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Cold or Flu – Quick Read – Know it all

During the season changes and also in summers, winters, monsoon we often get cold related infections, at times the start is with minor health problems before it makes us feel really sick resulting in missing working days.

Proper treatment is important and we need to be aware about some common symptoms that will help us determine how quick we visit our doctor to get proper medical advice so that we are healthy and energetic.

The common types are cold and flu, although some of the symptoms are similar but the enormity of their impact on our health is very different.

Cough and Cold OR Flu
Cough and Cold OR Flu

Common Symptoms of Cold

Runny or stuffy nose

Sore throat or pain in the throat

Sneezing and coughing

Mild fever or feeling feverish



Body pain

Fatigue and low energy

Common Symptoms of Flu

Dry cough or cough

Moderate or high fever few may not get fever)

Sore throat or pain in throat

Feeling chill

Severe muscle cramp or body pain


Blocked and runny nose

Extreme fatigue (may last up to two weeks)

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When to see a doctor?

It is best to visit the doctor early, as we feel the symptoms. Symptoms of cold or flu initially may be similar but within a day or two the impact on health is different, so it is best to visit a specialist doctor and follow advice for quick and easy recovery.

How to be healthy during the season change?

Avoid refrigerated water, cold drinks. Prefer room temperature water etc

Do keep yourself dry. Use rain protection gears

Consume Vitamin C enriched food, zinc and other vitamins needs to be balanced in the diet

Exercise, pranayama, other breathing and cardio exercises helps to keep us strong and healthy

Cold and flu also spreads through contamination, so practice hygiene and safety

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Health Care

Seasonal Affective Disorder – SAD

Whenever winter approaches do you feel irritated or grumpy? Lose interest in daily activities? Well this is not about mere liking’s or disliking but could be a disorder, Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) or sometimes coined as ‘winter depression’. Not only during winters can people be its prey during summers too.

Seasonal Affective Disorder - SAD
Seasonal Affective Disorder – SAD


Feeling depressed almost everyday

Lower energy levels

Disliking the liked things


Appetite changes, as it increases carbohydrate cravings

Weight gain

Over emotional


Reduction in Serotonin levels – an element that affects our mood.

Disruption of Melatonin levels – an element that affects our sleep

Biological clock – it affects our sleep and wake pattern.

Who are at risk?

Gender – Occurrence of SAD is more in females.

Age – Younger generation are more likely at risk.

Location – People living far from equator in Cold areas tend to be its prey

Family History – people having anyone in the family suffering SAD bears the risk of developing Seasonal Affective Disorder.


Suicidal thoughts

Social aloofness

Problems at workplaces


Regular exercise

Increase Vitamin D intake

Increase the intake of Omega 3

Curtail fast food from your diet