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Junk Food and Obesity Impact on Health of Women


Responsible Eating Habit Can Lead to a Healthy and Happy Life

Women today are managing many spheres of life and this has also influenced some changes in their lifestyle. There has been change in overall eating habit of all due to constraint of time to prepare home cooked food and also work related situation. Time constraint is also not allowing much time for regular physical exercises.

The junk food has made way into everyone’s life and women along with men are becoming victims of many ill effects of junk food on health. The bad effects of junk food are both short term and long term and some are also irreversible.

In few words junk foods is creating havoc in health and mental condition of women. Physical illness is also affecting the mind and other aspects of life, family and relationships.

On International Women’s Day we are working to spread the awareness among women to help them lead a healthy and happy life. Responsible eating habit can greatly contribute to it.


A simple sum up of the ill effects of junk food and obesity includes

Life Style Diseases :
Increase in stress level, hypertension, high blood pressure, high bad cholesterol, blood sugar (diabetes or high blood glucose), malfunctioning of thyroid


Gynecological Problems :
Polycystic ovary, irregular menstrual cycles, problems with child bearing and child birth (pregnancy), other ovarian problems


Digestion and Gastro Intestinal Problems :
Indigestion, GERD , slow liver function, fatty liver, gall bladder stone, hernia and many other problems,


Joints and Bones :
Arthritis, low bone density, weak bones, osteoporosis, other joint pains


Cardiac and Brain :
High blood pressure and obesity leading to cardiac problems, brain stroke, increased stress that result in heart and brain related problems


General Health :
Increase in anger, depression, reduced muscle strength, low energy levels, sleeping disorder, mental irritation, lack of mind coordination, forgetfulness, early ageing, eye sight problems and low immunity to diseases

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