments along with and visitors keep visiting on frequent basis. Moreover patients are more vulnerable to infections. Collectively called Hospital Acquired Infections or (HAIs) may cause serious diseases and may lead to death too.

Hospital Acquired Infections
Hospital Acquired Infections


Within 2 days of admission in hospital– If there is no isolation policy, no maintenance  of good hand hygiene protocol, not maintaining of accurate /proper use of antibiotics , not maintaining environmental cleaning and also improper waste management, it is  major source of infections.

During the surgery – The highest risk of getting infection is during the surgery if the surgery equipment are not sterilized and well maintained along with patients other preoperative health check up is not done to rule out patient’s preoperative condition.

During the stay after the surgery– During the post- surgery care if the dressing is not done properly then the chances of infection are higher.


Urinary Tract Infections or UTI – The catheter is inserted to drain the urine. Using improper catheterization or prolonged use of the same one are the main causes of UTI during the hospital stay.

Lung Infection – A ventilator is a support to help the patients breathe by giving oxygen through a tube mechanically. It is inserted through mouth or nose. A patient can get lung infection during the hospital stay if the ventilator used for him is not well maintained and the nurse who is taking care of the patient does not maintain sterility protocol in handling the equipment related to the invasive lines.

Bloodstream Infection – Blood stream infections or BSI results from the Central venous catheters, inter arterial catheters and haemodialysis catheters and even from peripheral catheters. Central Venous Catheters are used as a part of various medical management of a patient. Indication for the use of central line includes, measuring the quantity of fluid requirement of a critically ill patient, use of long term antibiotics and chemotherapy, etc.At the time of insertion and post insertionmanagement any breakage of sterile chains can cause infection of blood stream.

Wound Infection – Wound Infection may occur when a patient go through a surgical procedure or the patient’s blood glucose level is not maintained, when proper preoperative antibiotic prophylaxis not prescribed. Moreover, when best aseptic precaution of patients and equipment not maintained.

Infection through superbugs– Patients are often given high generation antibiotics for healing. Superbugs are antibiotic resistant bacteria. Moreover they share traits of other bacteria too.


Patients in ICU –In ICU use of invasive equipment are more, which can be the major source of infections.

Patients with disease in immune system – Immunity is the natural defense mechanism of our body to resist the diseases. Patients with weak immune system are bound to get affected by any type of infection sooner.

Diabetics – Diabetic patients have greater risk of developing infection if the patient’s blood glucose level is not maintained.

Dialysis patients – Dialysis involves cleansing of blood. It is an artificial process by which excess water, toxins and waste products of blood are removed. If strict sterile procedure is not maintained then the patient can get infected.

Patients admitted for medical implants– Medical Implants are high risk surgery that require placement or removal of certain parts or organs. High end medication is required to heal the wounds. If the surgical equipment are not well maintained or the post-operative dressing is not done properly chances of infection increases. In these cases positive isolation policy should be maintained along with the reverse barrier nursing protocol.


If the doctor suspects presence of any infection they can perform few tests to verify. These include

Pathological Tests

Urine Culture Tests


Keeping Clean: Thorough cleanliness should be assured. Both with visible dirt and the invisible ones.

Effective Sterilization: all equipment must be sterilized both physically and chemically.

Disinfection:The hospital must ensure that the sheets and the dresses provided to the patients are totally disinfected.

Hand Hygiene: In 90% cases hands of the hospital staff act as carriers of Hospital Acquired Infections. Hands should be kept clean and washed by a disinfectant for 5-10 minutes.

Proper Clinical and Hazardous Waste Management: The dust bins should be covered and the garbage should be disposed of frequently to avoid the spread of infection as saliva is an infectious fluid. According to pollution control board of India waste segregation to be done as per rule.


Steel OT to avoid infections – Desun has steel OT that immensely reduces the chances of infection. It also has Burn Unit of International Standards.

Best Hospital Hygiene – The main concern in case of burn patients is chances of getting infection while treatment. At Desun, even 3rd degree burns are been treated successfully.

Proper maintenance of equipment– AtDesun, appropriate cleaning and maintenance of all equipment is done under strict surveillance.

Proper supervision– Desun ensures proper supervision in maintenance, cleaning and waste management.

Best Waste Management: The syringe, puncture needles, and catheters are disposed of after single use to avoid any kind of infection.

Health Care Awareness Post By Desun Hospital and Heart Institute |

Desun is a 300 bed superspeciality hospital in Kolkata, India. Desun has 28 Medical Departments, high end ICU’s with individual ventilator for each ICU bed, Steel OT’s , 4th Generation Cath Lab. Desun Hospital is NABH and NABL accredited.

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Diabetes – Definition | Symptoms | Impact | Good Lifestyle Advice | Diagnosis

World Diabetes Day – 14 November 2014 – Special Diabetes Week Diabetes Check Up Package at Desun Hospital, Kolkata only for Rs. 970/-

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* Regular Diabetes Check Up Packages also available at Desun Hospital Kolkata 

Desun Diabetes Week Special Check Up Package
Desun Diabetes Week Special Check Up Package

What is Diabetes?

Diabetes is also known as diabetes mellitus (DM) is a metabolic disorder where there are high blood sugar levels for a considerably period.  Usually blood tests help determine such condition.  There is also a health condition of hypoglycemia where there is diminished quantity of sugar levels in blood.  These are broadly classified as Type I (Hypoglycemia) and Type II (Diabetes Mellitus – DM) . The type II diabetes is largely of 3 types.

Diabetes Mellitus (DM)

Type I DM : In this condition the body fails to produce enough insulin. These patients are usually insulin dependent.

Type II DM : In this condition a person develops insulin resistance. Usually people who are overweight or obese and do not perform regular exercise of physical activity undergo such health condition.

Gestational Diabetes: Common with pregnant women usually with no previous condition of diabetes.

Normal Blood Sugar Ranges

Fasting blood sugar levels between 70 to 80 mg/dL or even 60 in some cases are taken to be normal for non diabetics. For pre diabetics even 90 is acceptable. Post lunch \ meal or consuming food the normal range is upto 140 usually 2 hours after eating. Above these are condition where there is excess glucose in blood. Below the lower ranges are lower glucose in blood and in both cases of excess and lower we need to consult doctor soon and get diagnosis, required tests, take prescribed medicines and do lifestyle changes.

Diabetes Impact on Health
Diabetes Impact on Health

Usual Type II – Diabetes Mellitus Symptoms

  • Weight loss
  • Increased thirst and frequent urination
  • Sudden hunger
  • Low energy
  • Blurred vision in some cases
  • Skin problems usually dark patches

Who are More at Risk?

  • People with family history (mostly parents and close relatives)
  • People with more fat in abdomen are more at risk than with people with fat in other body area like legs, back etc
  • People who are mostly inactive and lead a sedentary life
  • People mostly above 45 are more at risk, it is better to be alert and keep monitoring blood sugar levels if you are above 30
  • Pre diabetes is a condition where the blood sugar level is towards higher levels but not as high to be termed as diabetic
  • Diabetes symptoms of high blood glucose levels during pregnancy
  • Women with polycystic ovaries are more at risk

How Diabetes Mellitus Impacts Our Health?

Uncontrolled diabetes can trigger a host of health related problems

  • Heart related and blood vessels related problem
  • Nerve related problems (neuropathy)
  • Kidney related problems (nephropathy)
  • Eye problems (diabetic retinopathy)
  • Foot damage (problems with stepping, walking, sensation)
  • Delayed healing of wounds and cuts
  • Recurrence of diseases
  • Alzheimer’s disease

Some Good Habits That Will Benefit Us?

  • Regular work out, walking, asana or any other type of physical activity. Do take advice of doctor if you already have any health related problem/s
  • Proper and timely consumption of food. You can also consider taking diet chart from qualified dietician
  • Mind control and controlling anger, stress
  • Proper rest and sleeping 8 hours at night
  • No pill popping, taking prescribed medicines only
  • Not ignoring health related problems
  • Undergoing prescribed medical tests in time
  • Yearly once at least diabetes check and general health check for non diabetics. For diabetics periodically monitoring blood glucose level and other required health checks
  • Read about diabetes , make others aware by spreading the message

Diabetes Check Packages





Health Awareness Article on Diabetes on World Diabetes Day Friday 14th November 2014

Desun Hospital and Heart Institute | Call : 86977 21124 , 83340 31345 | WhatsApp : 86977 21124 | E-mail: |Address:  Desun More, Kasba Golpark, Kolkata, West Bengal, India

Desun Hospital is a NABH and NABL accredited superspeciality hospital. Desun has 300 beds, 94 Bed ICU with individual ventilator for each bed and 28 Medical Departments. Desun hospital is a premium hospital in Kolkata India with Steels Ot’s, State of Art health care Infrastructure and 24 Hours Emergency Hospital Admission Service.

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65% Burn Victim Saved by Desun – Burn Victim Hospital Impact Story

Recently in a very critical burn case at Desun Hospital Kolkata achieved success when a burn victim was saved with 65% burn. This is a burn victim impact story at Desun hospotal kolkata’s 24 Hours burn Unit. The hospital facility, doctor team and certainly the patient and patient relates contributed, worked hard and spent tensed moments before this major success was achieved. The story is also featured in a leading Bengali newspaper  eedition of 25th October 2014.

ABP 25th October 2014 Page 11
ABP 25th October 2014 Page 11

The the entire course of action started  when 42 years old resident of Bongaon, Mrs. Ananya Jaiswal was brought to DESUN, she was in an extremely critical condition with 65% burns. Ananya was burned accidentally by crackers while attending a wedding ceremony. There was 45% deep burns on her waist, shoulder, left hand, portion of abdomen along with the face and 20% light burns. Saving Ananya’s life was a real challenge for DESUN’s critical care team as the crucial 48 hours had already passed by; moreover she was obese with 5ft height and weighing 85 Kgs.

On initial screening DESUN’s critical care team found that Ananya had severe complication in infection (Sepsis and Septic shock), with low blood pressure and saturation level (amount of oxygen bound to haemoglobin in the blood expressed as a percentage of the maximal binding capacity). 

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Her haemodynamic (related with the flow of blood within the organs and tissues of the body)condition was found to be very critical. She was kept on multiple lifesaving support system like medical ventilation.

Ananya’scondition started deteriorating. Her organs started to dysfunction, in medical terms Systemic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (SIRS). She was put on high end antibiotics and toughest infection control in the burn unit as only DESUN has state-of-art burn unit in Kolkata.

Further, her skin grafting was again a difficult task for the plastic and reconstructive surgeon of DESUN because of her obesity as in case of obese patients skin grafting is very difficult due to layers of fat deposited.This is one of the rarest cases of survival for a burn-victim. It was only possible because of the promptness of DESUN’s round the clock team of specialists comprising of critical care doctors, plastic and reconstructive surgeons and general physician.

It’s rare for anyone to survive with 65% burns that too for an overweight patient of 85 kgs, but Kolkata’s DESUN Hospital made it possible.

The state-of-art burn infrastructure of a burn unit at DESUN helped in Ananya’s speedy recovery. She was back on her feet after 16 weeks to go home. Though the recovery was a long procedure but it was a success. After a few follow ups she was found to be back in her normal routine.




  1. In case of deep burns go to hospital immediately.
  2. Do not take of the clothing which is stuck to the burn victim.
  3. Till medical help is received cover the burns with wet sterile bandage.
  4. Do not put ice or ice water.
  5. If blisters are formed do not prick them.
  6. Do not put butter or any ointments on the burns.
  7. Treatment of burns caused by chemicals and electric should be strictly treated in hospital.

Desun Hospital Kolkata 24 Hours Burn Unit

Care for Burns of all Types / Degrees at DESUN

  1. First Degree Burns –Involves epidermis (outermost layer of the cells). These types of burns heal without scarring, as for example extreme Sunburn.
  2. Second Degree (Superficial) Burns –This involves epidermis and superficial part of dermis (The sensitive connective tissue layer of the skin located below the epidermis).These types of burns usually heal with intensive care and frequent aseptic dressings in Burns Unit within 3 weeks with some scarring.
  3. Second Degree (Deep) Burns –this involves epidermis and deep dermis. These types of burns take long time to heal with appreciable scarring. These types of burns generally require Skin Grafting in specialised Burns Unit.
  4. Third Degree Burns –– in this case full thickness of the skin including the muscles is burnt. These types of burns require excision and skin grafting in an advanced Burns Unit.

DESUN’s Burns Unit & ICU is well equipped to handle all the above mentioned degrees of burn cases.

Desun’s Burn Team comprises of

  1. Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon
  2. Physiotherapist to prevent/minimise post burn contractures
  3. Emergency Medicine Physicians and Staff
  4. Psychiatrist
  5. Nutritionist
  6. Nursing Staff

DESUN Hospital : Kolkata – | 9051715171 , Siliguri – | 9051640000

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Heart Related Disease – A Major Killer in India – World Heart Day – September 29, 2014

Heat related disease is a major killer in India. Around 165 people per 100,000 population die from heart related disease in India.  On World Heart day on Monday, September 29 , 2014 we share some information on few health conditions and heart related diseases.

Defining Heart Failure

Heart failure is when the ability of your heart to pump is less than normal condition, it can happen gradually. Heart failure is not total stop of heart function. The pressure in the heart increases with the heart loosing elasticity and pumping chambers getting weaker. This creates lack of oxygen and nutrients in the body.

Some Common Symptoms of Heart failure

Shortness of breath and feeling breathless

Swelling in certain areas of feet, ankles, abdomen

Difficulty sleeping flat in bed and feeling restless

Regular bloating

Irregular pulse rates

Feeling nausea

Quick fatigue

Frequent urinating specially at night


Preventing Heart Attacks in Future

Preventing heart attack in future is important and we need to take few steps for a better heart health. The simple few steps are regular intake of medicines as per prescription, changing life style as required and periodic visit to doctor.

Some Health and Heart Conditions Connected

  1. High Blood Pressure
  2. Regular Stress
  3. Obesity
  4. Smoking
  5. Diabetes


World Heart Day Sep 29 , 2014
World Heart Day Sep 29 , 2014

Few Health and Lifestyle Conditions that Needs to be Taken Care

 1. Heart Disease and High BP – Blood Pressure

High blood pressure (BP) is bad for heart, if it under control with help of medicines then it is much safer than uncontrolled high blood pressure. It slowly damages the heart and health.  People suffering from high BP should be under the treatment of a specialist doctor and try keep BP under control. Some condition arising out of high BP.

Ischemic Heart Disease

It is a condition where the heart muscles are not getting enough blood.  Medical advice from specialist doctors includes proper diet, keeping a healthy body weight , avoiding tobacco products, alcohol, high calorie food, food with lot of fats, salt etc. periodic health and heart checkups with regular consumption of prescriptions medicines.

In some cases heart surgery is required.


2.    Heart Health and Regular Stress

Stress may directly not impact heart condition, but regular stress may worse health conditions. Stress may be a reason for greater damage of health due to cholesterol, high blood pressure and blood sugar. Again regular stress increases unhealthy hormones like adrenaline and cortisol. Stress may create blood clots and result in malfunctioning of heart.


3.    Obesity is a major reason for heart failures

Obesity is a major reason for heart related dieses. Obesity has strong connection with nor proper functioning of heart. Being obese may narrow the blood paths to the heart and lack of supply or irregular supply of blood to heart can be a major reason for heart failure.  Obese people have a higher chance of heart attack.


4.    Smoking increases chances of heart attack

Smoking is very bad for health and heart. Smoking increases chances of heart attack. Each cigarette smoked increases the risk of cardio vascular disease. People smoking 1-2 usual quantity packs of cigarettes per day increases their chances of heart attack almost double than a non smoker.

Women smokers, who are also taking birth control pills are at more risk, as they have an increased chance of stroke, heart attack and clotting of blood.

Passive smoking if very regular also increases chances of heart disease. Children get highly affected by passive smoking. Being exposed to an environment where many smokers are there regularly can badly effect health and heart.


The deadly nicotine in cigarettes is major cause for

  1. Decreasing oxygen supply to the heart
  2. Increase in blood pressure and heart rate
  3. Chances of blood clotting


5.     Heart disease risk is greater for diabetics

People with diabetes have much higher chances of heart failure or heart disease.. Diabetics have almost 2 times more risk of heart attack than non-diabetics. People with Type 2 diabetes have more chances of heart related diseases.

The increased blood sugar levels builds up higher cholesterol levels. The coronary arteries get hard due to the cholesterol build up. This results in lower supply of blood and nutrition to heart.


Heart Test Packages


Heart Surgery Packages

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The Family Wants The Father to Return Home Early

A family is incomplete without all the members and Desun Hospital gives this emotion a priority. At Desun hospital we take care to discharge patients soon and healthy so that they return to their families and make everyone happy. We are very sensitive to the emotions of a daughter, son, wife for the father and husband respectively.

A Family Wants the Father to Return Home Early

Desun Hospital is a very ethical medicare unit run by educated & experienced management along with good doctors and support staff. All members of Desun Hospital team is very sensitive to these emotions of a family and well understands the void they have when a member is missing at home and is in hospital. Good medical care in Desun’s state of art medical facility are the catalyst that helps in speedy recovery of patients. Trained staff, Steel Ots, good doctors and a great team build on ethics of delivering quality service with a human touch works in combination to deliver excellence.

Happy Health 🙂  email:  Call : 9007077755