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World Blood Donor Day 2018


Interesting FACTS about Human BLOOD

On World Blood Donor Day , Desun Hospital takes the opportunity to share some interesting facts about the blood in our body. Let us know some quick and useful information on the blood. We all know we have specific blood groups and a healthy person can donate blood.

Today we also know about the blood we donate to save a life and the blood we receive to save our life when needed.

  • Around 7% of the human body weight is due to the quantity of blood in the body
  • The amount of blood present in the body of an adult male around is 5.5 liters and adult female is 4.5 liters approximately
  • A new born baby has around a single normal size cup of blood in the body
  • A yellow liquid is present is blood and it is called blood plasma
  • Around 90% of blood plasma is water
  • The red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets float in the plasma
  • The red blood cells collected through donation stays for 42 days
  • The platelets collected through donation stays for 5 days
  • Plasma collected through donation can stay upto 365 days in frozen condition
  • Platelet helps in clotting of blood when there is bleeding due to cuts, injuries or bruises. Platelets are very important for managing unwanted loss of blood
  • Blood contains hemoglobin; hemoglobin is type of protein that also contains iron. Oxygen combines with the iron and gives the red colour to blood and hemoglobin
  • White blood cells in blood are the defense system that defends the body against bacteria, infections, virus and even cancer cells and any unwanted thing that enters the body
  • Every 2 secs there is a need of blood for someone
  • Blood donation as per medical guidelines do not decrease a person’s energy
  • The fluid lost due to blood donation is replaced by the body within few hours
  • By 8 weeks the amount of iron lost due to blood donation is replaced. So it is advised not to donate blood twice within 8 weeks
  • Every 8 minutes someone donates blood somewhere in this world

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