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HOLI – Health – Happiness

Holi or Dol Yatra is a festival of colours and happiness. Holi is celebrated with fervor all over India and in many parts of world.


Holi has positive impact on society, mind and health as it is festival that is being celebrated by many people.

Meeting family, friends and people: Holi provides an opportunity to meet people in out locality, community. We meet our friends, extended family and spend happy times with our family and others. This helps us to unwind from the daily life and engages us into something that is a much happier experience than regular work on usual days.

Great food – delicious and healthy: In Holi many of us cook and prepare home-made sweets and other food items. Home-made food is healthy and it is time when we get to break the monotony of taste and have some great recipes. Popular sweet shops, restaurants and eateries also prepare special items with sooji, dry fruits, kheer, gur (jaggery), rice, milk etc.

Natural Colours : Naturals colours obtained from fresh flowers, fruits, vegetables and other natural ingredients have beneficial effect on skin and hair. These natural ingredients have a healing ability.

Some of these includes mehendi for green colour, beet roots for purple colour, dry tea leaves, maple, kattha for brown colour, red sandalwood, rose bark, fried hibiscus , pomegranate for red colour, turmeric, gram flour, marigold for yellow colour, flowers or tesu (palash) , turmeric, orange for saffron colour etc.

Enjoy the festivals of colours and have a safe Holi | Dolyatra.

Health Care

Dangers of Chemical Based Colours and Benefits of Organic Colours used in Holi

Holi or Dol jatra is festival of colours, people in india and around the world who participate in this festival use colours , gulal (Abir) , water , pichkari (a device that can help spray water and can be carried in hand)

People eat sweet dishes, there are specially cooked delicious recipes and people enjoy a lot during the festival.

Nowadays we also come across chemical based colours in market, there colours can be very harmful for skin, eyes and health in general , it is best to use organic colours that are safe, easy to wash and not harmful.

Holi Colours
Holi Colours

Quick points on the colours people use in holi and the dangers of chemical colours

Copper sulphate in green colours is dangerous for eyes and can even cause temporary, partial or complete blindness

Chromium iodide in purple colours can cause bronchial asthma and several other allergies

Aluminum bromide mostly used for manufacturing of silver colours is carcinogenic

Lead oxide in blackish colours can impact renal health

Mercury sulphite in colour red can be responsible for skin cancer and disease like retardation of mind, impaired vision and and even partial or complete paralysis

The glitter in colours is added by powdered glass

The oil or paste colours may contain low quality oils that may cause skin infections and even blindness

Water filled balloons may cause injuries to eye, nose etc

Natural colours can be obtained from tea, tea boiled in water, turmeric (haldi), mehendi, sandalwood, fruit peels, flower petal etc. Simple preparations by boiling, grinding, drying etc can be used to prepare such colours. Organic colours are also available in market as chemicals based colours.