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Medical Emergency Success Stories – 24 Hours Emergency Impact

Medical Emergency Success Stories at DESUN Hospital that has created an Impact by saving lives of many patients, getting them back to regular life and bringing the smile back in the face of the patients, their family and friends.  Couple of days back while going through the events of last few months during the festive days the impact DESUN’s Quick Response Medical Emergency Team with the hospital’s unique 24 Hours Emergency facilities has indeed moved of grim events to a happy conclusion.



Be it emergency medical care, life saving procedures or surgeries or planned medical care, procedure and surgeries during the festive days when the city is immersed in the festive mood, colours, lights Desun medical team was working quietly to deliver required medical care to patients and people requiring emergency or quick medical care.

Burns Victim Life Saved at Desun

Mrs. Madhurima Ghosh a wife and mother of two met with an unfortunate accident while cooking for guests at home day before Bhai Fonta . It was almost 11.30 at midnight when suddenly the emergency phone number rang at Desun Hospital and on the other side was a frantic call from Mr. Ajit Ghosh asking for Burns Ward Facilities at Desun. It was a burns case.


There was light everywhere and soon the Desun Ambulance light was seen moving near the Ghosh residence and wasting no time the ambulance picked up the patient and reached the hospital. Soon she was shifted to the burns ward.

The Burns management team that includes doctors and medical staff visited her and the treatment process started. She had 30% burns. During the festive days doctors, medical staff, medicines and all other required facilities was available at Desun and it is just couple of days back that Mrs. Ghosh is back home. She is now healthy, happy and the family is reunited.  The Ghosh family has tanked Desun Burns Management team and Emergency Team for their quick response and diligent treatment.

Heart Attack Victim Back To Regular Life

Mr. Arun Nandi who happens to be a high positioned executive in a multinational firm had a very hectic few months prior to Durga Puja and festive months with the launching and marketing of new products. On the day of Ashtami it was around 10 pm and he was planning to leave office. Mr. Nandi  and the office boy Jay Yadav were the only two people there. Mr. Nandi requested for a glass of water before leaving office for the next few days and Yadav was also quick. Before Yadav  left Mr. Nandi’s room cloding the glassdoor he could hear a sound of the glass falling on the ground and as he looked back , it was just not the glass on floor but Mr. Nandi had slipped in the chair and his eyes where getting still, lips trembling with a hand on chest. Couple of months back DESUN’S corporate health awareness team had visited their office and had imparted training on Emergency Response. Jay was quick to recall it and called up the Desun Emergency Phone Number and tried to comfort with Mr. Nandi by loosening the tie and unbuttoning the shirt.

stressed man at work pixnio

Soon tearing through the festive music all around DESUN Ambulance siren was heard below the office and the Ambulance team was there and in no time Mr. Nandi reached Desun hospital . The Cardiac Emergency Team who had prior information of an emergency heart patient arrival was ready and the bed was also kept ready. Soon the specialist doctor arrived and the treatment commenced. It was a heart attack. Few medical tests, heart condition and health condition check up and taking all necessary information from Mr. Nandi’s family members next morning Mr. Nandi had undergone Cardiac Angioplasty procedure for multiple artery blockages.

Mr. Nandi had few other health complications that were impacting his recovery. Soon in 2 weeks Mr. Nandi recovered and was fit to get into regular life.

The Nandi family is happy and smiling. They have thanked Desun Emergency Team for quick emergency response and care.

Accident Victim Life Saved

It was late at night around 1 pm. Swarup and his friends’ day before Kali Puja was returning on their motorbikes planning about an event to be held on Kali Puja and Diwali. Suddenly a screeching sound ripped the silence of the night. It was a road traffic accident, Swarup was lying a in a pool of blood and his friends on the other motorbykes were in a shock. A speeding car had hit swarup’s motorbike and it fled the place. No people were around. One of swarup’s friend gathered his mind and called up the DESUN Hospital Emergency Phone Number.  An emergency team member responded and on hearing about the accident the person immediately connected DESUN’s ambulance network to send the nearest available ambulance to the accident site to bring Swarup to Desun Hospital. Other appropriate people and authorities were informed in the meantime.


Soon swarup arrived and the emergency team was ready for quick action to save a life. Soon the doctor’s team visited and they did necessary examination of the patient.  Medicines were injected and medical teats where carried on to know details of injuries, breaking of joints, bones if any.

Swarup needed surgery on collar bone; elbow and the wound on the leg took time to heal. The surgeries were successful and recovery from surgery was quick. It was more than 3 weeks and before Swarup was discharged fit from the hospital with advice of few visits to the hospital OPD for check-ups . Soon he will be back to regular life and can even ride his motorbike and do regular work on his own.

It has been for many years since inception that DESUN Hospital is delivering excellent 24 Hours Emergency Medical Facilities. It their team of specialist doctors, ambulance team, medical teams that work in a perfect sync to deliver effective and excellent results in emergency medical care, surgeries and procedures.

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Kidney Care and Cure About | Symptoms | Treatment | Surgery | Cost | Hospital | Surgeons Kolkata India

  • Kidney disease is third in the list as a killer ailment after cancer and cardiac disease
  • More than 200,000 people suffer from kidney related ailments every year in India
  • Most patients with Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD ) have blood pressure or blood sugar or both
  • Malfunctioning kidney or with CKD the kidneys are not efficient to filter waste in the body from the blood.

March is the Kidney Month and on around 12 -13 March kidney care awareness is spread through observation of World Kidney Day , know the condition of your kidney and get alert and take care before it is late.

Kidney Food, Medicines, Tests, Doctors, Surgeries
Kidney Food, Medicines, Tests, Doctors, Surgeries

People at Risk of having Kidney Disease?

  • Those with high blood pressure?
  • Those suffer from diabetes?
  • People with family history of kidney disease?
  • Those who are overweight?
  • Those who smoke?
  • People who are above 50 years?
  • People who intake excess of protein?
  • People who intake too much Alcohol?
  • Are you of African, Hispanic, Aboriginal, Asian origin?

How your Doctor Can help you?

  • Monitoring kidney condition (1-2 times yearly or as per advice of Doctor)
  • Taking prescribed medicine
  • Following doctor’s advice

 Good Diet and Lifestyle for healthy kidney

  • Low salt diet
  • Control the sugar intake
  • Drink adequate water / fluids
  • Avoid aerated drinks, cold drinks, junk food
  • Control on protein intake, especially animal protein. Get your limits set with help of competent dietitian
  • Maintain a healthy body weight
  • Work out, exercise
  • Control stress
  • Quit smoking

Medical Help

  • People with High Blood Pressure and blood sugar level should get various medical tests as suggested by doctor/s to monitor the condition of the kidney/s and blood pressure and blood glucose level (diabetics – people having diabetes)
  • Diagnosed with any Kidney aliment consult your doctor and also a nephrologist for regular medical care
  • Have prescribed medicines only and avoid random pill popping habit

The various Types of Kidney / Renal / Nephrology disease / Ailment

  • Chronic kidney disease
  • Critical care nephrology
  • Diabetic nephropathy
  • Glomerular disease (glomerulonephritis)
  • Hyperoxaluria
  • Kidney failure
  • Kidney stone diseases
  • Pediatric kidney disorders
  • Polycystic and inherited kidney diseases
  • Renal parenchymal/glomerular disease

Quick Contacts and Useful Links Doctor Appointment: (+91) 86977 21124, (+91) 83340 31345 (cell phone) , Email: Hospital Location: DESUN Hospital and Heart Institute, Desun More, Kasba Golpark, EM Bypass Kolkata- 700 107, India Health and Kidney Check Up Packages : ( You are Welcome to Consult over phone to know the exact Test Package Call : (+91) 86977 21124 ) We also have a lot of other kidney packages   Kidney Surgery

At Desun Hospital and Heart Institute you can get very affordable kidney care facility. Low cost kidney surgery by expert surgeons. Low cost Dialysis facility in Day care Clinic of the hospital makes regular dialysis possible to the patients with renal or kidney problem. Desun is one the best hospitals in India, Kolkata for renal or nephrology treatment and operations. Desun is open 24 Hours and admits Emergency patients and have facility to conduct surgery even at midnight as per medical requirement.  Desun hospital is a NABH and NABL accredited hospital and a superspeciality hospital in Eastern India, Kolkata, India. It is PPN hospital so a good choice for patients with medical insurance. The billing process is very transparent and very competent to help people get easy reimbursement who are empanelled under various health schemes and facilities. The low cost of surgeries makes it comfortable for pay in cash patients too.