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World Asthma Day


People with history of ASTHMA attacks have triggers that can result in an ASTHMA attack. These triggers have common factors and there can also be unique triggers depending on person.

The triggers can cause the swelling of the airways and narrowing them resulting in Asthmatic symptoms. It is best to be conscious of the triggers and we can know the ASTHMA triggers by keeping a note of events prior to the asthma attack for example some strong perfume etc , medical tests for allergy and diagnosis by the specialist doctor.


Common ASTHMA Triggers

  • Cough and cold infections, respiratory infections, flu
  • House dust mites, animal dander (tiny part of the skin with animal fur or feather), molds, cockroach, pollen
  • Flowers with certain fragrance and some chemical based fragrances and smells, fumes and certain odors
  • Tobacco smoke and even smoke from non tobacco vaping substances
  • Some medicines like aspirin, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) like ibuprofens, beta-blockers which are used mostly for heart diseases, glaucoma, high blood pressure and migraine headaches
  • At times exercising without proper warm up, during very warm days or cold days and certain type of workout can trigger asthma attack or asthmatic symptoms. It is best to consult experts and take medical advice before deciding on the workout plan.
  • Emotional stress, anger, anxiety etc
  • Exposure to sudden changing weather like cold gust of air, sudden blast of very warm air
  • Acid reflux
  • Outdoor dust particle, smoke, pollution

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