One Life Saving Ventilator for each ICU Bed

When a patient is gasping for life, one of the last alternatives left for the doctor is to try and revive the patient through a ventilator. When that sinking ICU patient does not get a lifesaving ventilator, it turns out to be life threatening. Only DESUN HAS GOT 1 DEDICATED VENTILATOR FOR EACH ICU BED. Hospitals usually have 4-5 ventilators for a 14 bedded ICU, so if a ventilator is required for any other patient, the same is not available unlike in DESUN Hospital where, every ICU Bed is equipped with a lifesaving ventilator, thus giving maximum chances of survival and positive outcome out of it. Hundreds of lives have been saved at DESUN ICU by providing ventilators whenever required even at midnight for the needy patients.