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Desun Hospital 24 Hours Ambulance Assistance

Desun hospital 24 ambulance assistance all over West Bengal including Kolkata is one of its kind service in this region of India. Get Desun Hospital Ambulance facility News in Desun Hospital Facebook  In any medical emergency just call 90 5171 5171 | 83340 31345

The emergency response team is very quick to respond and starting from receiving the phone call to connect the ambulance network that is spread all over districts of West Bengal takes little time.

Desun Hospital Ambulance
Desun Hospital Ambulance

The Desun hospital ambulance network is extensive and in most number of cases the fleets are available.

The vehicle reaches the patient location from the closest available destination to save time during an emergency.

The hospital’s ambulance networked vehicles are for patients getting admitted to Desun only.

The ambulances keep in touch with the patient or patient family member/s and with the hospital and quickly reach reach the patient and the hospital.

The medical emergency team keeps all the required set up ready so that there is no delay.

It is easy to connect to emergency team, just call 90 5171 5171 | 83340 31345

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Desun hospital is open 24 Hours 365 days and it is fully open and operative even on festivals, public holidays and all other days.

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Restless Leg Syndrome – RLS – Defination | Causes | Diagnosis | Treatment

Why I keep Shaking My Legs?

Voluntary leg movements like dangling legs happen during minimum physical activity like idle chit-chats and restlessness from boredom. Some people will say that ‘shaking your legs shakes away your wealth and fortune’. But, if you constantly keep shaking your legs unconsciously during office meetings, or while watching television or during leisure, then this can be symptom of Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS). RLS is generally unrecognized or misdiagnosed. However if diagnosed RLS can be treated successfully.

Restless Leg Syndrome - RLS
Restless Leg Syndrome – RLS

Common Causes of RLS ?

In most cases the cause of RLS is unknown but some researchers say that it may be genetic. RLS worsens

  1. With certain chronic diseases like Parkinson’s disease, kidney failure, diabetes, and peripheral neuropathy
  2. Medical conditions like iron deficiency
  3. Regular unadvised usage anti depressants (drugs), allergy medications, antihistamines
  4. During pregnancy
  5. Sleep deprivation
  6. Regular intake of alcohol

Diagnosis of RLS ?

There is no particular medical test to diagnose RLS. However certain blood tests and answering few questions asked by the doctor regarding symptoms, medical conditions, usage of drugs and lifestyle can confirm RLS

Treatment of RLS ?

  1. Disciplined and prescribed lifestyle
  2. Regular exercise
  3. Leg massages under expert
  4. Icepacks, hot packs under experts
  5. If you feel that you are suffering from RLS, it’s always advisable to consult medical experts.

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Happy Senior Citizen Day 2015

On Senior Citizen’s Day – 21st August 2015 we extend our special thanks to senior citizens for all the wisdom they share with us and we once again recognize their contribution and achievement towards building this nation and society. Get Regular Updates on Special Facilities for Senior Citizens in Desun Hospital Facebook

Senior citizens have contributed as citizens in nation building through their work and effort; they have been social and family people who have contributed towards the growth and development of the present generation. Today they are also performing various roles as a socially conscious citizen and sharing their wisdom that is very valuable to the society and nation.

Our grandparents, parents, uncles, aunts, friends and associates can be senior citizens and it is good to spend time with them especially today; be grateful for their contribution and presence in our life and society. It is important to make feel special.

Happy Senior Citizen Day August 21 2015
Happy Senior Citizen Day August 21 2015

Today government and government organizations like banks, railways etc have special privileges for senior citizens. Many private organizations like hospitals and other health care institutions etc have special facilities for senior citizens.

Many non-government organizations (NGOs) are working for the senior citizens.

Health and security is very important for senior citizens. Senior citizens mostly face various health problems like heart problems, blood sugar, blood pressure, thyroid, neural and joint related health issues that require proper diagnosis, medicines and even surgeries and medical procedures like angiogram, angioplasty, heart bypass, joint replacement and surgeries and other general surgeries for gall bladder stones, hernia and gynecological problems.

Many senior citizens living alone or leaving home alone for morning walks, evening walks and for regular work may face security issues.

We by making senior citizens in the family and society special do give a good message to our next generation who are growing up to become responsible and compassionate.

Desun Hospital has special facilities for senior citizens in terms of discounts on surgery package cost and others that keeps updating time to time, For recent facilities and offers for senior citizens do call 86977 21124 | 83340 31345

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