Compound Fracture


What Is Compound Fracture?

The term “compound fracture” describes a broken bone that is more severe than what is common or routine. Fractures are considered to be compound when:

  • The fragments are comminuted (broken into many pieces)
  • The soft tissues are severely damaged
  • There is loss of bone due to severe trauma
  • There is disruption of the articular surface (severe cartilage injury at a joint)
  • There are multiple fractures at several levels in a single bone
  • There is an associated joint dislocation

In such cases urgent hospitalization and surgery is required.

DESUN hospital has one of the best Department of Orthopedics in Kolkata. Combining excellence in patient care, research and training with the skills and expertise of some of the finest Orthopedic consultants and surgeons of India, DESUN has been consistently helping patients of all ages receive the best in Orthopedic care.


When Is Compound Fracture Surgery Done?

A compound fracture occurs when a bone is broken into many pieces and the surrounding tissues are severely damaged. These types of fractures are typically found in athletes and the elderly. While a compound fracture can happen to anyone and anywhere in the body, women in their sixties are five times more likely to suffer a compound fracture in their wrists than men. Both genders risk fracturing the spine, hip, leg, ankle, or pelvis in a fall.

If a child experiences a compound fracture, they will have to go through specialised care to ensure that their bone growth isn’t affected by the break. Injuries in children can be much more serious than an adult’s because their bodies are still developing.

Compound fracture patients are cared for by several types of consultants who provide specialised treatment for these injuries. Desun’s holistic approach ensures that they receive the best possible treatment through the use of cutting edge diagnostic tools combined with advanced soft tissue and bone reconstruction techniques. Imaging like 3D CT scans and digital tomography provide the best possible view of the fracture when planning for treatment. 3D imaging is being used to create custom 3D printed implants for patients with challenging reconstructions. The surgeons also use advanced reconstruction techniques beyond standard plates, screws and rods for highly complex cases.

Compound Fracture Care and Diagnosis includes:

  • Advanced 3D imaging for superior visualization
  • 3D printed, custom fracture solutions
  • Coordinated plan for soft tissue and bone reconstruction
  • Ring fixation which is less invasive and has less risk for infection long term
  • Dynamic fixation for fractures that require more flexibility for optimal recovery
  • Implants impregnated with antibiotics for patients at high risk of infection
  • Optimized bone growth by using biologics and the Masquelet technique which promote healing

The surgery helps in the following:

  • A relief in pain
  • Increased mobility
  • Improvements in activities of daily living
  • Improved quality of life

What Can Be Expected Immediately After Surgery?

Compound fractures are complicated and require a lengthy healing process from surgery to rehabilitation since more than just bones are impacted. It's important for treatment plans to be carefully designed since no two fractures are the same. Complicated fracture repair and reconstruction involves contemplating not only the right time and approach, but also each particular incision, the specific implant and the potential need for more than one operation.

After debridement, which is the removal of dead tissue and cleaning of healthy tissue, stabilization may be accomplished through several ways: external, internal or ring fixation with extensive antibiotic coverage. Surgeons most often use what is called external ring fixation which requires no implants or metal – eliminating the risk of implant infection.

Once the soft tissue and bone are stabilized, surgeons will evaluate the injury with additional studies and imaging and determine the best treatment plan including techniques and expertise from all specialties in the center including orthopaedic trauma, microvascular surgery, plastic surgery, and other specialties.

A treatment strategy may include a range of options including:

  • Fracture fixation: A fracture fixation is a surgical procedure that stabilizes the affected limb, preparing for transfer or reconstruction.
  • Debridement: Removal of dead tissue which is necessary for proper wound healing.
  • Soft tissue coverage: Soft tissue coverage comes mostly from the patient’s own tissue. Surgeons use local tissue and grafts – usually taking a much smaller amount of skin or tissue than previously required to cover injuries.
  • Revascularization: In cases of severe trauma, blood flow to affected tissues can be compromised resulting in necrosis – death of body tissue. Early treatment is critical. Using microvascular techniques, the Penn team is able to restore blood flow to the affected area and avoid amputation or more severe debridement (removal of damaged tissue).
  • Fracture reconstruction: Surgery to fix a broken bone typically using metal screws, rods, or plates to hold the bone in place as it heals. In addition to traditional screws, Penn also uses state-of-the-art dynamic screws and plates for fractures in locations that require more flexibility for optimal healing. Penn also utilizes 3D printed implants for custom reconstruction.

Patients come to our orthopaedic traumatologists from across the state for compound fracture care and remain in our care until they are healed. The process usually takes six to nine weeks, or even longer if the patient needs multiple surgeries. The recovery after a compound fracture may not be a simple process, but with some patience and our team of great doctors the road to recovery is smooth. Post-surgery the patient should:

  • Take care to attempt movement the day after the operation with assistance and a walking aid.
  • Be non-weight bearing, or if the doctors allow minimally weight bearing for a period of six weeks.
  • Carry out some exercises to strengthen the muscles around the damaged bones.
  • Perform additional exercises that may be beneficial on advice of the physiotherapist.
  • Talk to the doctor about physical limitations based on the patient’s case history.

Why Patients Like Desun ?

At Desun hospital, the surgery and hospital stay package prices are one of lowest in comparison to other corporate hospitals, and 24x7 availability of Specialist Surgeons & Consultants under one roof ensures prompt treatment. Every patient receives the highest standards in care which are cost-effective, time-saving and lead to quick recovery. Desun Hospital has a holistic approach to patient care with an end to end integration of various processes, starting from consultation to diagnosis, surgery and finally complete post-operative care.

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Advanced medical technology and best-in-class infrastructure for faster diagnosis and prognosis during any time of day with dedicated Cath Lab help in quick response during complications.

Affordable Surgery Packages

Desun's comprehensive surgery packages include prompt and timely investigative procedures and tests, consultations with the best doctors and surgeons on call, attentive hospital stay and thorough diagnosis for treatment procedures and complete recovery at cost effective prices.

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Ours is one of the largest NABL Pathology Labs in Kolkata equipped to perform in house superspeciality tests for quick review.


NABH was granted to Desun Hospital for Excellence in Quality Care for the third consecutive year in 2020.

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Consultation with in-house Specialist Doctors and experienced surgeons is available round the clock for surgeries and best-in-class treatment.

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Desun is the only hospital in Kolkata with Steel Operation Theatres (OT). This ensures a drastic reduction in chances of an OT infection. Advanced medical facilities deliver top line patient care and complete recovery.

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