World No Tobacco Day 2017 - Wednesday, 31 May


World No Tobacco Day 2017 - Wednesday, 31 May

  • Smokers have higher risk of cardiac & blood vessels related diseases.
  • Smoking accelerates chances of stroke & heart related diseases.
  • Smoking even few cigarettes a day (upto 5) can accelerate chances of stroke and cardiac diseases.
  • Smoking impacts the blood vessels negatively. It makes the blood vessels narrow and thick restricting normal flow of blood.
  • Narrow and thick blood vessels make the heart beat faster than normal. Blood pressure increases. Clots form to make things worst.
  • Clots may hamper or block normal blood flow to brain and can trigger stroke. The damaged blood vessels in or connected to brain may also burst.
  • Restricted blood flow and blocks also impact legs, movement, coordination and skin.
  • Quit Smoking and Live Healthy.

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