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Today’s Health Tips
23 January, 2021



Healthy Lifestyle


It’s rightly said that ‘Health is Wealth’. And this wealth is in everyone’s reach by following few simple good habits regularly.First and foremost is being happy.

Few realistic healthy living tips

Work Life Balance
Balance your work and life. At times go for weekend gateways and holidays. It is also important to relax to avoid serious chronic illness.


Take Health Resolution
Take resolutions to take care of health. Do not try to do it all at once rather set small well defined goals.


Maintaining a Sleeping Time
To maintain proper REM (Rapid Eye Movement)& non REM cycles throughout the night. REM stage is when the body does most of its repairing, and is often thought of as “deep sleep.” If it’s REM, one will feel like tiresome after waking up andwill feel sleepy. If it’s non-REM, one will wake up feeling fresh and fine. Maintaining a routine sleep helps avoid REM thereby boosting health.


Schedule Daily Work
Scheduling & organizing work beforehand helps to manage stress and work smoothly.


Exercise Daily
Doing light exercise daily helps you to stay active and is also helpful for overall health specially heart. Try to do approximately 30 minutes of exercise every day under expert's supervision. Few minutes of daily meditation keeps mind fresh and helps to manage stress


Don’t Skip the Breakfast
It’s said one should have a king’s breakfast as it is the first meal of the day. It replenishes the supply of glucose in the body and provides essential nutrients keeping the energy levels high for a long time.


It’s Important to Bathe daily
Bathing daily is hygienic and helps prevent infection Bathing regulates body temperature


Prefer Healthy Food
Avoid packaged and frozen food , Say no to fast food , Include fresh salads in the diet, Prefer home cooked food


Entertainment is Important
Amidst regular work, entertainment like watching films, taking out time for the hobbies helps to boost up the mood.


Socialize and spend time with Family and Friends
Spending time with the family and on socializing with friends on weekends helps to rejuvenate


Monitor Health Regularly
Monitoring health regularly helps to notice if there is any problem in the vital parameters like Blood Pressure, diabetes, thyroid, etc.


Avoid Sedentary Lifestyle
Sedentary lifestyle like sitting at one place for a long time causes obesity. Try to go for mini strolls amidst work

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