World Antibiotic Awareness Week


Proper and Safe Use of Antibiotics

Antibiotic resistance is one of the impending dangers in health care and medical science today for patients and doctors. Antibiotic resistance has already started to make some steady inroads and it needs to be curbed soon through various awareness communication and programs to let people, medical practitioners aware about steps to prevent antibiotic resistance.

Proper use of antibiotics as per medical prescription is beneficial. Follow medical advice for consuming antibiotics and live healthy and happy.


Antibiotic Resistance In Simple Terms

When the bacteria changes and becomes less responsive or completely non responsive to antibiotic drugs it can continue to spread its impact and grow in strength. It mostly happens when we consume unnecessary antibiotics or do self medication with wrong set of antibiotics or consume antibiotics when not needed. Overuse or underuse of antibiotics at times may create antibiotic resistance to certain drug combinations.


Few Steps To Reduce Chances Of Antibiotic Resistance

  • Do not insist your doctor to prescribe antibiotic
  • Hand hygiene is very important. Clean hands with soap and water well (20 secs) to reduce chances of getting or spreading infection while consuming food or touching things and people
  • Avoid self medication and never take antibiotics for viral infections (know the difference between viral and bacterial infections)
  • Keep immunity high and stay healthy by consuming a balanced diet, adequate water and fluids. Take enough rest and workout regularly.
  • People suffering from lifestyle diseases like diabetes , blood pressure, thyroid or any other disease need to regularly monitor health condition and keep things under control through medicines, medical advice, diet and lifestyle changes.
  • Complete antibiotic course even you start feeling better after a dose or two.
  • Follow medical advice as given by doctors or medical practitioners.
  • If you forget to take a dose do not take it double next dose time or do not reduce the timing between the two or three doses on your own. In such cases do seek advice from your doctor.
  • People with any allergy need to inform the doctor about such allergy before your doctors prescribes the antibiotic. Also mention about any other medicine you are consuming or consume at times. Do mention about other health conditions you have.
  • Know about side-effects of antibiotics and if any such symptom/s occurs do immediately inform your doctor.

Antibiotics can be very effective in treating bacterial infections. Use antibiotics properly, store them properly and follow medical advice.


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