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CARDIAC EMERGENCY Team at DESUN HOSPITAL is quick to respond to any Heart Related Emergency Patient 24 Hours and 365 Days and even at Midnight. Just CALL DESUN EMERGENCY at 9051715171 to get necessary help regarding admission at DESUN Emergency.  Any Heart related emergency like HEART ATTACK, CHEST PAIN, Breathing Difficulty, Discomfort in Chest, Loss of Consciousness DESUN has facility to delivery TIMELY TREATMENT.

Modern 4th Generation CATH-LAB for Angiogram and ANGIOPLASTY, OT for Emergency Surgeries, ICU with individual ventilator for each bed and Experienced Team of Specialist Doctors, Cardiac Surgeons and Expert Medical Teams helps to delivery Success even Emergency and Critical Cases.

Ambulance Assistance, Specialist Doctors and other facilities makes DESUN one of the most recommended hospital during medical emergencies.


DESUN perform Radial Angiogram and Radial Angioplasty is suitable cases where the procedure is performed through wrist and not through groin area making it much minimal painful and the healing is much faster. There is much less chance of post surgery complications and the patients can get back to normal life much sooner. Desun uses High quality STENTS and Stents are charged at Government of India approved Rates.


Dual Chamber Pacemaker surgery at DESUN is very popular where the patient gets DUAL CHAMBER High Quality AMERICAN PACEMAKER at an affordable cost. Dual Chamber pacemaker helps people to be more agile than Single Chamber Pacemaker and reduces much hindrance is leading a regular life.


Cardiac Devices related surgeries are also done at DESUN Hospital, to mention ICD-Single Chamber, ICD- Double Chamber, Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy, Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy -D

Minimally Invasive Heart Bypass (small Cut Heart Bypass popularly known) is performed at DESUN Hospital. Minimally Invasive Heart Bypass helps is much faster healing post surgery and the post surgery complications are much less. The patient recovers faster and there is only a small mark. The person can get back to regular life much faster than traditional heart bypass.


Desun aims to deliver high quality cardiac Treatment at an affordable cost and with this aim DESUN Hospital is ever enhancing the Cardiac Emergency Facility, Preventive Cardiac Care Facilities and Cardiac OPD. The regular developments in the hospital have largely helped DESUN to fulfill their aim of delivering heart related critical and emergency patient’s timely treatment.

DESUN Hospital has more than 100 heart related surgery facilities and few to mention are Arterial Heart Bypass (LIMA-RIMA Y) , Heart Valve Replacement, Hole in Heart etc

Cardiac OPD : Desun Cardiac OPD is attended is experienced cardiologists and cardiac surgeons and it is easy to visit the OPD through both online through website and offline booking (walking to hospital or over phone) and get cardiac consultation as per prior appointment

Preventive Cardiac Care: DESUN hospital Preventive Cardiac Care department and facilities includes OPD for consultation with cardiologists and cardiac surgeons, various heart and cardiac related medical test. Even tests that can predict chances of heart attack in near future. Superspeciality Test APOA 1 & APOB (2 Parameters) The ratio of APOA 1 & APOB indicates the chances of heart attack in the future. There are also modern Procedures like ANGIOGRAM (CAG) to check blocked or narrowed blood vessels of heart.

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Medical Emergency Success Stories – 24 Hours Emergency Impact

Medical Emergency Success Stories at DESUN Hospital that has created an Impact by saving lives of many patients, getting them back to regular life and bringing the smile back in the face of the patients, their family and friends.  Couple of days back while going through the events of last few months during the festive days the impact DESUN’s Quick Response Medical Emergency Team with the hospital’s unique 24 Hours Emergency facilities has indeed moved of grim events to a happy conclusion.



Be it emergency medical care, life saving procedures or surgeries or planned medical care, procedure and surgeries during the festive days when the city is immersed in the festive mood, colours, lights Desun medical team was working quietly to deliver required medical care to patients and people requiring emergency or quick medical care.

Burns Victim Life Saved at Desun

Mrs. Madhurima Ghosh a wife and mother of two met with an unfortunate accident while cooking for guests at home day before Bhai Fonta . It was almost 11.30 at midnight when suddenly the emergency phone number rang at Desun Hospital and on the other side was a frantic call from Mr. Ajit Ghosh asking for Burns Ward Facilities at Desun. It was a burns case.


There was light everywhere and soon the Desun Ambulance light was seen moving near the Ghosh residence and wasting no time the ambulance picked up the patient and reached the hospital. Soon she was shifted to the burns ward.

The Burns management team that includes doctors and medical staff visited her and the treatment process started. She had 30% burns. During the festive days doctors, medical staff, medicines and all other required facilities was available at Desun and it is just couple of days back that Mrs. Ghosh is back home. She is now healthy, happy and the family is reunited.  The Ghosh family has tanked Desun Burns Management team and Emergency Team for their quick response and diligent treatment.

Heart Attack Victim Back To Regular Life

Mr. Arun Nandi who happens to be a high positioned executive in a multinational firm had a very hectic few months prior to Durga Puja and festive months with the launching and marketing of new products. On the day of Ashtami it was around 10 pm and he was planning to leave office. Mr. Nandi  and the office boy Jay Yadav were the only two people there. Mr. Nandi requested for a glass of water before leaving office for the next few days and Yadav was also quick. Before Yadav  left Mr. Nandi’s room cloding the glassdoor he could hear a sound of the glass falling on the ground and as he looked back , it was just not the glass on floor but Mr. Nandi had slipped in the chair and his eyes where getting still, lips trembling with a hand on chest. Couple of months back DESUN’S corporate health awareness team had visited their office and had imparted training on Emergency Response. Jay was quick to recall it and called up the Desun Emergency Phone Number and tried to comfort with Mr. Nandi by loosening the tie and unbuttoning the shirt.

stressed man at work pixnio

Soon tearing through the festive music all around DESUN Ambulance siren was heard below the office and the Ambulance team was there and in no time Mr. Nandi reached Desun hospital . The Cardiac Emergency Team who had prior information of an emergency heart patient arrival was ready and the bed was also kept ready. Soon the specialist doctor arrived and the treatment commenced. It was a heart attack. Few medical tests, heart condition and health condition check up and taking all necessary information from Mr. Nandi’s family members next morning Mr. Nandi had undergone Cardiac Angioplasty procedure for multiple artery blockages.

Mr. Nandi had few other health complications that were impacting his recovery. Soon in 2 weeks Mr. Nandi recovered and was fit to get into regular life.

The Nandi family is happy and smiling. They have thanked Desun Emergency Team for quick emergency response and care.

Accident Victim Life Saved

It was late at night around 1 pm. Swarup and his friends’ day before Kali Puja was returning on their motorbikes planning about an event to be held on Kali Puja and Diwali. Suddenly a screeching sound ripped the silence of the night. It was a road traffic accident, Swarup was lying a in a pool of blood and his friends on the other motorbykes were in a shock. A speeding car had hit swarup’s motorbike and it fled the place. No people were around. One of swarup’s friend gathered his mind and called up the DESUN Hospital Emergency Phone Number.  An emergency team member responded and on hearing about the accident the person immediately connected DESUN’s ambulance network to send the nearest available ambulance to the accident site to bring Swarup to Desun Hospital. Other appropriate people and authorities were informed in the meantime.


Soon swarup arrived and the emergency team was ready for quick action to save a life. Soon the doctor’s team visited and they did necessary examination of the patient.  Medicines were injected and medical teats where carried on to know details of injuries, breaking of joints, bones if any.

Swarup needed surgery on collar bone; elbow and the wound on the leg took time to heal. The surgeries were successful and recovery from surgery was quick. It was more than 3 weeks and before Swarup was discharged fit from the hospital with advice of few visits to the hospital OPD for check-ups . Soon he will be back to regular life and can even ride his motorbike and do regular work on his own.

It has been for many years since inception that DESUN Hospital is delivering excellent 24 Hours Emergency Medical Facilities. It their team of specialist doctors, ambulance team, medical teams that work in a perfect sync to deliver effective and excellent results in emergency medical care, surgeries and procedures.

Desun Hospital Kolkata – 9051715171| Desun Hospital Siliguri – 9051640000

Health Care

During the Festive Holidays DESUN Hospital is Fully Functional

The month of September marks the beginning of the festive months with the festival of Vishwakarma Puja and then on arrive Mahalaya and Durga Puja, Navratri, Laxmi Puja and Kali Puja.

desun durga puja 2

The Festive Holidays and Dip in Health care Facility

During this time of the year there are often holidays and long weekends and specially Durga Puja days witness a 4-5 days of long holidays as this is one of the most celebrated festivals in the eastern part of India particularly Bengal (West Bengal) . In Kolkata and all districts of West Bengal there is celebration of the festival and most of the people are on leave including doctors.

DESUN Hospital is OPEN 24 Hours 365 days, even on festivals and holidays

DESUN Hospital Kolkata is open 24 hours 365 days, even during the festive days of Durga puja and all holidays to help emergency patients with required medical treatment. The team of specialist doctors, surgeons, medical staffs and patient service teams are present for quick action during any medical emergency.

Desun Puja 2016 1

Fewer Numbers of Doctors, Medical Staff.  Specialist Doctors and Medical teams available at DESUN Hospital

Most of the hospitals are working on very thin manpower and the numbers of doctors available and medical staffs drastically dip. DESUN Hospital retain few quick action emergency teams that comprises of specialist doctors, surgeons, medical staffs, patient service experts and these teams are well coordinated and available 24 hours, even at midnight.

Life Saving Surgeries, ICU Admission and Medical care at Hospital .  300 Beds, 94 Bed ICU, OTs at DESUN Hospital

This time of the year also records many medical emergencies like heart attack, sudden abdominal pains, liver and kidney diseases, brain strokes, burns, coma, accidents, fractures and other medical emergencies that need immediate medical attention and treatment under specialist doctors in hospital. In many cases emergency surgeries are required to save a life. At DESUN Hospital specialists doctors, medical teams are available for diagnosis of admitted patients in emergency and also surgeons for conducting emergency surgery.

Do not worry about Taxis, Traffic.  DESUN Ambulance Assistance is Available

Taxis and cabs are mostly booked for pandal hopping and puja travels and so in emergency getting a taxi or cab in time and drivers for own cars are a trouble. Most of the employed people are also on leave and outstation. It is difficult to drive cars due to traffic restrictions and huge number of people in streets. Ambulances can only make way due to the special privilege they have being medical emergency vehicles. DESUN Hospital even during the festival days; holidays have ambulance assistance facility all over Kolkata and West Bengal.

Cashless Mediclaim Admission (PPN Hospital) , Corporate TPA, Corporate Hospital

Cashless medicliam facility as per medicliam terms and condition of the mediclaim insured person is available. There is separate desk for Corporate TPA and corporate. All these desks have competent people managing patient documents even during holidays and festivals. There is also facility for cash payment, payment by debit and credit cards.

DESUN is with you always – Website, Phone Numbers , Mobile App

DESUN hospitals emergency contact is easiest to connect. You can save the number in your phone and this single number 9051715171 (DESUN Hospital Kolkata, West Bengal medical emergency hospital number) is one key access to ambulance assistance, emergency hospital admission.  You can download the DESUN Hospital App (Android) from Google Play Store. The website can be accessed over smart phones easily.

desun durga puja 3

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DESUN Hospital Assures Timely and Appropriate Medical Treatment

The Most Reliable and Recommended Hospital

DESUN hospital Kolkata is one of the best medical infrastructure. Desun hospital assures of timely medical treatment for patients in need of immediate treatment in any medical emergency like heat attack, stroke, burns, coma, accidents. Desun is one of the best hospitals just not in Kolkata West Bengal, Kolkata but East of India for planned and emergency surgeries. It is a NABH accredited hospital.


Desun hospital has 24 hours medical emergency facility. The emergency facility is open even at midnight and on all public holidays 365 days a year for 24 hours. april 2016

The emergency management team is agile and well organized starting from receiving an emergency phone call over the dedicated emergency number 9051715171 and then on the ambulance assistance is coordinated as soon as the patient shares the required details, by the time the patient reaches the hospital the team of doctors, medical staff is ready and also the patient bed is ready so that there is minimum loss of waiting time, admission formalities are kept simple so that things can move quickly and rest of the things can be done later. The entire emergency management department is well trained to attend things as per priority.


Desun hospital 24 hours dedicated medical emergency contact number is 9051715171. There are 2 more numbers that are also available and responded in case there is heavy queue for the dedicated number; those numbers are 8334031345 and 8697721124.

desun live

The Desun Mobile APP (Android APP) also has emergency contact facility and it is available in Google Play Store for free download.

The Desun hospital website also has the emergency numbers mentioned along with other details. Mobile web users can access


24 Hours ambulance assistance is available in Kolkata and all districts of West Bengal. The ambulance network will send ambulance from the nearest location of the patient. The patient or the patient family members will let know the location and the ambulance will reach as per availability. Just call 9051715171 or 8697721124 , 8334031345

People using the Desun Mobile APP can connect the ambulance from the APP only



The medical emergency admission procedure at Desun hospital is easy and simple. It is designed to reduce time and also enable the hospital offer timely medical treatment to the patient. There is facility and helpdesk for cash patients, PPN and mediclaim patients, corporate medical insurance and corporate patients.

Be it heart attack, stroke, coma, accidents, burns, chest pain, abdominal pain or any health problem Desun hospital emergency admission facility is available for immediate medical attention.



Specialist doctors are available even at midnight at Desun hospital. Specialist doctors helps in early diagnosis and also quick start of appropriate treatment. Be it heart (cardiac), brain, spine, kidneys, liver, gastrointestinal or any accident or burns specialist doctors attend patients quickly.

24 Hrs. Specialisr doctor


Desun hospital is among the very few private hospitals in eastern India to have Burns Unit. Desun is equipped to manage burns patients and there is full team of doctors, medical staff and burns unit for such patients.



Desun hospital has NABL accredited laboratory for conducting major and required tests in-house. This allows the patient family members and patient to get accurate test results quickly and in ease.

Many superspeciality tests are also conducted at Desun. The medical test facility is open 24 hours for in-patients at Desun.

Speciality of DESUN Health Checks


The pharmacy is open 24 hours and has stock of prescribed medicine. The medicine supply chain is maintained efficiently.


Location Contact Us   Desun Hospital  Kolkata India

It is very easy to contact Desun hospital in any medical emergency or for planned visits and surgery. The complete address with road map is available at Desun Hospital Website –

Desun More, Kasba Golpark, EM Bypass, Kolkata- 700 107, India


Phone Numbers

Call the dedicated emergency mobile phone number 9051715171 and there are 2 alternate numbers 8334031345 , 8697721124  in case the dedicated emergency number is busy

For planned visits for doctors appointment, second opinion before surgery, surgery package cost one can call at 8334031345 , 8697721124 or the landline number 033-71222000

pexels-photo-40692 (1).

Desun WhatsApp Number

People can send their reports, medical prescriptions and take appointment for doctor visit, take second opinion before surgery and also know about surgery packages by taking appointment through Whatsapp ; the Whatsapp number for Desun Hospital is 8697721124 open during usual office hours.

Desun Mobile APP

Connect Desun hospital in any medical emergency through Desun Android Mobile APP available for free download at Google Play Store. Just click to talk to Desun Emergency Team, get ambulance assistance and also know how far you are from Desun in road map view.

Desun Mobile Website

Easily open Desun hospital from your mobile and get all details, easily connect at a click of a button.


Desun hospital has more than 700 heart and non heart related surgery packages. All surgery packages are inclusive of common medical requirements of patient and surgery. The surgery packages mostly include OT charges, doctor team fees and medicine, consumables etc. The special needs as per particular patients or other health related problems are included and packages are customized for particular patient needs and medical requirements.


Heart Related Surgery Packages

The surgeries and procedures for heart or cardiac includes Angioplasty (PTCA) , Heart Bypass (CABG) , Permanent Pacemaker (PPI) or cardiac pacemaker , Heart Valve Replacement, Cardiac Devices and many more heart related surgery packages.

Bypass edited

Non-Heart Related Surgery Packages

The Non-Heart related surgery packages includes surgery for Joint Replacement, Arthroscopic Surgery, Kidney, Urology Surgery, General Surgery, Hernia, Neurological, Brain, Spine, Gynecological (Gynaecological) Surgery, Orthopedic (Orthopaedic), Pancreas, Ear-Nose-Throat (ENT) , Head and Neck, Surgical Oncology and Angiogram (CAG)

knee-hip replacement 1





Health Care

Swine Flu – Causes | Prevention | Symptoms | Treatment | Awareness

Swine flu or H1N1 virus is named so several years’ back. It was mostly common with people who had come in contact with pigs, but now it is like any flu that can impact people who have not been in contact with pigs.

Myth: Consuming pork will not infect a person with swine flu.

World Health Organization: WHO has declared swine flu or H1N1 to be pandemic and it affects people in many parts of the world each year.

Vaccine: vaccine is available for swine flu; it is good to take the flu vaccine to prevent swine flu.

h1n1 flu virus- swine flu pexel pxhere images free jan 2019
H1N1 Flu Virus – Swine Flu (Representative Image only) 

Causes of Swine Flu

It is highly infectious and catches quickly. The spread is rapid if one gets exposed to another person who is infected with swine flu. The infection is in the air as people sneeze, it can also get transmitted if one touches objects that may have traces of the virus, like sinks, mobile phones, taps and other such objects recently touched by an infected person not cleaned thereafter.

It usually gets transmitted through our eyes, nose and mouth.

Prevention of Swine Flu

Vaccine or flu shots can help

If one is infected with swine flu the person should stay indoors, do not go to public places or among people. The person needs to keep all the objects he uses away from others, sterile or keep it clean and hygienic.

Hand hygiene is very important. It is imperative to wash our hand well (with soap and water rubbing between fingers, a little above the wrist with some time) , before eating

It is best not to touch eyes, lips, inside the mouth, nose or any other facial area near the mouth without washing hands well.

People suffering from diabetes, asthma, high blood pressure, any other infection or ailment, weak immune system needs to be more careful in terms of contact with objects, hand hygiene and good health habits.

Balanced diet and maintaining a healthy body can also help in prevention of swine flu. Diet rich in vitamin C, Vitamin D, Omega 3 and Zinc can be helpful for some.

Salt water Gargle once or twice a day and also clean your nostrils once a day with lukewarm (warm you can tolerate comfortably and feel safe) after blowing them clean. Salt water is an effective protection as the virus takes 2-3 days to spread and show the impact.

Symptoms of Swine Flu or H1N1

The impact usually stays for 7 days for adults with normal health condition, for children it may go upto 10 days, people with other health ailments or weak immune system may require more time

Some common symptoms includes

  • Cough
  • Sore throat or pain in throat
  • Runny nose or stuffy nose
  • Fever
  • Body ache
  • Chills
  • Fatigue
  • Diarrhea
  • Headache
  • Vomiting or nausea
  • Rashes

It is important to see a specialist doctor without delay if there is sudden body ache, runny or stuffy nose and fever or any other above mentioned symptoms/s

More complications

Things can get complicated for people suffering from high diabetes, asthma and cardiac related problems.

People already suffering from neurological problems may get confusions or seizers

Respiratory support may be required during treatment for some patients


Medicines are available; also some patients may need other health supports like special nutrition or respiratory, cardiac or neurological supports that are mostly available in superspeciality hospitals with modern health infrastructure for latest medical treatment.

Proper diagnosis facility, medicines and specialist doctors are also needed.

Spread the Awareness

Avoid traveling in areas from where large number of cases is reported. If you are traveling please do read and follows medical advice.

Spread Awareness

Spread the message among your near and dear ones, social and community circles about the hygiene steps to be followed by infected and non-infected individuals

Use the social media, mobile sms, whatsapp to send article links to people. Share and post articles on swine flu updates.

Help people infected with swine flu to get specialist doctors, reach hospital, get medicines and do other social responsibility to help others and make people aware.

Swine Flu or H1N1 Awareness Post by Desun Hospital Kolkata

Contact Desun Hospital Kolkata for Medical Emergency Hospital Admission, Treatment and Diagnosis of Swine Flu (H1N1) contact Desun Hospital Kolkata

Desun Hospital Kolkata Contact Details 

DESUN Hospital And Heart Institute

Desun More, Kasba Golpark, EM Bypass, Kolkata- 700 107, India |

24 Hr. Emergency Admission Number  (+91) 9051715171 | Doctor’s Appointment
99039 22444  | 91633 22074 | Health Check Up And Other Queries
99039 22444  | 91633 22074

Desun Hospital Siliguri Details

Medical College Road , Siliguri : 734012 | Near North Bengal Medical College |

24 Hours Emergency : 90516 40000 | OPD Booking : 90736 92687,96740 19660


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Brain Stroke – Definition | Symptoms | Causes | Precaution | Medical Help | Information

“Brain Stroke” is a physical situation when blood flow to particular part of the brain stops. Brain stroke or brain attack is common today, although over the years the rate of mortality or physical impact post stroke has decreased due to better medical facility, increase in proximity of superspeciality hospitals , availability of specialist doctors and health care infrastructure,  24 Hours emergency hospital admission facility.  Awareness among people has also increased.

Stroke can happen to anyone and a large number of people experience brain stroke during their usual working age.

Stroke is mainly of two types

Ischemic stroke: when a blood clot in the blood vessels to brain has blocked the supply of blood to brain.

Hemorrhagic stroke: Sometimes a sticky substance called plaque may block the blood supply to the brain.

Be Aware Be Alert - Brain Stroke
Be Aware Be Alert – Brain Stroke

Who are more likely to have brain stroke

People with and suffering from

  1. High blood pressure (Bp)
  2. Diabetes
  3. High Cholesterol
  4. Mostly aged above 55
  5. Having family history of stroke
  6. Already having heart related ailments
  7. Obese, people consuming high fat diet
  8. Smokers
  9. Women taking birth control pill and also smoker
  10. Lack of exercise, work out and active life

Symptoms of stroke are little wide and may vary. All brain stroke victims may not get the same symptoms or all symptoms.  We just need to be aware if we get some of the following symptoms. We need to report it to people around us, may call the specialist doctor or emergency hospital ambulance service. If we are unable to do so, we need to ask people around to do the needful.

The most common symptom of a brain stroke is headache; it may start with little sensation pain and soon may turn severe. Usually starts while lying down flat. It may soon get severe enough to make us restless and also wake us up from sleep. The pain increases with movement, strain or coughing.

Some of the other symptoms of brain stroke may be  

  1. Lack of alertness and brain body coordination
  2. Some changes in ability to hear
  3. Changes occur is taste of usual food
  4. Lack of response to pain, pressure etc
  5. Difficulty in remembering usual things
  6. Difficulty in speech
  7. Decrease in ability to read and write
  8. Lack of ability in organizing common things
  9. Weakness and problem in movement of hand, legs etc
  10. A feeling like vertigo and lack of balance
  11. Problem in vision, decrease in eyesight

Immediate help

  1. Do not panic
  2. Inform people around you in home, office or just call the emergency hospital admission number
  3. Try not to walk or move faster
  4. Get seated
  5. Make your clothes as much light as possible


  1. Keep a 24 Hours emergency hospital number saved in your mobile phone
  2. Be aware of the symptoms
  3. Read and let other people know, share it with them
  4. Regular general health checks, cardiac checks suggested (atleast one a year)
  5. Monitor your blood sugar (diabetes), blood pressure (BP), Thyroid, Cholesterol levels etc
  6. Do not do pill popping , only have prescription medicines
  7. Sleep 8 hours at night
  8. Be calm and keep cool
  9. Mind training through meditation, yoga, asana
  10. Work out to keep body weight under control
  11. Eat healthy, it is better to share your diet with your family physician for good advice

Medical Help

  1. Call your doctor immediately
  2. Get in touch with superspeciality hospital
  3. Keep a 24 Hours Emergency Hospital Admission number handy
  4. Send SOS / Emergency Message to the list of your near and dear ones

Some facts on Brain Stroke Impact

  1. Brain stroke is a major cause of death in the world. It is responsible for more than 4 million deaths
  2. Around 10% stroke victims recover completely
  3. Close to 25% victims get almost okay with some minor physical problems
  4. Around 40% require long term care and live with some impairment
  5. Close to 10% get severe impact on health and movement
  6. Around 15% die shortly or within sometime of stroke

Useful Links

Cerebral Angiogram

Critical Care Emergency

Health Awareness Article by Desun Hospital and Heart Institute | Call : 86977 21124 , 83340 31345 | WhatsApp : 86977 21124 | E-mail :

Health Care

Desun Parent Card – An Unique Health Care Assurance Facility Card for Your Parents

Here’s something you can do to show them that “I CARE”. Gift your parents in India a ‘DESUN Parent Card’.

It is a Card which will ensure a speedy, accurate and timely treatment for your parents in India.

Desun Parent Card
Desun Parent Card

Desun Parent Card is a unique facility that will enable you to take care of your parents health from a long distance. You may be staying in some other city or abroad you can still take care of your parents through this health service card. This health facility card is an assurance of health checks and hospital admission even in emergency at midnight. Just a phone call or information Desun patient care team will get into action. You will get information updates and soon your parent/s will be in Desun Hospital in case of any illness, emergency medical condition.

Desun Parent Card ABP Ananda Video
Desun Parent Card ABP Ananda Video

This is just not an emergency hospital admission card of mere health care card but a combined card that galvanizes health check up facility, 24 hours emergency hospital and surgery facility. The people who own this health care card will receive priority attention.

When you are far away from your parents and willing to take care of their health and wellness this parent card is the best facility that assures of maximum facility. It is very simple to get the card, quick formalities, transparent procedures and all can be online. The physical card will reach your parent/s at their address within reasonable time.

The card is pre activated covering a large number of unique features that will let you be in peace of mind. Health check up, ambulance, emergency hospital admission, ease of initial deposit money  and further payments all can be done easily.

Desun Parent Card Campaign Images
Desun Parent Card Campaign Images


How to Get The Card ? 

Enjoy hassle free registration without being physically present to fill the forms and complete the registration formalities. Just follow the few steps given below :

Step 1: Transfer Rs. 7,500 (INR) as registration fees through Western Union Money Transfer or through Paypal Payment Gateway through your credit card.

Step 2: Get the soft copy of the ‘DESUN Parent Card’ in your email with a unique registration code and the hard copy of the card will be delivered to your parent’s local address anywhere in India 7 to 10 days after the completion of the registration formalities.

Parent Card Features

1. Eligibility
This card is only for parents who are more than 60 years old.

2. Validity
Your ‘DESUN Parent Card’ is valid till 1 year from the date of registration.

3. Redemption or Refunds
‘DESUN Parent Card’ is irredeemable (redeemable only through the ‘DESUN Parent Health Check’ Package) and non-refundable. The cash paid against the registration is not refundable once paid.

4. Offers & Discounts
Offers and Discounts provided will not be clubbed with any other offers & discounts. Offers and Discounts are fixed & applicable only on the mentioned facilities.

5. Initial Deposit Money
The Initial Deposit Money must be paid within 12 to 24 hours of the emergency admission. “No Initial Deposit Money” is applicable only in Emergency Admission cases such as Heart Attack, Brain Stroke, Coma, Burn, Accident, etc.

All the facilities are applicable only for the ‘DESUN Parent Card’ holders.

Useful Information

Webpage :

Company Website :

Phones : Call : (+91) 86977 21124, (+91) 83340 31345 (Mon – Sat, 10am – 6pm)

WhatsApp : (+91) 86977 21124

E-mail: (Use Your Name and Parent Card in Subject Line)