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DESUN Hospital Assures Timely and Appropriate Medical Treatment

The Most Reliable and Recommended Hospital

DESUN hospital Kolkata is one of the best medical infrastructure. Desun hospital assures of timely medical treatment for patients in need of immediate treatment in any medical emergency like heat attack, stroke, burns, coma, accidents. Desun is one of the best hospitals just not in Kolkata West Bengal, Kolkata but East of India for planned and emergency surgeries. It is a NABH accredited hospital.


Desun hospital has 24 hours medical emergency facility. The emergency facility is open even at midnight and on all public holidays 365 days a year for 24 hours. april 2016

The emergency management team is agile and well organized starting from receiving an emergency phone call over the dedicated emergency number 9051715171 and then on the ambulance assistance is coordinated as soon as the patient shares the required details, by the time the patient reaches the hospital the team of doctors, medical staff is ready and also the patient bed is ready so that there is minimum loss of waiting time, admission formalities are kept simple so that things can move quickly and rest of the things can be done later. The entire emergency management department is well trained to attend things as per priority.


Desun hospital 24 hours dedicated medical emergency contact number is 9051715171. There are 2 more numbers that are also available and responded in case there is heavy queue for the dedicated number; those numbers are 8334031345 and 8697721124.

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The Desun Mobile APP (Android APP) also has emergency contact facility and it is available in Google Play Store for free download.

The Desun hospital website also has the emergency numbers mentioned along with other details. Mobile web users can access


24 Hours ambulance assistance is available in Kolkata and all districts of West Bengal. The ambulance network will send ambulance from the nearest location of the patient. The patient or the patient family members will let know the location and the ambulance will reach as per availability. Just call 9051715171 or 8697721124 , 8334031345

People using the Desun Mobile APP can connect the ambulance from the APP only



The medical emergency admission procedure at Desun hospital is easy and simple. It is designed to reduce time and also enable the hospital offer timely medical treatment to the patient. There is facility and helpdesk for cash patients, PPN and mediclaim patients, corporate medical insurance and corporate patients.

Be it heart attack, stroke, coma, accidents, burns, chest pain, abdominal pain or any health problem Desun hospital emergency admission facility is available for immediate medical attention.



Specialist doctors are available even at midnight at Desun hospital. Specialist doctors helps in early diagnosis and also quick start of appropriate treatment. Be it heart (cardiac), brain, spine, kidneys, liver, gastrointestinal or any accident or burns specialist doctors attend patients quickly.

24 Hrs. Specialisr doctor


Desun hospital is among the very few private hospitals in eastern India to have Burns Unit. Desun is equipped to manage burns patients and there is full team of doctors, medical staff and burns unit for such patients.



Desun hospital has NABL accredited laboratory for conducting major and required tests in-house. This allows the patient family members and patient to get accurate test results quickly and in ease.

Many superspeciality tests are also conducted at Desun. The medical test facility is open 24 hours for in-patients at Desun.

Speciality of DESUN Health Checks


The pharmacy is open 24 hours and has stock of prescribed medicine. The medicine supply chain is maintained efficiently.


Location Contact Us   Desun Hospital  Kolkata India

It is very easy to contact Desun hospital in any medical emergency or for planned visits and surgery. The complete address with road map is available at Desun Hospital Website –

Desun More, Kasba Golpark, EM Bypass, Kolkata- 700 107, India


Phone Numbers

Call the dedicated emergency mobile phone number 9051715171 and there are 2 alternate numbers 8334031345 , 8697721124  in case the dedicated emergency number is busy

For planned visits for doctors appointment, second opinion before surgery, surgery package cost one can call at 8334031345 , 8697721124 or the landline number 033-71222000

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Desun WhatsApp Number

People can send their reports, medical prescriptions and take appointment for doctor visit, take second opinion before surgery and also know about surgery packages by taking appointment through Whatsapp ; the Whatsapp number for Desun Hospital is 8697721124 open during usual office hours.

Desun Mobile APP

Connect Desun hospital in any medical emergency through Desun Android Mobile APP available for free download at Google Play Store. Just click to talk to Desun Emergency Team, get ambulance assistance and also know how far you are from Desun in road map view.

Desun Mobile Website

Easily open Desun hospital from your mobile and get all details, easily connect at a click of a button.


Desun hospital has more than 700 heart and non heart related surgery packages. All surgery packages are inclusive of common medical requirements of patient and surgery. The surgery packages mostly include OT charges, doctor team fees and medicine, consumables etc. The special needs as per particular patients or other health related problems are included and packages are customized for particular patient needs and medical requirements.


Heart Related Surgery Packages

The surgeries and procedures for heart or cardiac includes Angioplasty (PTCA) , Heart Bypass (CABG) , Permanent Pacemaker (PPI) or cardiac pacemaker , Heart Valve Replacement, Cardiac Devices and many more heart related surgery packages.

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Non-Heart Related Surgery Packages

The Non-Heart related surgery packages includes surgery for Joint Replacement, Arthroscopic Surgery, Kidney, Urology Surgery, General Surgery, Hernia, Neurological, Brain, Spine, Gynecological (Gynaecological) Surgery, Orthopedic (Orthopaedic), Pancreas, Ear-Nose-Throat (ENT) , Head and Neck, Surgical Oncology and Angiogram (CAG)

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Dark Chocolates is Good for Heart and Health

Consumption of permitted quantity of chocolates can be very beneficial for health and heart. Dark chocolates in particular are very beneficial. Chocolates impact our health, heart, blood flow and mind. 

So we can Eat Chocolates, Gift Chocolates and also Spread the Awareness 

Health Benefits of Chocolates
Health Benefits of Chocolates

STROKE: Chocolate helps reduce chances of stroke; permitted quantity of chocolates around 40 grams a week may reduce chances of a stroke by 20% 

FILLING: Dark chocolates are richer in fiber and keeps us full 

DEPRESSION: Chocolates are mood booster, helps fight depression

HEART and CHOLESTEROL: Chocolates are great for cardiac health as it helps in lowering blood pressure and bad cholesterol (LDL) 

Health Benefits of Dark Chocolates
Health Benefits of Dark Chocolates

DIABETES: Chocolates may increase insulin sensitivity and helps to avoid diabetes in some cases 

BLOOD THINNER: Cocoa in chocolate contains blood thinning properties and may help in smooth flow of blood and help in better blood circulation

EYESIGHT: Chocolate may increase blood flow in the retina and help our vision 

ALERT and AGILE: Chocolate in many cases makes us alert so more efficient at work 

Health Benefits of Chocolates on Chocolate Day by Desun Hospital and Heart Institute
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Blood Pressure BP – Causes | Ranges | Prevention | Health Check

What is blood pressure (BP)?

BP is the measure of the pressure of blood thrusting against the walls of the blood vessels. The heart pumps the blood in the blood vessels (arteries) that circulates it throughout the body.

Blood Pressure
Blood Pressure

Types of Blood Pressure:

Other than within Normal Range BP can be High or Low.

High Blood Pressure is dangerous as the heart works harder to pump the blood in this case. High Blood Pressure if ignored over long time may lead to heart failure.

Low Blood Pressure causes due to not proper consumption eating, standing for a long period, nervous system damage, extreme tiredness or due to effect of prolonged illness or some medicines.

Blood Pressure Readings:

In a blood pressure reading the top numerical figure represents the systolic pressure and the bottom number represents the diastolic pressure. The ranges are as follows:

Normal BP:Less than 120 over 80 represented as 120/80

Prehypertension: The systolic pressure ranging from 120-139 and the diastolic pressure ranging from 80-89.

Stage 1 high blood pressure: The systolic pressure ranging from 140-159 and the diastolic pressure ranging from 90-99.

Stage 2 high blood pressure: The systolic pressure 160 and above; the diastolic pressure 100 and above.

Factors leading to High BP

  1. Smoking
  2. Overweight or Obesity
  3. Not doing any physical activity
  4. Taking excess of salt in food
  5. Excessive alcohol consumption
  6. Stress
  7. Old Age
  8. Hereditary
  9. Chronic Kidney Disease
  10. Adrenal or ThyroidDisorders

People more likely to develop High BP

  1. People with family members who have high blood pressure
  2. Smokers
  3. During Pregnancy
  4. Women consumingcontraceptive pills
  5. People over the age of 35
  6. People who over-eat
  7. People who consume fatty foods
  8. People who have sleep disorder like Sleep Apnea

To Prevent Low BP

  1. Physical Exercise under the guidance of a physical instructor
  2. Keep yourself hydrated
  3. Increase Vitamin B12intake like yogurt, milk, fishes
  4. Increase folate intake like asparagus, green peas, and broccoli
  5. Take little amount of extra salt in food
  6. Avoid hot temperatures
  7. Take meals in small amounts frequently
  8. Take medicines as prescribed by physician

To prevent High BP

  1. Exercise regularly under the guidance of a physical instructor
  2. Eat healthy diet having right amount of required nutrients
  3. Reduce the intake of salt
  4. Include seasonal and fresh fruits to your diet
  5. Take medicines regularly as and when suggested by physician.

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Desun Heart Surgery:

Health Awareness Article by Desun Hospital and Heart Institute

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Watching Sports on Television can be both Good and Bad for Health and Heart

Watching sports, athletes perform and someone else exercising affects the blood flow to heart, heart rate and the nervous system.  At times the effect is beneficial and at times it can be alarming.


People watching sports or other people exercising can get a raise in heart rate, breathing rate and there be more blood flow below the skin. This may benefit the person as similar happens during workouts and participating in sports and games.

Again the cases of heart attack increases during sports sessions like Olympic, World Cups, soccer leagues, cricket tournaments etc. People watching highly competitive  sport events , matches , competitions is television may get highly excited and involved and there may be  increase in blood pressure, heart rate decreased and variations, the building blocks from blood clot increases and all these factors increases the risk oh heart attack.


People with history of heart attack in past or having some kind of cardiac problem should be careful while watching sporting events in television or live at stadium. Again watching sports with exercising some control over mind and involvement with the event can be beneficial for health.


It is not a good idea to watch television for long hours each days , ideally we should combine various activities at mental and physical level as per out available time and situation to keep our body and mind engaged in multifarious activities that will help us to be happy and healthy.

Article in people Interest by Desun Hospital and Heart Institute

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