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Road Traffic Accidents


Life is Precious - Follow Traffic Rules and Avoid Accidents

Yearly around 1,37,000 people die in road accidents, more than 3,00,000 people lose their limbs and 4,00,000 people get injured in road accidents. Desun Hospital is sharing information that may help prevention of road traffic accidents.

Helmet protects

Fall from your motor cycle, scooter can result in injuries and may be injury in head region too. Head injuries can be critical and chances of head injuries can be reduced by use of proper helmet

Over speeding can kill

Maintaining speed limits are important, over speeding can lead to losing control of the vehicle and also we put life and property of others in danger alongside our own. Overtaking and rash driving is dangerous

Seat belt helps prevent injury

Seat belts are important. They are a useful gear that helps protect the driver and other people in the car wearing seat belt

Follow traffic rules

Jumping traffic lights or not following traffic rules can put us in danger or sudden collision or accidents

Do not rush and run

Start for your destination with some time in hand, so that you can travel easy and not in haste

Follow usual route

Following the usual route is easy and also safe as we know the condition of the roads

Be careful in public vehicles

Do step-in and step-out of the vehicle with carefully, especially during rain and water lodging

Use zebra crossing

Cross by zebra crossing and proper allotted place and time while crossing roads, do not cross in green light and wait for red light

Maintain the vehicle

It is important to maintain the vehicle in good condition. Tiers, brakes, steering, clutch lights, engine oils and break oil, coolants etc needs to be checked and maintained

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