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Medical Emergency can strike anybody at anytime. Desun Hospital in Kolkata, India is the only Multispecialty hospital to offer a complete medical emergency treatment. Be it Emergency Admission for Heart Attack, Brain Stroke, Coma, Accident, Burns Desun is equipped with a dedicated , efficient and effective team and emergency unit to handle all such critical medical emergencies at any time.

The 24 hours Emergency Services of Desun Hospital, Kolkata, India offers you a complete spectrum of help in medical emergencies like Heart Attack, Brain Stroke, Coma, Accident and Burns.


24 Hours Ambulance Service Anywhere, Anytime Even at Midnight

The 24 hours Ambulance Network Service of Desun Hospital, Kolkata, India is constantly in contact with over 300 ambulance services in Kolkata and districts. Only Desun Hospital, Kolkata, India can guide you during medical emergencies like Heart Attack, Accident, Burns in getting ambulance from the nearest Ambulance service from different parts of Kolkata and any districts in the shortest possible time even at midnight. This facility has saved many lives. No other hospital in Kolkata has any form of Ambulance pick up service similar to that of Desun.

In Medical Emergency, speedy treatment can make all the difference not the Deposit money

There is no need to Panic about the huge deposit money before admitting a patient in case of medical emergencies like Heart Attack, Brain Stroke, Coma, accident, Burns. Desun Hospital, Kolkata, India gives you the unique facility of ADMISSION WITHOUT DEPOSIT MONEY. Be it Heart Attack, Brain Stroke, Coma, Accident, Burns Desun’s emergency team works at a tremendous speed in starting immediate treatment by bringing in the Specialist Doctor of various department, be it 2o’clock at night or 2 in the afternoon.

24 Hours Specialist Doctors treating emergency patients

In other hospitals, the specialist doctors physically see the patient rarely before 12 hours. The patient’s treatment is usually done by the Medical officers on duty. But, at Desun Hospital, Kolkata, India will attend the patient immediately upon admission be it 2.00 am in the midnight. Accurate and timely diagnosis without delay tremendously improve the chances of survival especially in medical emergencies like Heart Attack, Brain Stroke, Coma, Accident, Burns, etc.

When a Gasping patient doesn’t get a ventilator then...

When a patient is gasping for life, one of the last alternatives left for the doctor is to try and revive the patient through a ventilator. When that sinking ICU patient does not get a lifesaving ventilator, it turns to be life threatening. Only DESUN HAS GOT 1 DEDICATED VENTILATOR FOR EACH ICU BED. Since ventilators are extremely expensive, others have a maximum of 4 ventilators for a 10-bed ICU. Since in the ICU, ventilators are very much in demand usually at any point of time all the 4 are in use. And if you are the unfortunate 5th ICU patient gasping for a ventilator, it will not be possible for the hospital to provide for the hospital to provide you with one. The end result is sad but unavoidable. Hundreds of lives have been saved at DESUN ICU by providing ventilators instantly when required even at the midnight.

24 Hours Burns Unit

DESUN Hospital’s Burn Unit is the only dedicated Tertiary Level Burns Unit in Kolkata, India. This Burn Unit provides patients and their families with the highest level of specialised burn Care. We are dedicated to providing comprehensive burn care in a nurturing, compassionate, personal and hygienic environment. The specialities of Desun Burn Unit are as follows:

  • Appropriate critical care unit for burn recovery and monitoring.
  • Isolation units to prevent / reduce infective complications.
  • Facility for separate sterile dressing rooms for dressings.
  • 24x7 fully functional with trained team
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