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World Alzheimer's Day


Early Symptoms

The early symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease is memory loss, difficulty to recall, remember and slowly as it progress and remain untreated there will be problem with judgment, learning, thinking.


Symptoms on Progress

In later stage there can be problem with speech. It may be difficult to recollect things, recall common words and speak in an organized pattern. The person may ask the same question again.

The person may also have difficulty in remembering regular roads and directions, can get lost. They also have poor hygiene and not taking bath regularly, shampoo and wearing the same cloth.


Why Alzheimer’s happen

Alzeimer’s is a result of death of many brain cells, tissues loss and the cerebrospinal fluid occupying more space and it impacts memory, speech and ability to understand and respond.

In some cases the progress of the disease is very rapid and in usual cases it may take upto 20 years to show major impact, most of the patients live 3-9 years after diagnosis.


Start Treatment Early

It is best to visit specialist doctors (neurologists) as forgetfulness and memory loss appears and there are brain scans and tests along with other physical examination that help doctors to arrive at the conclusive diagnosis and start the treatment.



There is no cure for Alzeimer’s and medicines help to great extent to control and reduce the symptoms and also slow the damage. It will give more time to the patient to keep doing their own things independently and live a more regular normal life.


Lifestyle Changes to Benefit Health

Physical exercises, physiotherapy, mind training exercises like meditation, pranayams can help in Alzheimer’s and even reverse many symptoms. If these are practiced early then the impact of the disease can be reduced largely. Proper diet that includes lot of fish, eggs, vegetables, nuts can help in avoiding and reducing impact of Alzheimer’s. Exercises, breathing exercises (pranayams), mind training (meditation, other activities for brain) , physiotherapy can also help avoid and minimum impacts of the disease.

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