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World Handwashing Day


Washing hands properly is a very important part of our hygiene. It helps us to stay fit and free from diseases.

We come in contact with germs and infections as we touch various items, work in office, factories or doing any job. We also come in contact to germs during travel and many day to day activities.

It is just not important to wash hands before meals, but washing hands after contacting external items also helps us to say free from germs as we touch our lips, gums, tooth, ear, nose etc. Germs from our hands can make a way through these openings too.

It is important to know how to wash hands. Just applying soap for few seconds and washing it off it not enough.

  1. We need to clean the space between the fingers
  2. Move the rings up and down if we are wearing any
  3. Wash upto the area a little above the wrist
  4. Soap is important, just washing with plain water is not enough
  5. Rub the soap in hands well, palms, between fingers, above wrist area and then wash it off with clean tap water
  6. If you have visited a hospital, clinic or any such person who is suffering from any kind of dieses and sick, it is best to use a hand sanitizer, if soap is not available
  7. Carry a hand sanitizer while traveling, so to clean your hands before consuming any meal etc
  8. Keep the nails trimmed and clean nails daily with soap and water or luke warm water dip followed with soap and water as you are back home
  9. If we are wearing rings in fingers, bangles or wristlets in wrist area it is very important to keep the inside and outside of those clean
  10. While managing patients with contagious infections even at home it is best to wear one time use gloves

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