The Department of Neuropsychiatry at DESUN focuses on the evaluation and treatment of patients with syndromes that lie at the interface of psychiatry and neurology. The department is populated by academic clinicians and researchers with expertise in cognitive, emotional, perceptual and behavioral symptoms associated with localised brain dysfunction. Trained in a variety of disciplines like neurology, psychiatry, behavioral neurology, neuropsychology, epileptology and functional neuroimaging, they are able to provide evaluation and treatment to individuals with complex clinical conditions that may not be fully understood elsewhere.

DESUN has one of Kolkata’s finest specialists in neuropsychiatry and provides a complete range of services to help those who need special care and treatment in such cases such as :

  • Evaluation and treatment of emotional, cognitive, perceptual and behavioral symptoms that can accompany neurologic disorders (as a direct result of the disorder and/or as a part of the individual’s response to it)
  • Diagnosis of psychiatric/behavioral syndromes which may be secondary to neurological conditions
  • In-depth neuropsychological assessment characterizing the specific nature and severity of cognitive dysfunction