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World Arthritis Day


What is arthritis?

Arthritis is just not one physical condition or disease but it refers to many types of joint pains and joints related diseases.


How big is the impact?

In India alone around 10 million get effected by the disease each year. It’s impact is largest in the age group of 50 Plus and more common in women.


What are the preventions of arthritis?

There are certain preventive measures and lifestyle changes than can help us to avoid the disease.

  1. Weight management
  2. Healthy and balanced diet
  3. Regular workout (exercises, yoga, aerobics any or few)
  4. Walking (not excess but prescribed levels)
  5. Early diagnosis (in case of persistent joint pain, reduced movement, swelling etc)
  6. Some preventive tests done once a year as prescribed by specialist doctor

How many types of arthritis exist?

There exist more than 100 different types of arthritis or such physical conditions. There are many causes like wear and tear, some other diseases, infections.


What are the common arthritis types?

Degenerative arthritis , Inflammatory arthritis, Infectious arthritis, Metabolic arthritis.


What are the usual symptoms of arthritis?

Usual symptoms of arthritis includes painful joints and movement, swelling around joints, reduced range of motion like movement of hands, wrists, fingers, legs, knee etc and stiffness.


Can arthritis be cured?

No there is no complete cure for arthritis, but timely diagnosis, treatment, medicines, physiotherapy, exercises as prescribed by specialist doctors can help to reduce the symptoms to great extent and help one live and carry on normal activity and movement. Weight management, healthy body weight, diet are also part of the treatment.


What are the diagnosis options of arthritis?

X-rays (Image scan), blood tests, checking weight, other health factors like diabetes, Blood Pressure, bone density, calcium, Vitamin D and other vitamin and related tests may be conducted.

It is best to contact specialist doctors to start treatment early and accurately. Rheumatologists and Orthopedics should be visited as 1 or few of the symptoms are persistent. Surgery is required or advised in some cases and it is mostly done by orthopedic surgeons.

Arthritis may spread to other parts of the body then dentists, ophthalmologists, dermatologists are also required.


Do surgery is required in case of arthritis?

In some cases surgery is advised and mostly orthopedic surgeons conduct surgeries for joints and joint replacement like knee, hip, elbow replacement. If arthritis spreads to other parts of the body then dentists and others may also be required.

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