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World Heart Day


Heart problem is a big health menace today and blame it on regular stress, lack of rest and sleep, irregular diet and lack of nutrition, less sleep and not proper lifestyle. Lifestyle diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, thyroid , high cholesterol and rampant use of pain killers, anti-biotic and self medication.

On World Heart day DESUN Hospital is sharing heart health related simple useful tips that can see you a long way with a healthy heart.

Over the years the increase in number of cardiac emergency patients and the rising number of patients in their forty’s (40s) with diabetes, hypertension has alarmed the medical teams at Desun Hospital and so the hospital is regularly taking simple endeavors to spread awareness on heart health.

Eight Hours of Sleep

Sleep 8 (Eight) Hours daily, adequate rest is important to be stress free and have a good health and mind.


Exercise and Workout

Try walking upto 10,000 steps daily, it is not about speed but steps we take within our house, office, some brisk walking of about 30 minutes in morning and evening, during work outs, walking in the shopping mall, vegetable market, picking your child from school all are counted.
It is important to shed excess body weight and avoid obesity. Regular workout is required.


Food and Nutrition

It is best to prefer home cooked food in less oil and spice. It is best avoid regular consumption of refined carbohydrates and food that contributes to obesity. It is best not to skip breakfast and have a healthy filing breakfast.

In some cases the progress of the disease is very rapid and in usual cases it may take upto 20 years to show major impact, most of the patients live 3-9 years after diagnosis.


Do Not Ignore These Symptoms

If you are regularly facing problems like unexplained bloating, heaviness in upper abdomen area, chest pain, shortness of breath with little physical activity and persistent coughing do see a specialist doctor and get preventive cardiac care. These include medical tests, some medicines if required, simple lifestyle changes, diet changes etc.


Prevention and Care

It is important to keep blood sugar level (diabetes) in control, blood pressure, thyroid, cholesterol, etc in control and well within prescribed levels. Get a total heart check done atleast once a year to know the condition of the heart. These are important preventive cardiac care measures. It is good to get checked by cardiologists and in case of any of the above mentioned symptoms it is best to consult with cardiologists and avoid self medication.


Stress Management

Mind training and breathing exercises helps reduce stress and keep us happy. Being happy and stress free is good for heart health.

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