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Desun Hospital is introducing Desun Neighbourhood Card for its neighbour to avail 30% discount on any OPD investigations. Registration Fee is Rs. 100/-
You can avail this service from our reception counter from 8 am to 6 pm daily. Advantage of this service :

You do not have to bring your photograph.
It is valid for 1 year.
30% discount on any OPD Investigations.


Pin code of the Barfi Area.

700 019 Ballygaunge
700 032 Jadavpur University
700 039 Tiljala
700 042 Kasba
700 047 Naktala
700 075 Santoshpur
700 078 Haltu
700 084 Garia
700 086 Baghajatin
700 094 Panchasayar
700 103 Narendrapur
700 107 East Kolkata Township

Desun Kolkata 24 hrs ambulance pick-up service. Over 300 ambulances covering 25000 sq.km. in kolkata & south bengal.

Even at midnight we can help you to organise Ambulance from your locality during Emergencies for admission to DESUN Hospital, Kolkata.

We have a network of over 300 Ambulances in the region right from Malda through Kolkata to all 13 Districts of South Bengal.

A lot of patients call up our 24 hours Emergency Helpline & we guide them to get an Ambulance during Emergencies from their locality or nearby for coming to DESUN. Only DESUN can provide you with Real-Time information on Ambulances available near your locality and also guide you on the proper fares of Ambulances, so that you are not charged excessively. This way :

You save both time & money

Do save the 24 hrs. Helpline Number 90 5171 5171 in your mobile as “DESUN Emergency”. It may save a life one day.

Some of the examples are:

Test Name Normal Desun Rate (OPD) Your price at discounted OPD Rates You Save
(A) (B) C = (A – B)
Blood Sugar 70/- 49/- 21/-
Hb, TC, DC, ESR 160/- 112/- 48/-
Lipid Profile 950/- 665/- 285/-
Liver Function Test 850/- 595/- 255/-
T3, T4, TSH 890/- /623- 267/-
HbA1C 650/- 455/- 195/-
CT (Brain) 1700/- 1190/- 510/-

* To avail this service please bring your Valid ID Card.

If our neighbour wants to make a Neighbourhood Card for his family, then only the picture of the individual family member is needed.