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Know the LIVER


Some Facts About LIVER

  • It is the largest organ. The weight of the liver is around 1.35 kilogram. It is the second largest organ to the skin.
  • The liver is very important as it is responsible for around 200 functions in the body.
  • The liver contains around 10% fat. Fat content in the liver when increases beyond the healthy level it is a condition known as fatty liver. People with fatty liver have higher chances of getting diabetes.
  • The liver detoxifies.
  • We cannot survive without the liver
  • The liver helps in creating blood in our body. The liver starts creating blood even before we are born in this form. Humans till now cannot create blood artificially.
  • Liver creates protein too. The liver also plays a part in getting protein from the food we eat.
  • People with weak or diseases liver bleeds easily and clotting takes time.
  • Liver helps maintain our sugar level. It stores up sugar and releases when required. Without this function our sugar levels can drop drastically and there will health problems.
  • The liver helps in converting the medicines we intake into suitable form that the body can use. Without liver any medicine is of not any use.


  • Avoid excess body fat. It is important to maintain healthy body weight
  • Irregular and erratic eating schedules damages liver. It is important to eat the meals around fixed time, quantity and type.
  • A balanced diet or diet prescribed by experts (dieticians, doctors) is to be followed. It is very important to avoid excess fat in diet.
  • Quit Alcohol and Quit Smoking
  • Avoid self medication
  • Avoiding stress, sleeping daily for 7-8 hours and taking required rest helps liver stay healthy
  • Avoid late night binge eating
  • In case of regular indigestion, vomiting, nausea , stomach pain or any other symptom that is persistent over few days it is important to consult the specialist doctor
  • Maintain hygiene and safety like washing hands before meals, not sharing needles etc
  • Get vaccinated for hepatitis

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