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12 Tips for a SAFE Diwali and kali Puja

Diwali and Kali Puja is a religious festival of lights, prayers and happiness. People celebrate Diwali with religious procedures, pujas of Gods and Goddess like Kali Puja, Laxmi & Ganesh Puja etc.  There is a tradition of decorating places, houses with lights. These can be electrical lights, earthen pot (diyas), candles etc.  People also burst crackers that burn on ground and as well as go aerial. There is scrumptious food for meals and snacks.

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During these times there are increased incidents of accidents due to fire and injuries while driving under intoxicated condition (drunken driving putting life and property of oneself and people at risk)

We need to enjoy this festival safely so that it is pleasant experience for us and others.

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  • Avoid bursting crackers that emit loud sound above prescribed decibels. High sound can damage ears and hearing ability, it is very difficult for patients with cardiac diseases and nerve related diseases to tolerate loud sound. Children, pregnant women have a hard time. Animals, birds get scared.
  • Crackers and fireworks that emit a lot of fire and or aerial needs to be used with caution and as per given instruction on packaging in safe distance from people and properties so that there is minimum chance of fire related accidents. fireworks pxhere
  • Put crackers in bucket of water after the cracker is burned, it is best not to keep burned crackers in open.
  • Avoid putting fire near electrical lighting, LPG gas cylinders, machines, electrical equipment, curtains etc.
  • Wear light cotton clothes that are well fitted and easy to manage in any case of fire accident. Avoid synthetic and silk clothes and any such easily inflammable material.
  • Keep fire extinguishers, bucket of water ready.
  • A First-Aid box with essential medicines, medicines for burn related first-aid needs to be kept ready
  • Put cotton balls inside ear or above ears in case there is loud sound. One can wear glasses (spectacles) to keep eyes protected from falling burned or lighted objects from sky
  • Do not keep hair loose, tie it tight and keep it well managed. If required wear a safety cap.
  • In case of minor burns do not use ice-cubes over it, use cold water, pour enough water and then you may use any medicated cream for burns and cover the area with sterile gauze. In case of serious burns take the person to nearest burn ward.
  • Wash hands well before eating after bursting crackers to avoid ingestion of the cracker materials that are chemicals not suitable for consumption. pexels-photo-434250 snacks diwali
  • Avoid drink and drive. Drive carefully , do not rush.


Share and Spread the Awareness and Wish all a Happy Kali Puja and Safe Diwali

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CELEBRATE DIWALI –Responsibly: Spread Awareness and Happiness

Precaution and Safety During Diwali – The Festival of Lights and Prayers.

Diwali is the festival of lights, prayers, happiness and also people decorate houses and public buildings with lot of colourful lights and do visit each other to share good wishes on Diwali. This religious festival is celebrated all over India and in many countries of the world with fervor.  



During this festival of Diwali other than religious ceremonies and prayer we witness a lot of lighting and fireworks. The lighting includes diyas (earthen pots filled with oil or clarified butter [ghee] and there is fire lit on it) , candles, electrical lighting.  We also see fanush (flying fire lights) and firecrackers.  In places there are temporary structures (pandals) are created with cloths, bamboo, tent material for people to assemble, eat and also for prayer and worship.


The presence of so much of things that are inflammable and fire calls for the need of adequate fire safety measures and firefighting equipment.

The high-rises in the urban area, more populated localities, roads and increase in density of population in rural area clubbed with road traffic restrictions, lack of freeways and more vehicles on road make it difficult for fire tenders (fire brigade) to reach the place of accident quickly. Medical help, doctors and ambulances may also take little more time depending on availability and road conditions.  

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It is imperative to take suitable precaution to avoid accidents due to fire, electricity and burns on these times. 


Some of the precaution and safety

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Do not places diyas, candles and other open flames near electrical equipments, inflammable material. Buy fireworks that are allowed by the appropriate authority. Do not buy or burn banned fireworks. People with asthma, respiratory problems do follow medical advice. People with cardiac or neurological problems do take required protection against sound etc .
Keep an eye on the open flames of diyas and candles Buy fireworks from licensed manufacturers only. Unlicensed cheap quality fireworks can be dangerous, toxic and harmful. Do keep a bucket of clean water, ointment for burns, cleaning antiseptic lotion (mild on skin), a thick blanket and easily accessible water connection and pipe ready near the place for burning fireworks.
Keep an eye of children and old people while they are near the open flames Follow the sound decibel limits while bursting fireworks. Keep the phone number of a Hospital with Burns Ward and Emergency near at hand, in your cell phone, smart phone. Keep the app downloaded.
Do keep pets away from diyas and candles Follow safety and usage instructions as it is while bursting fireworks, aerial fireworks.   Keep fire extinguisher ready and in good condition, water jets and sprinklers in working condition, fire exit etc clean so that people can access them quickly.
Only use good quality electrical lighting. Buy products of licensed brands only. During fire-shows do not cross the safety lines, stay in the protected area and enjoy the fire-show. Get mock fire drill done couple of times before Diwali day in your office, apartment, club, community area etc
Do take the service of a licensed electrician for large scale lighting. For home lighting use the lights as per safety instructions. Check fuses, electrical connections, wires well before installing the electrical lighting. Fumes of low quality fireworks can be toxic. Asthma and patients with respiratory problems, allergy need to take precaution as per medical advice. Heart patients and people with neurological problems are advised to take required protection against sound. Drive carefully. Never drink or consume (alcohol and other intoxicating materials) and drive. Do not over speed, follow traffic rules. Help others on streets. Give way to Ambulance and other appropriate vehicles. Be a responsible driver and citizen.
Low quality decorative lights can be toxic and harmful for children, aged people, pets and healthy adults too. Do not burn firecrackers near LPG cylinders, electrical transformers, shops and on streets. Take precaution, prevent and protest against harming animals, animal nests and street dogs while burning fire crackers.


Celebrate Diwali responsibly, spread awareness and happiness.

People Awareness Post by DESUN Hospital on Diwali.

DESUN Hospital has 24 Hours Emergency Department with Modern Burns Unit. The Emergency set up is robust and quick to action with 24 Hours Medical Staff, Specialist Doctors, Ambulance Assistance all over Kolkata, Siliguri and Other Districts of West Bengal and near by Locations. Desun Kolkata is a superspeciality Hospital with 28 Medical Departments and NABH accreditation.  

Emergency Phone : DESUN Kolkata – 9051715171 | DESUN Siliguri : 9051640000

Website : DESUN Kolkata | DESUN Siliguri  | ANDROID APP 

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‘Burns’ – All you needed to know – Types of Burns | Precautions | First Aid | Emergency |DESUN Hospital Burns Unit Kolkata | Siliguri

‘Burns’ are one of the most common form domestic injuries. It causes serious skin damage which may cause cell to die. Burns if not treated on time can lead to fatal health problems and even cause death. DESUN Hospital experts at BURNS Unit Kolkata and Siliguri share experience on burns prevention and treatment. Burns are broadly classified into

Minor or first degree burns

Second degree burns

Severe or third degree burns

Fourth degree burn

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Characteristics of BURNS

Minor or FIRST Degree Burns

No Blisters, only redness of skin

Mild swelling of skin

Dry peeling of skin


SECOND Degree Burns


Skin thickening


Severe or THIRD Degree Burns

White leathery skin

Charred skin

Breathing complications

FOURTH Degree Burns 

Burns extending to bones and tendons


Reasons of burn

‘Burns’ mainly cause due to carelessness in handling inflammable things and electronic gadgets. They can be broadly divided to

Hot boiling liquids

Burns from electronic gadgets

Extreme exposure in sun

Burns from chemicals

Burns from candles, match sticks


Short circuit

Safeguard against burns

Check all electrical gadgets and wires

Keep the matchsticks and lighters in lock, out of reach of children

Use chemicals wearing gloves

Discard electrical cord with open wires

Lit off the cylinders after use

Keep fire extinguishers near the kitchen

Check wirings once a month

Keep inflammable things like oil, kerosene in safe area

First Aid in burns

In case of minor or first degree burns

Wash the wound in cold water

May apply aloevera gel to the wound

Remove the tight jewelries if it’s on or around the wound

Visit a physician if needed

In case of second degree burns

Wash the wound under cold running water

Apply antibiotic if on the wound

Don’t pop the blisters

Visit a physician

In case of third degree burns

Don’t put water to the wound

Take care that no clothes are stuck to the wounds

Needs immediate medical intervention

Healing the burns

First degree burns heals sooner whereas second degree burns take some time depending upon the intensity of burns, however third degree burns takes much time to heal.

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Where to contact in case of burn emergency ?

Desun Hospital Kolkata is the first private hospital to have Burns Unit of International Standards with specialist doctors to treat primary, secondary & tertiary burns.

How Desun Burns Unit is unique?

DESUN Hospital is among the very private / non government hospitals with 24 Hours Burns Unit both at Kolkata and Siliguri Location.  Emergency – Kolkata ” 9051715171 | Siliguri : 9051640000

Modern burns unit

Round the clock availability of Burn care team of Plastic Reconstructive Surgeon, Physiotherapist to prevent and reduce post burn complications, critical care doctors, Psychiatrist, Nutritionist, nursing and critical care medical team.

Complete isolation units to prevent and reduce infection

Sterile rooms for wound dressing

Post procedure rehabilitation and care

Every required Burns treatment under one roof

High success rate

Burns Awareness Post by Desun Hospital | |

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Desun Burn Unit Impact Story ; 12 Weeks and Living Again

It was a challenge for Desun Burn Unit experts to save Ananya from the critical situation in which she was brought at Desun. Mrs. Ananya Jaiswal a 42 year old resident of Barasat suffered 60% burns in waist, shoulder, left hand, portion of abdomen and face. She was burned accidentally by crackers while attending a marriage ceremony in her neighborhood.


According to the burn unit specialist of Desun, Ananya’s condition was extremely critical as the initial 48 hours was already lost when she was brought at Desun. When asked her family about the loss of time, her husband said, “We took Ananya to a nearby nursing home. They initially treated her giving first aid. After a day the doctors said that the case has turned critical and it’s better to shift her to a hospital where critical cases are handled.”

Ananya’s condition was deteriorating fast with irregular heartbeats and low blood pressure. Desun’s specialist said “It is difficult to survive in 45% burn injury. But it was a challenge for Desun to save her. Her case was more difficult as she was suffering from obesity. The pulse rate and irregular heartbeats were severe obligations.”  After the initial assessments and taking into account the adversities her treatment was initiated and Ananya started to respond.

Desun’s chief plastic surgeon said, “Gradually there was improvement in her condition through healing. Now the second level of treatment was to be done for which it was necessary to control the blood loss.  Slowly her skin grafting (a procedure where skin substitute is placed over a burned skin to permanently replace it.) treatment was started.”

The total outcome was relieving. Ananya’s wounds started healing. After 12 weeks she walked back home on her feet getting healed by timely support and effort of Desun’s specialist doctors. Ananya was saved from the clutches of obvious death by Desun.

Burn Unit at private hospitals are not common in kolkata , West Bengal and not much among hospitals in India. Desun’s Burn Unit is very well equipped to manage , Desun Burn Unit Infrastructure

DESUN Hospital Burns Unit : Kolkata – | 9051715171 , Siliguri – | 9051640000

Various Types of Burns 

1. First Degree Burns

2. Second Degree (Superficial) Burns

3. Second Degree (Deep) Burns

4. Third Degree Burns

The Burn Team at Desun Hospital includes 

1. Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon

2. Physiotherapist to prevent/minimise post burn contractures

3. Emergency Medicine Physicians and Staff

4. Psychiatrist

5. Nutritionist

6. Nursing Staff

The 24 Hours Active Infrastructure for Burns that includes treatment facility, dressing facility in sterile rooms and isolation units helps the chances of recovery for burn patients.