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Balance through Easy EMIs


Inspired by the vision to make advanced heart procedures and surgeries available to all, DESUN Hospital, the leading heart hospital in Eastern India,has pioneered a one-of-its-kind Easy EMI Scheme. Already more than 500 patients have availed Desun’s Easy EMI Scheme and have been enormously benefitted.At Desun the total cost of Advanced Cardiac Treatment including high quality imported Stents / Pacemakers / Heart Valves have now come within the easy reach of many. After a initial small amount of down payment against the entire hospital costs,the balance can be paid later through equal monthly instalments (EMI’s) stretched over a period of 6 months to 3 years.



Cost of Bypass/Angioplasty(with stent )/Double Chamber Pacemaker : 1,60,000

Down Payment : 50,000

Balance payment through EMIs : 1,10,000

EMI for 24 months* : 5500


EMI for 36 months : 4000

*Terms and Conditions apply


Some of the DESUN EMI SCHEME Beneficiaries

Sourav Choudhury | Age: 43 years | Kolkata

Symptoms: Syncope (fainting) with chest pain
Recommendation: Double Chamber Pacemaker Implantation (PPI).
Concern: At another hospital, patient was advised Single Chamber Pacemaker, which would have compromised his future quality of life. DESUN advised Imported Double Chamber Pacemaker which would be best for his heart. Patient could not afford this high quality pacemaker treatment. He requested EMI financing.
How we helped: EMI application was processed within one day and the patient received the Pacemaker the very next day. Now he is doing regular and vigorous physical activities which would not have been possible, had the lower cost Single Chamber Pacemaker been used.
Take away: Quality of life not compromised as high quality Pacemaker could be used because of DESUN EMI Scheme.

Some of the DESUN EMI SCHEME Beneficiaries

Laxmi Singh | Age: 37 years | Kharagpur

Symptoms: Breathlessness and palpitation.
Recommendation: Mitral Valve Replacement (MVR) with Heart Bypass (CABG).
Concern: Patient’s Health Insurance (Mediclaim) was mostly used up.Alternative was to wait for next year Mediclaim Renewal coming up in 6 months or sell family gold to undertake the procedure.
How we helped: Patient showed eagerness to avail DESUN EMI facility. Amount sanctioned within 2 days. After surgery she was discharged from DESUN within 10 days.
Take away: Selling family gold not required. Delay of nearly 6 months for renewal of Mediclaim avoided ( Any delay could have been fatal ).

Some of the DESUN EMI SCHEME Beneficiaries

Meghnad Gurung | Age: 64 years | Darjeeling

Symptoms: Chest pain with heavy sweating..
Recommendation: Coronary Angioplasty (PTCA) with 2 Drug Eluting Stents.
Concern: Another hospital advised using low cost stents.Imported US FDA approved stents were beyond his budget.He understood that he needed the best qualiy stents for his heart.So he wanted to sell his land and come back after 6 months.
How we helped: Desun offered EMI facility which he immediately availed. Sanction came within 3 days and Angioplasty with imported stents was performed on the very next day at DESUN. Patient comes for occasiona health check.
Take away: Land was not required to be sold to pay for life saving heart treatment .

How does Desun EMI Scheme help?


Quality of implants and also quality of hospital are not compromised as large up-front payment is not required.


In Advanced Cardiac treatment every hour counts! EMI Applications are processed within 24 to 96 hours latest !

03. 500 & MORE...

In last 2 years more than 500 patients have availed the unique DESUN Easy EMI Scheme.

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