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No Smoking Day


Smoking cigarettes, cigars and tobacco pipes is very harmful for health.  The health risks associated with smoking is very well known today.

Smoking not only increases the chances of various types of cancer mostly cancer in mouth cavity, lungs , throat problems also can be a cause of cardiac problems, stress related diseases, quick ageing etc.

People are resorting to e-cigarettes or other vaping materials that may help them quit smoking. But many people are vaping on nicotine based materials in these products and it is harmful.

The harm in vaping is much less than smoking but still it is not recommended for people who wish to be healthy and want to maintain a good health.

It is best to stay away from vaping and quit smoking.

The second hand smoke of cigarettes impacts non-smoking family members like children, spouse and other members.


Avoid SECOND Hand Smoke

For non smokers it is very important to stay away from second hand smoke. The best is to stay way or maintain enough distance from people smoking. Even places where people are vaping e-cigarettes and hookah bars. Smoke causes many health related problems. It cause problems in lungs, throat, headache, dizziness, irritation and stress in short term exposure. People who are exposed for long are also at the increased risk of cancer and cardiac related problems.


Few Steps to Avoid SECOND Hand Smoke

Stay away from places where people smoke

Keep enough physical distance from smokers while they are smoking

If in a car, try turn towards an open window (although smoking in public is not courtesy and as per law in some countries it is prohibited to smoke in non smoking zones and public areas)

Use non smoking sign boards to keep people aware in public places


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