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Desun Hospital and Heart Institute is located in Kolkata. Desun is now operating successfully for few years and a lot many people from not only Kolkata but also Parts of West Bengal and India visit Desun Hospital for treatment.

Desun Hospital & Heart Institute offers an array of medical treatment facility alongside good medical care infrastructure.  Specialist doctors, trained nurses, ambulance assistance, deposit free admission and 24 hours emergency admission are facilities that have restored confidence among people far and wide on the hospital.

Desun hospital is located in a very well connected and convenient location on Desun More near kasba Golpark in south of Kolkata. Kasba- Golpark is well networked through public transport like buses, local trains, trains, autos and cabs from different corners of Kolkata and important points in the city where from people who reach Kolkata from parts of West Bengal and India can reach the hospital very easily.

There are many guest houses and accommodations on rent available around Desun hospital & Heart Institute and these provide decent accommodation along with food arrangement for people who visit the hospital from distant areas for quality and affordable medical treatment.

Affordable low cost medical facility in high-end healthcare infrastructure is provided in Desun Hospital and Heart Institute. The administrative department, the patient care and admission depart is very proactive and helping. They are always on their heels to address the requirements of patients and visitors to the earliest.

The health care facilities like equipments, machines, OTs and other patient related things are regularly upgraded , tested and maintained in very good condition to induce the concept of well being more efficiently.

A large number of patients with various medical complications have been treated and most of them refer their friends and relatives for reasonable cost quality treatment to this Kolkata hospital.  Most of the patients are happy about the treatment expense bills that are lower than many hospitals in Kolkata and India.

The OPD department is well organized with large number of doctors, specialist doctors and an active administration and patient care department coordinating all things well.

Desun Hospital & Heart Institute is soon looking forward to expand their network of hospitals in various parts of the country to reach more people and make good medical facilities available to patients.


Desun Hospital and Heart Institute Emergency Admission

Desun Hospital and Heart Institute is the only Superspeciality Hospital in Eastern India to have received the prestigious NABH Accreditation. The hospital is located at EM Bypass, Kasba Golpark, Kolkata-107.

Desun Hospital Emergency offers special Emergency Services which are rarely delivered by other hospitals. The aim of Desun Hospital Emergency is to help emergency at any time of day or night

Just a phone call at Desun’s Emergency Number will help the patient in getting Ambulance which Desun will arrange to send from the vicinity of the patient’s residence, be it any part of West Bengal. No other hospital in Kolkata offers a regular ambulance pick up service, not even during daytime. Desun brings in critically ill patients day and night from different parts of Kolkata and distant districts in ambulances arranged from the patients’ localities. Hundreds of lives have been saved in this manner by Desun’s timely ambulance assistance. So when there is a medical emergency, Desun is the best choice.

Also during a medical emergency the speed of treatment makes a significant difference to the patient’s life. During the admission the patient parties are asked for deposit money which very often the patient parties forget to carry in haste and panic. Therefore, at Desun Hospital Emergency, No Deposit money is asked for at the time of admission
(it has to been given within 24 hours). By giving priority to speedy treatment and not initial deposit money, Desun has saved thousands of lives.  Desun’s medical team works at tremendous speed in starting immediate treatment be it at 2 o’ clock at night or 2 in the afternoon.

Moreover, at Desun Hospital Emergency, consultant doctors are available round the clock so that they can attend the patients immediately after admission. Accurate diagnosis is done before the treatment so that proper medical measures are implemented for speedy recovery. Such care is taken not only in cardiac cases but in every kind of emergency like stroke, cerebral attack, burns, coma, accidents etc.

The hospital has one ventilator with each ICU bed so that no patient is deprived of lifesaving equipment. The hospital also has steel O.T.s which reduces chances of O.T. infection post surgery.

The success of Desun lies in its modern and advanced infrastructure, its quality medical service and the unique and highly beneficial facilities it offers.


Walking or Running to LOOSE WEIGHT and Get Fit – KNOW the FACTS

Today weight loss and staying fit is a major topic of discussion and people keep on trying various types of work outs to loose weight and stay healthy. It is a big topic of discussion which is better Running, Jogging or Brisk Walking.

Some facts about Walking and Running

  1. Our heart rate may go more than double in case of running on a normal average pace of 10-12 km/hr than walking fast at a good pace
  2. Food intake gives us energy and activity spends the energy and so what we eat and what we spend regulates how much we add to our weight or reduce. Running helps burns more than double energy in the same time as walking, so we can be clear on this that Running burns more energy.
  3. Walking on a track with a combination of inclined (like a bridge) and then again plain and so at a good pace will help burn more energy and so reduce weight loss better.
  4. Around 20 mins run is equal to a little above 40 mins walking at good pace

Some facts that YOU need to be Cautious

  1. Injury, slow regular stress and injury is a major concern for all people taking up fitness regimes.
  2. No one wishes to have an injury and get limited movement for few days or get into some kind of long term treatment, so we should take care of facts related to injuries.
  3. Low impact exercises are exercises that deliver lower stress and impact to our joints, muscles and body, people who are little high on age, starting exercise recently, cardio patients or over weight should avoid Running or Jogging, walking is much better option for them.
  4. Do not start walking quick as you start, gradually let the body get used to it in few mins and then slowly and uniformly increase pace and reach a point that is little above your comfort ability, stick to it for a few days and then again try to go above it and so on. Take a long term resolution.
  5. The impact of running on the joints is around 3 times more than walking, so this is a very important point to avoid injuries, get to pace slow, stick to it, get habit and then increase. Give time to your body.
  6. A good mix of walking and running can help a lot, start walking, increase your speed, cover 75% of your distance run around 20% of the distance and then walk the rest, change the ratios over time but try keep it at around 50 % on both sides to the maximum in usual case if not you have transformed into a great fitness person.

DO CONSULT YOUR Doctor before you START exercising and check your body through medical tests to know condition of your body, limitations, heart, lungs and joints. This will help you avoid unnecessary health troubles and keep you fit through selection of right levels of exercises



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