How to Stay Safe from Pneumonia


Pneumonia is a respiratory disease and is caused by infection in the lungs. If not treated in time or ignored can turn fatal and also cause death.


Few usual SYMPTOMS of Pneumonia includes

  • Medium of High Temperature Fever.
  • Chills and shaking.
  • Difficulty in breathing and shortness of breath with little activity like climbing stairs.
  • Sharp pain in chest especially while coughing or try to get a deep breath.
  • Confusion and mental fatigue.
  • Headache and body ache at times.
  • Low appetite.


  • BALANCED DIET with enough of Vitamin C, , Vitamin D, Vitamin B 12 less sugar, low on fat and including enough protein, fresh vegetables, fruits can help in keeping the immune system strong.
  • VISIT infected people with adequate safety. During visit to hospitals, clinics do take care and be safe.
  • CLEAN HANDS properly before meals and also returning from outdoor, hospital of visiting people and public places. Use hand sanitizers, soap and water to clean hands properly as per location and availability. Dirty hands may carry infection and while eating, touching our eyes, near lips, nose we may get infected.
  • QUIT SMOKING to boost the immune system and fight back the lungs infections. Pneumonia is lungs infections and quitting smoking benefits the system.
  • HEALTHY LIFESTYLE helps in staying strong and healthy. We combat infections and diseases better. Regular workout, yoga, breathing exercises , good diet, proper body weight management , adequate sleep and regularly monitoring diabetes, blood pressure, thyroid etc (for people who have these lifestyle diseases) can see us along way to stay healthy and protected.

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