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World Environment Day

World Environment Day
Clean and healthy environment is just not our right but also responsibility to maintain a healthy body and heart.
Air pollution today is a major threat to environment; also our heart and health in general.
Air pollution can not only be reason for breathing or lungs related problems like asthma, COPD but also heart diseases.
Air pollution is mostly seen as smog or we feel difficulty in breathing it can be result of some gases, suspended particulate materials and liquids.
Both long term and short term exposure can cause some impact on health and heart.
These can result coagulation or thrombosis, increased chances of arrhythmias, serious arterial vasoconstriction, inflammation and atherosclerosis. The plaque deposit or fatty deposit in the inner linings of the blood vessels may prompt them to damage or rapture resulting in a heart attack.
The chances of strokes, heart failure, breathing problems, allergies and due to changes in health condition diseases like high blood pressure and diabetes may also occur.

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