Desun Today

Desun has the biggest emergency facility of kolkata


The 15,000 sq. ft Emergency Medicine department at Desun Hospital, is equipped with 32 beds, including triage beds and observation areas to manage all forms of Medical, Surgical, Cardiac, Poly Trauma, and Neurological Emergencies. Desun Hospital admits nearly 9800 trauma patients each year, making it the busiest Emergency Department in Kolkata.

The 192 Slice Cardiac CT in the Emergency beside other diagnostic devices ensure that it only takes minutes to find out any block in the arteries. With round the clock Cardiologists and other specialists at Desun Hospital, interventions like Primary Angioplasty can be done in a very short time thus saving precious lives.

The presence of artificial Intelligence technology inbuilt with 1.5 Tesla MRI within the Emergency Department at Desun Hospital not only differentiates it from ordinary tertiary care facilities in Kolkata but also helps patients to get right treatment at right time by acquiring the right diagnosis for every patient in critical stage of treatment.

The Department of Emergency Medicine at Desun Hospital, is equipped with isolation room needed for patients with certain medical conditions or infections, in the skin, the lungs or airways and it is also used to isolate patients with airborne contagious diseases such as Covid, Tuberculosis, Measles, or Chickenpox etc.

The quick response team at the Department of Emergency Medicine at Desun Hospital is staffed with 24X7 in-house Emergency Medicine Specialists, Trauma Surgeons, Anaesthesiologists, Trauma Nurses and Vital support services. As pioneers of Emergency care services, Desun Hospital assures its patients the highest levels of skill, expertise and infrastructure.

Desun Hospital is equipped to handle any type of trauma and emergency cases 24X7X365 days. The advanced sterilised OT room within the emergency infrastructure is equipped to carry out minor & emergency surgical procedure capabilities like Suturing, Plaster Application, foreign body extraction etc. The department is also equipped with the latest Cardiac Monitors, Ventilators, Infusion Pumps and crash cart with defibrillator.

  • Amal Ghosh, a 46-year-old man, was nearly killed in a car accident. He was brought to Desun Hospital with multiple rib fractures, and a chest drain was put to save his life. He sustained a severe foot injury that required intubation and breathing. Medical team examined him on a daily basis, which revealed his haemodynamic instability. His critical state required effective care and infrastructure assistance to stabilise through antibiotic medication, resulting in his haemodynamic stability. Thanks to Desun Hospital’s infrastructure and quick action, he was transferred from ITU to General Ward and discharged 7 days later.
  • Tapas (47) was brought to Desun Hospital Emergency with a history of giddiness and multiple episodes of transient loss of consciousness. After being assessed Desun’s ER consultant, he underwent an urgent ECG which showed 90% Heart Block. The Cath Lab was activated, securing the patient with a central venous line instantly. The Cardiologist implanted a Permanent Pacemaker. Mr. Tapas is now leading a normal healthy life.