Excision of Brain Tumour


A brain tumor is a mass or growth of abnormal cells in the brain.

Many different types of brain tumors exist. Some brain tumors are noncancerous (benign), and some brain tumors are cancerous (malignant). Brain tumors can begin in the brain (primary brain tumors), or cancer can begin in other parts of the body and spread to the brain (secondary, or metastatic, brain tumors).

How quickly a brain tumor grows can vary greatly. The growth rate as well as location of a brain tumor determines how it affects the function of the nervous system.

Brain tumor treatment options depend on the type of brain tumor the patient has, as well as its size and location.

DESUN Hospital, Kolkata, India is equipped with the latest and advanced technology for excision of Brain Tumour. Advanced technology complements our team of Neuro surgeons to perform complex Neuro surgery but at an affordable cost. At DESUN Hospital, the cost of  Excision of Brain Tumour Surgery is one of the lowest when compared with the other centres in Kolkata, India.



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What is a brain tumour?

What is the difference between a malignant and benign brain tumour?

What can cause a brain tumour?


DESUN Hospital, Kolkata, India has a panel of best brain surgeons from all over the country and is equipped with high-end infrastructure to provide affordable brain surgery in Kolkata, India.


What is a brain tumour?

A brain tumor is a mass or growth of abnormal cells in the brain.

Many different types of brain tumors exist. Some brain tumors are noncancerous (benign), and some brain tumors are cancerous (malignant). Brain tumors can begin in the brain (primary brain tumors), or cancer can begin in other parts of the body and spread to the brain (secondary, or metastatic, brain tumors).

How quickly a brain tumor grows can vary greatly. The growth rate as well as location of a brain tumor determines how it affects the function of the nervous system.

Brain tumor treatment options depend on the type of brain tumor the patient has, as well as its size and location.

What are the Kinds of brain tumours?

Brain tumors are graded according to how fast they grow and how likely they are to grow back after treatment. Grade 1 and 2 tumors are low grade, and grade 3 and 4 tumors are high grade.

There are 2 main types of brain tumors:

  • Non-cancerous (benign) brain tumors – these are low grade (grade 1 or 2), which means they grow slowly and are less likely to return after treatment
  • Cancerous (malignant) brain tumors – these are high grade (grade 3 or 4) and either start in the brain (primary tumors) or spread into the brain from elsewhere (secondary tumors); they're more likely to grow back after treatment

Brain tumors that originates in the brain:

Primary brain tumors originate in the brain itself or in tissues close to it, such as in the brain-covering membranes (meninges), cranial nerves, pituitary gland or pineal gland.

Primary brain tumors begin when normal cells acquire errors (mutations) in their DNA. These mutations allow cells to grow and divide at increased rates and to continue living when healthy cells would die. The result is a mass of abnormal cells, which forms a tumor.

In adults, primary brain tumors are much less common than are secondary brain tumors, in which cancer begins elsewhere and spreads to the brain.

Many different types of primary brain tumors exist. Each gets its name from the type of cells involved. Examples include:

  • Gliomas: These tumors begin in the brain or spinal cord and include astrocytomas, ependymomas, glioblastomas, oligoastrocytomas and oligodendrogliomas
  • Meningiomas: A meningioma is a tumor that arises from the membranes that surround your brain and spinal cord (meninges). Most meningiomas are noncancerous.
  • Acoustic Neuromas (schwannomas): These are benign tumors that develop on the nerves that control balance and hearing leading from your inner ear to your brain.
  • Pituitary adenomas: These are mostly benign tumors that develop in the pituitary gland at the base of the brain. These tumors can affect the pituitary hormones with effects throughout the body.
  • Medulloblastomas: These are the most common cancerous brain tumors in children. A medulloblastoma starts in the lower back part of the brain and tends to spread through the spinal fluid. These tumors are less common in adults, but they do occur.
  • Germ cell tumors: Germ cell tumors may develop during childhood where the testicles or ovaries will form. But sometimes germ cell tumors affect other parts of the body, such as the brain.
  • Craniopharyngiomas: These rare, noncancerous tumors start near the brain's pituitary gland, which secretes hormones that control many body functions. As the craniopharyngioma slowly grows, it can affect the pituitary gland and other structures near the brain.

Cancer that begins elsewhere and spreads to the brain:

Secondary (metastatic) brain tumors are tumors that result from cancer that starts elsewhere in the body and then spreads (metastasizes) to the brain.

Secondary brain tumors most often occur in people who have a history of cancer. But in rare cases, a metastatic brain tumor may be the first sign of cancer that began elsewhere in the body.

In adults, secondary brain tumors are far more common than are primary brain tumors.

Any cancer can spread to the brain, but common types include:

  • Breast cancer
  • Colon cancer
  • Kidney cancer
  • Lung cancer
  • Melanoma

What is the difference between a malignant and benign brain tumour?

A malignant brain tumour contains cancer cells which grow into the healthy brain tissue and interferes with the function of the brain. Malignant brain tumours are likely to grow rapidly and re-occur. Malignant tumours are given grade levels that represent how abnormal the tumour cells look and how fast they might grow.

A benign brain tumour does not contain cancer cells. Benign tumours press on sensitive areas in the brain and cause symptoms. They do not invade surrounding brain tissue. They are not likely to grow back once surgically removed.


What are the symptoms of a brain tumour?

Symptoms of brain tumor are usually location and size specific. Location of the tumor plays a big part in behaviour and/or physical changes:

  • Frontal Lobe: Tumors in this region cause inappropriate social behaviour and poor reasoning.
  • Temporal Lobe: Tumors here will cause memory loss, hearing loss and language difficulties.
  • Parietal Lobe: Tumors present here can cause difficulty with reading, writing, recognition and visual representation.
  • Occipital Lobe: Tumors here can cause loss of vision or poor vision.
  • Cerebellum: Tumors in this region can cause poor balance and posture.
  • Brain Stem: Tumors present in the brain stem causes seizure, respiratory problems, headaches and partial paralysis.

Why act immediately ?

Brain tumors can affect people of any age, including children, although they tend to be more common in older adults. Generally, around 15 out of every 100 people with a cancerous brain tumor will survive for 10 years or more after being diagnosed and hence, early diagnosis is key for maximum chances of recovery. Survival rates are difficult to predict because brain tumors are uncommon and there are many different types, but in spite of this, quick and early diagnosis can initiate prompt treatment and save a life.

The causes of most brain tumors are unknown, but there are several risk factors which may increase the chances of developing a brain tumor, which include:

  • Age – The risk of getting a brain tumor increases with age (most brain tumors happen in older adults aged 85 to 89), although some types of brain tumor are more common in children.
  • Radiation – Exposure to radiation accounts for a very small number of brain tumors; some types of brain tumors are more common in people who have had radiotherapy, CT scans or X-rays of the head.
  • Family history and genetic conditions – Some genetic conditions are known to increase the risk of getting a brain tumor, including tuberous sclerosis, neurofibromatosis type 1, neurofibromatosis type 2 and Turner syndrome.

What are the different treatments for Brain Tumor?

For a brain tumor, the prognosis depends on several factors, including:

  • Age
  • The type of tumor
  • Location
  • Effectiveness of treatment
  • General health and fitness

The treatment also depends on:

  • How big it is and how far it's spread
  • How abnormal the cells are

Treatments for brain tumors include:

  • Steroids
  • Medicines to help with symptoms
  • Surgery
  • Radiotherapy
  • Chemotherapy

After being diagnosed with a brain tumor, steroids may be prescribed to help reduce swelling around the tumor.

Other medicines can be used to help with other symptoms of brain tumors, such as anti-epileptic medicines for seizures and painkillers for headaches.

Surgery is often used to remove brain tumors. The aim is to remove as much abnormal tissue as safely as possible.

  • It is not always possible to remove all of a tumor, so further treatment with radiotherapy or chemotherapy may be needed to treat any abnormal cells left behind.
  • Treatment for non-cancerous tumors is often successful and a full recovery is possible.
  • Sometimes there is a small chance the tumor could return, so regular follow-up is advised

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Why Patients like DESUN?

At Desun Hospital, the surgery and hospital stay package prices are one of lowest in comparison to other corporate hospitals, and 24x7 availability of Specialist Surgeons & Consultants under one roof ensure prompt treatment. Every patient receives the highest standards in care which are cost-effective, time-saving and lead to quick recovery. Desun Hospital has a holistic approach to patient care with an end to end integration of various processes, starting from consultation to diagnosis, surgery and finally complete post-operative care.

Rated as one of India’s best hospitals

  • DESUN is the youngest hospital in India to get the prestigious National Accreditation Board for Hospitals (NABH) accreditation from Government of India for excellence in quality of medical treatment and hospital services. The world over, NABH is considered equivalent to the JCAHO (Joint Commission for American Healthcare Organizations) or JCI (Joint Commission International) standards followed in USA for hospital accreditation.
  • Awarded Healthcare Pioneers Of The East 2020 by The Times Of India in Cardiac Care and Orthopaedics.
  • In the lead story of the November 2011 issue of national news magazine THE WEEK, India’s best hospitals were covered, based on an All India Survey. DESUN Hospital was included in this prestigious list.
  • The DESUN Pathology Lab has also received the prestigious National Accreditation Board for Laboratories (NABL) accreditation, for excellence in quality of routine and Superspeciality pathology testing. In Eastern India, only DESUN Pathology Lab has in-house facilities to perform Superspeciality pathology tests like PCR, Flow Cytometry, etc. This has huge benefits for DESUN’s patients tremendously because there is practically no waiting time to get test results when compared to other hospitals in Kolkata, who have to send these tests to Mumbai or Delhi and wait for 3 or 4 days for get results. Thus, there is no delay in diagnosis and DESUN’s patients get prompt and accurate treatment.

Ranked Topmost by both West Bengal and Central Governments

  • Desun is CGHS recognized NABH Multispeciality Hospital since 2015 & also Class I Multispeciality Hospital recommended by WBHS.

Safest Hospital For Any Operation

  • 2 of the major fears any surgeon has before any operation is that of OT infection and cardiac, heart complications during or after the operation. If OT infections occur or the patient develops cardiac problems even the best surgeon cannot help you. DESUN is the only hospital in Kolkata having STEEL OPERATION THEATRES (Steel OTs) which drastically reduces chances of OT infection. After the surgery the patient is under the best care of doctors and nurses in the post operative phase at DESUN. Also DESUN has the largest Heart Institute in Kolkata to handle any cardiac emergencies during or after the operation.

24x7 Diagnostics & Cathlab

  • Advanced medical technology and best-in-class infrastructure for faster diagnosis and prognosis during any time of day with dedicated Cath Lab help in quick response during complications

24x7 Specialist Doctors’ Round Team

  • With 28 medical departments having in-house specialist doctors any problem during your stay at DESUN can be handled by this specialist doctors’ team 24 hours. You may be admitted for a particular surgery but in the event there are some problems which a specialist needs doctor of another department it is available immediately in-house at DESUN. This facility is often not available at other renowned hospitals.
  • Consultation with in-house Specialist Doctors and best experienced surgeons is available round the clock for surgeries and best-in-class treatment.

Steel OTs

  • Desun is the only hospital in Kolkata with Steel Operation Theatres (OT). This ensures a drastic reduction in chances of an OT infection. Advanced medical facilities deliver top line patient care and complete recovery.

NABL accredited pathology & NABH

  • Ours is one of the largest NABL Pathology Labs in Kolkata equipped to perform in house superspeciality tests for quick review. NABH was granted to Desun Hospital for 3 times 7 consecutive year.

Widest TPA Assistance

  • Desun Hospital has tie ups with the widest range of TPA service providers to enable on time processing.

 Transparent Billing

  • Ensure affordable and transparent pricing, for high quality health care services without compromising on patient care.

Desun Hospital Advantage – Know Why Desun Hospital , Kolkata is Your Best Choice

Desun Hospital Kolkata is premium superspeciality hospital in Eastern India with state of art health care infrastructure. Desun Hospital Kolkata is NABH and NABL accredited and follow strict quality parameters as per requirements.

Desun Hospital is among the very few hospitals in India where there is more than 700 comprehensive surgery packages available. The composite surgery packages are all inclusive of the important things that are a part of any surgery process starting from information seeking by patient or patient party to the post operative care that may continue even after discharge from hospital. The surgery packages at the hospital have been developed by experienced medical team so that it is all inclusive and comprehensive.

The surgery packages at Desun Hospital Kolkata are affordable as per cost and quality. High quality health care services in a hospital in India at affordable cost are a combination that is indeed helpful to patients visiting the hospital from all over India, West Bengal and certainly Kolkata. People also visit the hospital from parts of the world like Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan and South East Asia.

The excellent patient service team and 24 hours emergency response also brings in local Kolkata residents and people from parts of West Bengal and North Bengal whose relatives, sons or daughters stay outside India. NRI’s and NROB’s have facility to enroll their parents and elders under the Desun Senior Citizen Card scheme that enables them to take care of the hospitalization and health care needs of their senior citizen elders and parents back home in India. All payments and procedures of admission, discharge etc can be concluded online or over phone.

Desun Hospital has facilities for latest surgeries and all modern equipments, OTs (Steel OT’s) and updated facilities to deliver excellence in terms of latest surgery techniques , modern well maintained equipments and over all top level health care infrastructure. Laparoscopic surgeries (lap) , key hole , minimally invasive and invasive surgeries all are conducted in the hospital. The hospital has advanced health care facility.

Highly experienced doctors, well trained staffs, active patient care team alongside the best surgery facilities provide a very good experience at Desun. This is evident from the numbers of people and families who recommend this hospital in Kolkata, India as a very dependable place for undergoing latest surgeries at an affordable cost. There are many success stories at Desun Hospital those published and discussed even in leading national and local newspapers and news media in television. Desun’s medical team with it’s dedication and help pf advanced health care facilities at the hospital have done surgeries that are popular among hospital impact stories in India.



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