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The 24 hours medical emergency assistance a key feature of Desun Hospital has been integrated in the mobile app and here it also one click connect to the medical emergency team at the hospital. Another very popular feature the ambulance assistance is also one click connect to large Desun Hospital ambulance service network, as per availability of ambulance assistance is provided all over Kolkata and all districts of West Bengal. The very efficient ambulance network with its unique facility of reaching the patient location from the nearest available location is integrated in the android app.


The whole lot of 700 affordable surgery packages is included in the mobile app and the user can access all the surgeries and get the most important information at few clicks.


The other hospital required information is in the FAQ section and these are among the most searched information for in-patient and out-patients and families.


The utility applications include the Medicine Reminder and Health Check Reminder. These two are very useful and can be of immense help to people who are taking multiple medicines for few days or regularly and run a busy schedule where it is difficult to keep track of medicine names and their corresponding order in case of taking multiple medicines per date, day and time.


The health check application helps the user input data and gets information of health check results as per maximum, minimum and average.


The APP has the user admin section and the android app team is working to add more usable and technologically updated features to provide users a much rich experience from the Desun Hospital mobile application.

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