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International Day Of Yoga


YOGA for Healthy HEART

YOGA is just not physical exercises or some specific breathing techniques. Yoga is mind and body workout that unlike other workouts makes us more relaxed and energetic. Yoga postures, the breathing techniques and the combination of both body postures and breathing techniques in some asana and pranayama makes yoga a super beneficial thing for health and HEART.

Studies and opinions shared by modern science confirm the efficacy of yoga mentioned in ancient scientific studies on health and well being.



Yoga promotes relaxation of muscles, body and mind. It is a major STRESS buster. Emotional stress is a reason for release of Cortisol hormones and Adrenaline. It narrows the arteries and result in High Blood Pressure.

Regular practice of breathing techniques and physical postures prescribed in Yoga helps alleviate the stress and reduce the impact of stress in body and mind. Stress, depression and anger usually weaken the cardiac health and results in heart related diseases.

Regular practice of yoga also helps to keep Blood Sugar Level (even highly recommended for Diabetics), Blood Pressure and Cholesterol level (Good and Bad Cholesterol balance and count) in control and within recommended levels.

Yoga also helps in maintaining healthy body weight and waist measurement (larger waist and unhealthy ratio of Shoulders, Chest and Waist can lead to heart related ailments in near future if ignored.)

Weekly 3-4 times practice of Yoga can also help patients with Atrial Fibrillation lead a healthier life.



Yoga also induces strength and flexibility to muscles and joints. It increases the energy level and helps promote more activity at ease. It helps to stay us fit and do our things independently till longer time. For people with problem of balance or aged people yoga helps us to maintain better body balance and easy movement.



Few researches also indicate that yoga in some cases helps people to quit smoking. Smoking is a major cause of heart related diseases and many other fatal diseases.


Article for Benefit of People by DESUN Hospital

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