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World Food Day


Food is the main source of nutrition and cane even is a source of toxins and unwanted fat, calories etc if we are not aware of the food, amount of food and frequency of our consumption.

Food is very important and proper eating habits helps to maintain a healthy body. Nutrition is received through food items.

We will discuss in brief the importance of our meals


It is important to have breakfast and not to skip breakfast. Breakfast is the first proper food we eat after the long gap at night post dinner. A filling nutritious balanced in proteins, vitamins and minerals breakfast keeps us energetic throughout the day. It reduces craving for junk food and controls sudden hunger. So we can keep all the unwanted calories that will result in obesity, bad cholesterol, fat, high blood sugar and high blood pressure at far.



People having heavy breakfast can have simple lunch of breads or other items like poha, puffed rice, vegetables, fruits etc in combination for lunch. They can also have these in soup, warm soup with meat or paneer, vegetables is healthy and filling


Evening Snacks

We may feel a little hungry in evening that will require more than tea and biscuits. People having late dinner i.e. post 10 pm (although it is not advisable, best is to have dinner by 8 pm or latest 9 pm) can have some reasonably filling snacks like sandwiches etc for evening snacks.



Dinner must not be very heavy, reasonably light dinner. It also important to have quantity that will not make you opens the fridge door at midnight. So quantity that suffices the long gap of 8-10 hours again it is best not to overeat. It may add unnecessary weight and calories.

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