Youngest NABH Accredited Hospital in India

DESUN is the youngest hospital is India to achieve this landmark within 3 years of starting to operate. NABH is an acronym for National Board for Hospitals & Healthcare Providers, founded by the Government of India in 2006 as a benchmark for excellence in healthcare. In brief, NABH has an exhaustive list of 500+ distinct elements that need to be fully implemented and operational in order to get the NABH accreditation.

The protocols are in relation to patient care, nursing, medical treatment & management, sterility & infection control and documentation. To comply with these standard elements, a hospital needs to have a process driven approach in all aspects of its activities. NABH is based on the crux of clear & transparent policies and protocols that strive to provide quality care for patients. Since its inception in 2008, DESUN has been breaking barriers and setting new benchmarks in the medical world.

First we started with Angiography at 7,000/-, Heart Bypass at 75,000/- & Angioplasty at 70,000/- (with stent) which no other hospital in India offers. Then we further pulled down the price of pacemakers to 49,000/- throwing in a lifeline to those who couldn't afford it. Our aim is to make sure that medical help is given to those who require it and that cost should not come in way of availing of quality medical treatment. With the NABH accreditation we can proudly say that we are the only hospital in the Eastern Zone to provide high quality treatment at the lowest possible cost.

How many hospitals have got NABH?

Even after 5 years since inception, not even 100 Indian hospitals have managed to get NABH as it is not easy to achieve the tough quality standards laid down in the NABH guidelines.

What NABH means to doctors referring patients to DESUN :

We salute the entire community of doctors who have been giving us their relentless support and have kept their faith in our relentless quest for quality at a reasonable cost. Doctors everywhere can now tell their patients that they are being referred to one of the best hospitals in the country having NABH accreditation.

What NABH means to our patients :

With so many healthcare facilities offering various types of medical services, it is difficult indeed for a patient to decide which hospital to go to for the best treatment at the best prices. NABH Accreditation can be useful as a guideline for choosing a hospital. DESUN is already well known for its reasonability of prices vis-à-vis the high levels of quality and care that it extends to all its patients.

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