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DESUN ensured that he had two legs

Everything seemed to be finished for the 12-years-old athlete Sanjay Chatterjee, when a tree broke down and fell on him, nearly separating his left leg from his body.

Sanjay of Howrah was rushed to a nearby Nursing Home. There they declared that the athlete must immediately be taken to a tertiary care hospital. He was then brought over to a renowned hospital in Kolkata where the doctors after examining him stated that because of extensive injuries (open wounds) involving loss of bone, tissue and nerves, one of Sanjay’s legs has to be amputated to save his life!

With a slight ray of hope his father then brought his son to DESUN. Almost more than 12 hours had passed since his accident had taken place. Sanjay’s condition was sinking as by then he had already gone into shock. A team comprising an Orthopaedic Surgeon, a Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon along with a Paediatrician and a Paediatric Anaesthetist were already present in DESUN Steel OT by midnight. The first surgery lasted for more than 7 hours where painstakingly pieces of bone, tissue & blood vessels were joined. Simultaneous Plastic & Reconstructive surgery ensured smooth transfer of skin (skin grafting) and also positioning and stitching, so that the chances of future contracture and scaring would be minimal.

Over a period of the next 8 weeks, Sanjay underwent multiple surgeries followed by rehabilitation exercises through which he slowly got back the strength & sensation of both his legs. “I came first in the interschool running competition. Thanks DESUN”, says Sanjay.

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