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World Hepatitis Day



HEPATITIS is an inflammatory condition of the liver in most cases caused by viral infections. There may be other reasons too.

Hepatitis Type
Hepatitis A
Contaminated food and water
Short term illness. Follow medical advice. Rest and nutrition.
Hepatitis B
Transmitted as one comes in contact with body fluid, blood etc during shaving, reused syringes, physical intimacy
Long term medical treatment. Anti-viral medicines are used. More depending on physical condition.
Hepatitis C
Transmitted through body fluid.
Long term treatment and it may include combination of anti-viral medicines.
Hepatitis D
Transmitted through direct contact with infected blood.
Treatment is complicated and takes time. There is no specific drug.
Hepatitis E
Due to consumption of infected water and food items.
Rest, intake adequate fluid. Some food items are prohibited till health improves. Follow medical advice.
Noninfectious Hepatitis
Excess of alcohol consumption.
Stop alcohol consumption. Strictly follow medical advice, get prescribed medical tests done. Stay alert.
Autoimmune Hepatitis
The body by mistake creates antibodies against the liver and attacks it. Hinders performance.
In case of any abnormal symptom do visit the specialist doctor. Follow medical advice. Get prescribed tests done and have prescribed medicines.

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