Diabetes and Heart Disease


Diabetes is a disease that can be managed well to avoid complication. It is not very difficult to keep diabetes in control (within recommended blood sugar levels) through diet and lifestyle changes.

Uncontrolled diabetes can lead to early heart diseases and cardiac damage. In diabetics symptoms of heart diseases goes unnoticed. Diabetes also impacts blood circulation in legs and feet. It also impacts eyesight.

The chances of heart disease are approximately 5 times higher in middle aged men and 8 times higher in middle aged women than others in the same age group who are not diabetic.

Diabetics have higher chances of CARDIOVASCULAR DISEASE (CVD).

INSULIN RESISTANCE and HYPERTENSION is closely connected and high blood pressure is a condition that makes chances of heart disease higher.

High BAD CHOLESTEROL or LDL and LOW GOOD CHOLESTEROL (HDL) are a common condition with people with uncontrolled or high level of blood sugar levels. High LDL and low HDL impacts heart health negatively.

OBESITY and INSULIN RESISTANCE is strongly associated. Obesity increases chances of heart diseases. Weight loss and maintaining right body weight helps in increasing insulin sensitivity.

Lack of PHYSICAL ACTIVITY (workout) also leads to obesity and it increases chances of heart disease.

People with high blood sugar levels or uncontrolled diabetes may also develop PERIPHERAL VASCULAR DISEASE (PVD)

Cramping of pain in legs, hips, waist with little walking or soon after walking. It will reduce and go away with rest in the initial days.

Coldness in feet

Pulses missing or decreased in legs

Loss of fat under the skin of lower legs

Hair loss or absence of hair is lower portion of the legs

People with high blood sugar levels need to get heart check done once or twice a year. Get other medical checks done as per advice of specialist doctors and symptoms. Regularly monitor blood sugar levels. Keep diabetes under control through regulated diet, lifestyle changes and properly consuming prescribed medicines.


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